Ukraine latest news: Damaged gas pipeline could be 'unusable forever'; Putin may have scored 'strategic own goal'

9/28/2022 4:43:00 PM

Russia has denied claims it is behind explosions which have badly damaged underwater Nord Stream gas pipelines running to Germany. The pipelines may be 'unusable forever' after major leaks, German media reports.

Explosions that rattled the Baltic Sea were reported on Tueday, before unusual leaks were discovered on two underwater natural gas pipelines running from Russia to Germany. The EU's foreign policy chief suspects that the damage was sabotage. Latest:

Russia has denied claims it is behind explosions which have badly damaged underwater Nord Stream gas pipelines running to Germany. The pipelines may be 'unusable forever' after major leaks, German media reports.

Live reporting by Faith Ridler, updates from Deborah Haynes in Zaporizhzhia, Dominic Waghorn at Georgia border and Alex Rossi and Diana Magnay in Moscow 14:34:44 Serbia 'will not' recognise results of 'sham' referendums in occupied Ukraine Serbia will not recognise the results of"sham" referendums held in four occupied regions of Ukraine, President Aleksandar Vucic said.A leak of a gas pipeline was reportedly as a result of sabotage, the German economic ministry has stated.The gas leak from a Danish F-16 interceptor near Bornholm island.warned on Monday.

Belgrade - separated from Ukraine by Romania - largely has good relations with Moscow.But despite this, Mr Vucic said it"will not" recognise the votes.The decrease in pressure of the pipeline was due to the leak, however the supply will not be affected by the leak as there was no gas being sent through the pipeline, the Daily Mirror reports.It is expected that Vladimir Putin will proclaim the annexation of four regions - Donetsk, Luhansk, Kherson and Zaporizhzhia - in a speech on Friday.Bjorn Lund, a seismologist with Uppsala University who is part of Sweden's national seismic network, told the national broadcaster SVT:"There is no doubt that these were explosions.Preparations are being made for an event in the Red Square, Moscow, with banners reading:"Donetsk, Luhansk, Kherson and Zaporizhzhia - Russia!" "Serbia.The energy conflict included Russia cutting off gas supplies to numerous countries and blamed sanctions placed on them by the West..Supported by countries like the US, responded to these attacks by making its cybersecurity more sophisticated.

.On Monday evening (September 26), the operator of the Nord Stream 1 pipeline mentioned that there was a pressure drop on both lines of the gas pipeline."We know very well what an underwater blast looks like.will not recognise that (referendums) as it adheres to international law, the United Nations Charter and UN resolutions," Mr Vucic said.Serbia, a candidate for European Union membership, is reliant on Russia for its natural gas supplies and has refused to join Western sanctions.To stay up to date with all the latest news, make sure you sign up to one of our newsletters here.It has also repeatedly declined to support the Russian invasion of Ukraine at the United Nations and says it fully respects Ukraine's territorial integrity.03am on Monday and the second at 7."We are protecting our own territorial integrity and it is in our best interest to protect the territorial integrity of other internationally recognised countries," Mr Vucic said." Mueller was unaware of the cause of the pressure drop but did attempt to restore calm by stating that the incident had no negative impact on Germany, whose gas storage levels stand at 91%.‘Based on [April’s successful defence], and what we know about the Ukrainian people’s overall resolve, it’s increasingly clear that one of the reasons cyberattacks in Ukraine have been dampened is because its defenders are very aggressive and very good at confronting Russian actors.

14:19:35 Russian troops say goodbye to families Those called-up to the fight in Ukraine following Vladimir Putin's partial mobilisation were pictured hugging their families ahead of deployment in Volzhsky today.Thousands have fled Russia since the announced was made, with others seen protesting what many fear may become a wider conscription.Petersburg under the Baltic Sea through to Germany.52pm and 8.14:04:03 Expert responds to fears Russia could use nuclear weapon Pavel Podvig, an independent analyst based in Geneva, has shared his insight into the nuclear threat from Russia, in the wake of ominous statements.Vladimir Putin last week announced a partial mobilisation, and insisted in a national address that he is"not bluffing" about the use of nuclear weapons.Mr Podvig said it is"understandable" this has sparked worry, but all signs suggest we are"at least a few steps away" from the use of nuclear weapons.Earlier, the country's Maritime Authority had issued a warning about two leaks in the Nord Stream 1 pipeline, northeast of Bornholm, which until the provided about 60% of Germany's gas needs.Cybersecurity experts told Metro.

