'UK's first' LGBT retirement community to open in London

'UK's first' LGBT retirement community to open in London

3/3/2021 12:46:00 AM

'UK's first' LGBT retirement community to open in London

Residents will be offered events and activities aimed at 'celebrating LGBT identities'.

Bankhouse, an assisted living facility, was designed by renowned architect Norman FosterWhat is described as the UK's first retirement community celebrating LGBT+ people is set to open.The 19 flats at Bankhouse in Vauxhall, central London, will be available on a shared-ownership basis, with residents expected to move in by mid-summer.

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The apartments were bought by Tonic Housing with a £5.7m loan from the mayor of London.Sadiq Khan said: "Londoners deserve to enjoy their later years surrounded by a supportive community."image copyrightTonic Housing/PAimage captionTonic Housing hopes Bankhouse will be the "first of many LGBT-friendly retirement communities" to open in the UK

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Here folks, if you’re not LGBT+ maybe don’t tell LGBT+ people what to do 🤷🏻‍♂️ To all the people saying this is discrimination; as soon as we create a safe space for ourselves after a life of discrimination, suddenly yall feel entitled to that space because god forbid we treat yall the same way you treated us

£135k and you only own 25% 😱 I'm so glad I don't live in London As a middle aged heterosexual I don’t see the problem, go for it. Ok it’s not been built for me but neither do Ferrari make cars I can afford & that’s no big deal either. It’s a tick in the no drama box for me if anyone in these comments had actually bothered to read past the title, they would know it’s “LGBT-friendly” NOT LGBT-exclusive. anyone can join, but it’s primary aim is to provide safety for LGBT elderly people in their final years. such an amazing project 3

Comments are filled with people desperate to be oppressed Bitches please ! Y'all still scream f*g, tr*n*y,d*ke etc. while beating up lgbt people . They can't kiss in public because it's offensive . So what happens if a same sex person's partner dies , should they go to the hetero couples to ease their lonliness . Yes sure they were

Awesome! I thought the Brits were supposed to be better than the Americans wtf is this comment section 😭 omg Wow. People think they can achieve inclusivity by a process of segregation? you all realise that it's not like a mandatory facility It is an age old situation that has and still does occur with race... 'we don't want xxx moving into our neighbourhood... not because WE are racist, it's just because it will bring down property values' same people 'we don't want xxx immigration.. they don't assimilate'

This is great news. At last there is somewhere older LGBTQ+ people can live. A safe haven. I'd love to see more of these. LonRigsby saw this and though of you hun. X Ugh, of course the heteros are just proving why it's needed in the comments. 🙄 hamiltonhall2 are you going to tell them or am I? I’m glad it’s open to all, I’d def put my name down, bring on bingo in drag. La!

Good for them only alphabet people allowed After living in this heteronormative society surrounded by unthinking and uncaring gits. I can't wait to sit in with my riverside view surrounded by all my LGBT family. Bring it on! Part of the problem in this country is the failure to integrate communities, yes there will always be those who hate and fear what and who they don’t understand, but is separating groups the best way of combating that? 🤷‍♂️

Some of yall ignorant asses right now For the people not getting it: straight people could retire anywhere and plod along happily. LGBTQ+ community could be attacked for who they are. The idea is creating a safe space where this won’t happen..... same way we have gay bars and you aren’t offended by those so jog on.

So they don't want inclusivity, they want to be separate from the rest of society? It should be an eradication task force we should be assembling... Yay a place where I can be segregated to go and die, I’m sure they did this in the 80s but for very different reasons. £135 000 for a 25% share in a one-bedroom flat? What I said earlier about dividing property prices by 10, make it 100.

In Lambeth! 💖💖💖🏳️‍🌈 Looks lovely! As a young queen this excites me for old age which is odd to even say. Imagine the stories you'd share! Reliving your youth and culture openly and turning the entrance into a runway. 💃🕺🏽This is about community and anybody upset by this can pick any other existing care home 👋

Omg this is wonderful. Too many retirees end up back in the closest when they move into supported living for fear of hostility and mistreatment. This is a step forward. Devide and concur Many young LGBT people thinking that this is something to support. Safe space is not a good thing its segregation. Older LGBT who fought against true inequality & wanted inclusion now having the choice to 'exclude' in relatively Liberal times is odd? 1/2

I don’t understand why everyone is upset about this. Older people I know are certainly not very open minded when it comes to homosexuality, so if those who are gay and old and want to retire somewhere where they feel safe and accepted, it’s great they can do this. Imagine if all the middle aged gammons in the replies put their energy into solving the worlds actual problems instead of pointless rants about how all of a sudden they’re the ones being “discriminated” against. They’re the weakest generation and you can’t convince me otherwise.

