UK summer temperatures may hit 40C even if global warming is limited to 1.5C, scientists warn

A new report from the Met Office has revealed that 2020 was the third warmest, fifth wettest and eighth sunniest year on record.

7/29/2021 8:53:00 AM

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A new report from the Met Office has revealed that 2020 was the third warmest, fifth wettest and eighth sunniest year on record.

"What these observations are showing us is that we are seeing this emerging pattern of more high-temperature extremes in the UK, but we're also seeing more rainfall extremes for the UK, obviously as our climate warms, a warmer atmosphere can hold more moisture.

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"I'm worried. As a scientist, I'm worried looking at these observations. I'm a dad. I worry about the future for my children."Image:According to the Met Office, 2020 was the fifth wettest on recordThe Royal Meteorological Society has warned that summer temperatures may regularly hit 40C even if global temperatures are limited to a 1.5C (2.7F) rise above pre-industrial levels.

The report comes as the government announced it will spend £860 million on flood defence schemes this year across the country to help protect"thousands of homes and businesses", according to the Environment Agency.The spending is part of £5.2 billion in funding for flood protection, due to be spent over the next six years to help protect against the worst impacts of climate change.

Image:All of the warmest years on record have been since 2004, according to Met Office dataThe government says its newly published Flood and Coastal Erosion investment plan will better protect 336,000 properties, helping to avoid"£32 billion in wider economic damages and reducing national flood risk by 11 per cent".

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