"First, the US keeps telling us that there are no signs of Russia's being prepared to use its weapons.But would they see them? I would say, most likely," he says."With the exception of ICBMs and SLBMs, none of nuclear weapons are 'deployed' - bombs are not loaded on aircraft, warheads are not mated to missiles.Simone Tagliapietra, an energy expert with the Bruegel think-tank in Brussels, said the leaks"can't be a coincidence" and speculated they could have been caused by Russian sabotage or anti-Russian sabotage.There are no Iskanders roaming around with nuclear-armed warheads.These weapons are in storage.MORE :.

"They may not be very far from airbases (a few kilometres) or from missile bases (a few hours drive), but they are in bunkers.Pic: Planet Labs PBC 'Unprecedented destruction' The leak from Nord Stream 2, discovered by the Danish Defence F-16 interceptor response unit, prompted the setting up of a five nautical mile exclusion zone, to protect shipping from any danger.Yes, there is a procedure for deploying them, but it's a procedure."You have to take weapons out of the bunker, load them on trucks, drive them to the designated point, load them/mate warheads.As any process, it is visible."The destruction that occurred on the same day simultaneously on three strings of the offshore gas pipelines of the Nord Stream system is unprecedented," it said.The US/NATO observed it during many exercises.

" Mr Podvig added that there is"absolutely no reason for Russia to hide" a development like this."If the idea is to send a signal that you are ready to escalate.5 billion cubic metres of gas a year send the signal.

You would want it to be visible." 13:49:58 Russian-installed head of Zaporizhzhia asks Putin to incorporate region into Russia We reported earlier as Russian-appointed chiefs in Luhansk and Kherson formally appealed to Vladimir Putin to incorporate the regions into Russia.Yevgeny Balitsky, appointed by Moscow in Zaporizhzhia, has now done the same for the southern region, state-owned news agency TASS reports.Russia claims the three regions, and Donetsk, all voted to join the Russian Federation last week.But Ukraine has described the referendums as"null" and"worthless".

It is feared that Russia could attempt to annex the occupied regions within a matter of days.13:21:01 Expert says 'sudden large leak' could only be result of 'sudden blow cutting the pipe' There are numerous theories about what caused the Nord Stream pipeline to leak in the Baltic Sea.The EU has insisted it was"sabotage", while Russia says the cause must be investigated further.Now, Professor Joan Cordiner of the University of Sheffield has suggested it could only really be the result of a"sudden blow cutting the pipe".She added:"Pipes don't just leak catastrophically suddenly.

Typically normal leaks due to corrosion start small and build up over time.Therefore such a sudden large leak can only have come from a sudden blow cutting the pipe."We can see from the width of the bubbles that the leak was sudden and very large, which is consistent with a large pipe being fully cut and not from normal corrosion we would see in operation."This is from a powerful event; either a large explosion or sudden physical trauma that cut the pipe wide open.The investigation will yield the answers.

" 13:04:08 Protest on the Georgian border with Russia By Dominic Waghorn, international affairs editor There is a small protest on the Georgian border with Russia organised by the opposition party Droa.They say Russians should stay in their country and protest, if they are mobilised they should instead defect to the Ukrainian side and fight for them.They want the border closed for Russians citizens, believe Russian citizens should be deprived of the chance to open bank accounts and should be refused housing.They say Georgians have no information about the Russian people coming over and and what they stand for.12:52:00 Nord Stream 1 could be unusable forever - German agencies Fears are mounting that the Nord Stream 1 pipeline could be unusable forever after major leaks into the Baltic Sea.