The comments All I see is the beeb triggering gammons to react.Literally please stop 👀😅 I though London was one big retirement home for the community. What a great idea, looking forward to the next development and who gets to live there. To all the straights that are moaning about this not being ‘equal’,are you planning to move into a retirement home anytime soon? Are you saddened by the fact you can’t move on to this specific building , are you going to be personally out of pocket or going to die? If not then 🤐

Doesn't sound very diverse. Love the fact the gays have a high end retirement village on the Thames. No shitty backwaters town for us A retirement home for degeneracy. Wonderful. Great to see this, a secure and safe haven for LGBT members in their older years when vulnerable🙏 To those who are stupidly hating this, get a grip, an IQ & suck it, there's no discrimination/segregation. For decades LGBT have been LEFT OUT from mainstream & subjected to hate.

Do we call all the others heterosexual retirement complexes? Why do they really need somewhere special? Just mix in and be normal? That’s all we want you to do. All the gammons in the replies: So a brothel for old gays, I see... I just don't see why people 'have' to have a label! why can't we just accept who/what we are and get on with it, and not have to make a song and dance about it.

Oh dear 😳 Doesn't seem very inclusive. God forbid a straights only retirement home set up. I can’t think of anything worse than retiring to end up surrounded by other old, grumpy queens! I also don’t see the ghettoisation of communities as helpful to building/maintaining a well connected and diverse society. So it would be a no thanks from me. 🤷‍♂️ LGBTRetirement

Apartheid in all but name. Segregation This is a great idea and well overdue. With the ageing LGBT population we need a lot more of this. Some of the replies in this are incredible. This is not segregation, it’s a win being able to have this community. If anything, it’s an example of progression. 20 years ago it wouldn’t have been entertained for fear of it being razed to the ground.

WHY ? ‘how dare people who aren’t like me have nice things’ - the comment section on this, and indeed every, BBC political article Follow the money That’s a disgrace for people who do t want to be treated differently why do they do this ? Brighton is the same Manchester no go areas if you are not ! What next bame enclaves ? Oh edit they are already here what a disgrace London is I’m glad I left

That's nice for them, in the days to come they will have people close at hand to talk to who will understand the issues they had in the 60s, 70s, 80s... because they suffered the same. Segregation you say, yes all retirement homes are segregated from the pain outside. Segregation, good move... Hang on a minute.....

Tricky one my initial thoughts were this is a backwards step however having read the article some people obviously do feel scared and in need of a safe environment. Maybe it could have been branded LGBT friendly so it doesn't appear to discriminate against others. Nothing like a good bit of segregation to clearly spell out equality. ‘But this is different...’

Really we don’t need this in Britain A community home. Lovely. Or, It might be the downside of the gay scene: cheap drinks, drag, dark rooms. Makes sense it'd be in overpriced London....Gay men have the highest disposable income. 🖒 As a straight person could I apply to live here and not be discriminated against?

Why do the want a LGBT ghetto? Awesome 👌 😬 Haven't you heard of Brighton! Beyond stupid. What next maybe a gated community for gingers? So if someone opened a Straight Only Retirement Home, that would be legal? Or would LGBT groups be screaming discrimination RLGBT RICH ! I owe you an apology to ever doubt your sincerity and professionalism. It’s was just like a dream to me when I received my first payment. After my second payment it became a reality now after several payments it has become a way of life. SamuelEddy_

Imagine the government said we are building this place to house all LBGT as a 'safe 'place ...I wonder what kind of uproar there would have been I'm straight but I'd love to live there So now straight people will be saying not round my community go live in a gay only one! And gays will be able to stop anyone not being gay from retiring next door. What utter utter nonsense.

In one breath they want to be treated equally with no discrimination, then they want to identify to be different and live apart. Same with BAME. It's PC gone to far. When you push equality too far you end up with inequality and mistrust. redbob999 Isn't that discrimination? Do ppl retire from being gay?

K The End Of The World Is Nigh All I’n reading in these comments are a lot of heterosexuals frothing at the mouth because of something they wouldn’t want to go to anyway. Plus a bit of reading would show you why this is a thing that some older people need - 1. This is brilliant. A place with an LGBTQ ethos at its heart, which recognises the rights and experiences of its clients might differ in some ways that really need to be reflected in elder care.

