UK to become 'true space superpower' with first rocket launch

6/21/2022 10:03:00 PM

UK to become 'true space superpower' with first rocket launch

UK to become 'true space superpower' with first rocket launch

The Spaceport will be a significant boost to the economy of Cornwall, one of the UK's most deprived regions.

Preparation for the launch is entering its final stretch From California to Newquay Up to 10 satellites - some commercial, some military - are expected to be on the first launch, currently scheduled for 8 September.Image source, PA Media The new head of the British Army has issued a rallying cry to troops - telling them they need to be ready to face Russia on the battlefield.Two journalists detained by Taliban released But one Briton known to have been held in Afghanistan and who has now been freed is Peter Jouvenal, a TV cameraman and businessman.PA Media Image caption, The world's largest cargo ship Ever Ace, holder of the record for most containers loaded onto a single ship, arrives at the Port of Felixstowe The world's largest cargo ship has arrived in the UK where it is unloading 3,267 containers.

Virgin Orbit's jet Cosmic Girl will take off from Newquay Airport with LauncherOne, a 21-metre rocket, slung under its left wing.Once it's well clear of land and at the correct altitude, the pilot will lift the plane's nose and drop the rocket, which seconds later will ignite its engine and power away on the perfect trajectory for putting satellites into an orbit that passes over the north and south poles.Russia's invasion of Ukraine shows the need "to protect the UK and be ready to fight and win wars on land", he says.In an exclusive interview, Dan Hart, Virgin Orbit CEO, told Sky News that the jet had previously operated thousands of passenger flights across the Atlantic before being repurposed for space petition that had been calling for his release said:"It has been an arduous time for the captives, and many people from around the world have joined this campaign to mark their solidarity."We have recycled the airplane, so it's a critical part of our launch infrastructure," he said.."It gives the rocket its first step, taking it to 35,000 feet, the better part of Mach 1 (almost the speed of sound), and two thirds of the way through the atmosphere before the rocket has to do any work at all.It was built in 2021, and docked at Felixstowe on its maiden voyage in September that year.

" Newquay will be the company's first launch facility outside California.defeating Russia".He continued:"I must pay homage to Hassina, for whom Richard Parry and I have the deepest admiration.Image: Pic: SpaceForge UK a 'heavy-hitter' at building small satellites Mr Hart said the UK was attractive because it had the"technology and desire" to be a space nation.Two other traditional"vertical-launch" spaceports are currently seeking approval on the tip of mainland Scotland and on the Shetland Islands.They said all armies train to fight, but the threat has clearly changed.But Spaceport Cornwall says"horizontal-launch", with rockets being carried on aircraft that use a commercial airport, keeps infrastructure and cost to a minimum.But they will be back where they should be, with their families, and those who matter to them.Sky News was shown around the building at the airport that is currently being fitted out with a dust-free"clean room" where satellites will be loaded into the rocket.He added: "Russia's invasion of Ukraine underlines our core purpose - to protect the UK and to be ready to fight and win wars on land - and reinforces the requirement to deter Russian aggression with the threat of force.Image source, Image caption, A satellite photograph reveals how the Ever Given was wedged across the canal in 2021 The 400m-long (1,300ft) ship was impounded for more than three months amid a dispute over compensation.

Melissa Thorpe, head of the spaceport, said the UK was a"heavy-hitter" when it came to building small satellites, but until now has had to send them overseas for launch.Podcast.Gen Sir Patrick also set out his goal to "accelerate the mobilisation and modernisation of the Army to reinforce Nato and deny Russia the chance to occupy any more of Europe… we are the generation that must prepare the Army to fight in Europe once again".

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Chalet the government is not working for the people - looking at all comments it’s clear, we got more pressing matters and they are dreaming of space? It’s time for the gov to work for the people again ( if they ever had) Providing high-wage jobs for the thousands upon thousands of unemployed Cornish space rocket scientists that we're always hearing about...🙄

It’s going the wrong way for starters Gil Scott Heron had some insight here in 1970. 😂👆Uk to become 'true space superpower 😂 😂 Brilliant, let's hope you lie better than Buzz ! Will Boris be on the inaugural flight? Superpower yeh ok 🥱 Why? 🤔 nothing else to spend the money on Yeah cos we can afford that shit can't we. 🙄

New UK Army chief issues Russia rallying cryRussia's invasion of Ukraine shows the need 'to protect the UK and be ready to fight and win wars on land', the head of the British Army has warned I ask for help to get to England as a refugee, so that I can find some honest people who would love to help others. I will never forget the beautiful please help me please help.. I ask for help to get to England as a refugee, so that I can find some honest people who are willing to help others. I will never forget the beautiful, please help me, please help we too suffer from the war Russia in Syria VUlnerable People are getting raped whilst sedated at the mental unit south wales by nurses and police do it to at the cells I'm not lying I heard everything at bridgend hospital princess of wales they're panicking cos they know im telling you they're really scared rapists

An easier way to save Cornwall. Scrumpy. Cut govt tax on Cider to 0% & slash the price by 75%. We'll all drink Cornwall rich again & it'd be the richest region in the UK in the 'blink o' an eye'. Bluidy Rockets v Scrumpy? No contest. Sláinte....buurrpp!! Superpower? What's that word I've been searching for? Ah, 'hyperbole'

Wow! Any second now they will catch up to 1950s Soviet Union! Congrats to UK 🤡space wank... ers... uh... 'conquerors'.😹😹😹 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 What’s the point? Whilst NHS is starting food banks for staff No trains running but don’t worry about that! Aw very cute lol Bet it explodes before getting off the ground

Five British nationals being held by Taliban released as UK government apologisesThe UK government said it 'regrets this episode', apologising to the Taliban for any 'breach of Afghan culture', saying the five had travelled to Afghanistan against official advice. Aaah. Are we all friends again now?

Ever Ace: World's largest cargo ship unloading in UK portThe Ever Ace - the world's largest cargo ship - docks in Suffolk to unload 3,267 containers Wonder how much is cheap fake tat Perhaps my Amstrad PC1640 will soon be here. But Brexit....!?

Boris in 11th-hour plea to transport staff - with hours until UK grinds to halt‘It’s not too late.’ Boris Johnson has made a last-ditch appeal to transport unions to call off strikes as millions of Brits brace for chaos.

UK pilots with HIV able to work unrestricted after 'landmark changes' in aviation guidancePreviously, those who disclosed they had HIV were automatically required to undergo cognitive testing to assess their mental abilities - a complex and expensive process. Is this because the CV19 $hit$hot is know to cause VAIDS? AIDS on a plane Let's have a chat about the pilots speaking out against the death jab and the safety concerns flying with impending heart attacks.

TUC warns strikes will spread across UK as rail stoppage looms\n\t\t\tKeep abreast of significant corporate, financial and political developments around the world.\n\t\t\tStay informed and spot emerging risks and opportunities with independent global reporting, expert\n\t\t\tcommentary and analysis you can trust.\n\t\t Solidarity with the striking rail workers - together we will have terminally corrupt Britain on its knees! The Tories started the class war - we are here to end it!✊😎✌️