If leaks in the two lines are not repaired quickly, large volumes of salt water will flow into the pipelines and cause corrosion, government sources told newspaper Tagesspiegel.Seismologists reported on Tuesday that explosions rattled the Baltic Sea - and unusual leaks were discovered on two underwater natural gas pipelines running from Russia to Germany.The three leaks were reported on the Nord Stream 1 and 2 pipelines, which are filled with natural gas.While they are not currently delivering the fuel to Europe, the damage means the pipelines are unlikely to be able to carry any gas to Europe this winter even if the political will to bring them online emerged, according to analysts.12:48:38 A snapshot of Russian arrivals in Georgia Thousands of Russian families have fled the country since Vladimir Putin announced the mobilisation of 300,000 people to join the fight in Ukraine.

They have largely fled to Georgia and Kazakhstan, with up to 100,000 people entering the latter in a matter of days.The photographs below show the latest arrivals in Zemo Larsi, Georgia.12:34:01 Proving pipeline leaks were a Russian attack will be challenging - as the evidence is at the bottom of the sea By Adam Parsons, Europe correspondent Most European politicians seem convinced that Russia was behind these blasts.The rhetoric is angry and full of threats to respond.But how? For one thing, proving, beyond doubt, that this was a Russian attack will prove challenging.

The evidence is at the bottom of the sea, for a start.The waters are very turbulent and there is a huge amount of methane rushing from bottom to top.We won’t get definitive answers quickly, so expect lots of speculation, veiled threats and strong words.Russia has, obviously, denied any involvement in blowing up its own pipelines and joined calls for an investigation, saying that the explosions have cost it a fortune in lost gas reserves.But this does look, on the face of it, like a classic example of how Team Putin likes to unsettle the wider world - through unpredictable acts to disrupt and cajole - the Salisbury poisonings in the UK, for example, or explosions in Bulgaria, Moldova and the Czech Republic.

If energy infrastructure is now a target, then European navies will have to respond.Already Norway has said it"will raise preparedness" around oil and gas installations - a couple of months ago, the Royal Navy said it had trailed Russian submarines as they travelled south from the Arctic along the Norwegian coastline.Norway could be an important factor in this story - a new pipeline, linking it to Poland, was opening at almost the same time as these explosions happened.The pipeline will help Poland wean itself away from Russian energy supplies - cutting further Russia's gas revenue.So (if Russia was behind this) it could be simply a symbolic gesture to warn the world that Moscow's reach cannot be underestimated.

Or it could be something much more sinister - the first step in an assault against Europe's undersea infrastructure - energy and communication links that do much to sustain the continent’s day-to-day life.Is that a genuine threat? Outside the Kremlin, nobody really knows.Ultimately, it would be one thing for Russia to be accused of blowing up its own pipeline.But if it were now to menace infrastructure belonging to EU countries - that would be a lot more inflammatory.12:21:09 What is going on in the Baltic Sea - and what caused the Nord Stream pipeline leaks? We've been talking a lot about gas leaks in the Baltic Sea today.

These are understood to be the result of blasts that struck near to the Nord Stream gas pipelines which run between Russia and Germany.Still lost? Let us explain...The operator of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline reported a sudden drop in pressure overnight on Monday, with a spokesperson suggesting there may be a leak.

Shortly afterwards, the Danish Energy Authority said a leak had likely occurred in one of the two Nord Stream 2 pipelines lying in Danish waters.A few hours later, Nord Stream AG, operator of another undersea gas pipeline from Russia to Germany, said it was looking into a drop in pressure in Nord Stream 1.Sweden's Maritime Authority said on Tuesday it had warned of two leaks on Nord Stream 1 in Swedish and Danish waters.So, what caused these leaks? The simple answer is that we don't know.Experts say such leaks are very rare and Nord Stream AG has called leaks on three strings of the offshore gas pipelines"unprecedented".

However, the European Union has suggested it was most likely sabotage.Moscow says claims that Russia was somehow behind an alleged attack on the pipelines were"predictable" and"predictably stupid".But seismologists in Denmark and Sweden said they had registered two powerful blasts on Monday in the vicinity of the leaks.They said the explosions were in the water, not under the seabed.Due to your consent preferences, you’re not able to view this.


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Nord Stream 2 pipeline that supplies gas from Russia collapses after 'attack'The German economic ministry reportedly said an attack on the Nord Stream 2 pipeline led to the decrease in pressure which caused the leak, however supply has not been affected

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