Bobilly10 FFS, what absolute garbage The worst takes. The dumbest arguments. Welcome to BBC Twitter reactions. Has anyone tried living in a 'straight' retirement home? They are full of xenophobic racist homophobic we won the war brigade.... just try being yourself in one of them. 😂 so if straights can't go it is SEXIST and anti Hetrosexual and has to be banned.

Equality is desired. Yet you just do things to widen the gap. Seriously who makes these kind of retarded decisions? There will NEVER be equality whilst such dumb decisions are made. Absolute discrimination rules when they/he/she/it/nutcase want it to. People who upset by this 'segregation' are the same people who don't want immigrants and voted for Brexit.

Let the back door kicking begin Aren't we meant to be equal? Can people stop getting so upset about everything please. The comments on this are simultaneously terrifying and hilarious So they scam and shout to be treated equally OK. Cool so long as they are happy. At the LGBBC? How can people have a problem with this?! For fuck’s sake.

Seems pretty offensive Nowt like segregation is their? Funny how they want what we have; but not live here; they want to live in their own community. So now they want a community in our society; so they can have the benefit of living here; but live somewhere else. As don't want to integrate. Make you wonder why.

I wanna live there! Build a wall What anout all the pluses of LGBT.....do the other 95 get to go as well ? Recently my friend's baby was diagnosed with acute lymphocytic leukemia & needs a stem cell transplant. Jason & his wife are first-time parents caring for a sick baby & could use some help. If you are in a place to donate or share, it would be appreciated.

Days of Sodom and Gomorrah I have warm feeling about that. Old heterosexuals need not apply. Thats nice and explains the sort of equality they are talking about. I don't find anything surprising about the idea that /some/ lgbt people might want to retire into a community built on acceptance and a rejection of homophobia. It's also not as if they're shut away from the rest of the world (no more than any other retirement community).

'woke alert, woke alert' people who fail to grasp the basic definition of discrimination get upset at having that failing pointed out! NO THANKS.... i dont need anyone planning my DAY - i prefer to be an independent Gay !!! I can’t wait to move in my Grindr would be working overtime 😂 Segregation, by any other name, laughable

I presume non lgbt can retire there too Why say where it is as this now targets those that will live there surely. Thought ‘minorities’ wanted integration not segregation ? But where are the QQIP2SAA’s going to retire? I can just imagine the uproar if the first straight retirement community opened in London 🙃

I thought old people preferred cottages. Stop the world, I want to get off My god really Where’s the heterosexual only retirement community? Thanks to our government Now correct me if I'm wrong but if the heterosexual community did this , there would be uproar .. this is an outrages idea and utterly wrong

Fantastic news, we need more places like this across the country 😊 Discrimination Not very inclusive is it Please can people call it 'the grey village' 👍🏻 more like old fashion segregation mr major probably ironically indirectly appeasing a chuck of one’s voters 🗳💭 👀🤷‍♂️🤔😷 p.s mayor ejections in May & the question is... happy with current incumbent or City deserves better? from where many are sitting defo the latte.

Segregation brilliant 👍 Why does the BBC persist in focussing on these people.. is it harassment or indulgence... I want equality! as long as I'm the one deciding what's equal So. Now it's just groups that khan worries about. It's sick Rainbows for LGBT🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈 Another trolling story from the fanatical BBC. DefundTheBBC

This is great. Should do this for working age LGBT's too. When you become so woke you prove horseshoe theory. Coits will be bitchy. Nothing like a bit of segregation Omg. Divide us more. Yet another snowflake ridiculous idea Good God segregation in 2021 Poor human behavior, Satan create this behaviour 'treat us all the same, but different'🤷🏻‍♂️

That should assist with integrating with the local community 😂 Surely that discriminates, or does that only work one way! Great! Gays looking forward to London retirement when they are 85! Can you imagine the screams if somebody opened a place for straight people only OMG. That floating garden looks like a bath tub.

This awesome for all the right (wrong) reasons 😂 So what I ask is, is this really helpful to anyone? Voluntary segregation doesn't seem a positive. Incoming homophobic middle aged men Segregation. What could possibly go wrong? Gammons approaching...standby for some amazing comments Segregation is such a backward step.

Ah, we're at the segregation phase now? Didn’t ask. sounds horrendous Can’t beat a bit of segregation