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UK regions most exposed to no-deal Brexit also most deprived, warns study

UK regions most exposed to no-deal Brexit also most deprived, warns study


UK regions most exposed to no-deal Brexit also most deprived, warns study

Manufacturing health check shows exporters in Wales, north-east, Yorkshire and Humberside as vulnerable

According to Make UK, given Wales and the north-east both contain some of the most economically disadvantaged areas of the UK, a hard Brexit is likely to prove especially damaging. The report also warned that the US-China trade war was affecting domestic manufacturing.

...not another anti-Brexit ‘study’? Has the Guardian ever published anything Brexit-neutral? No, never. bias propaganda smallbrains

Last week, the Resolution Foundation said ministers would need to find at least £60bn to protect families and compensate businesses damaged by the dramatic fall in trade that is expected should the UK quit the EU without a deal on 31 October.

Tom Lawton, of BDO, said: “The long-term uncertainties around Brexit, minimal progress on the government’s industrial strategy, technological disruption, skills shortages and heightened global competition are all taking their toll on the performance of manufacturers across the UK.

Read more: The Guardian

In other news, bears like to curl one out in the woods. We have have heard all of this before People are sceptical of studies, polls and MP’s You need a study to find this out? London & the south east was getting 10/20 times the investment per head pre any talk of Brexit. It’ll be off the charts now.

Wales sees 25C temperatures as UK enjoys late summer sunshineThe warm temperatures are about to come to a quick end, as the remains of Hurricane Humberto will hit the UK from Sunday. Holy heatwave Batman.... Newsflash: it was warm in some places today.

English people living in Wales tilted it towards Brexit, research findsAreas of Wales with big English communities saw larger leave vote in 2016, according to study Colonised and subdued. Just like Scotland. The majority of the UK voted to leave. Just leave already. All we are asking for is that the government respects the democratic will of the people. If not, we're living under a tyranny. May as well move to China. Who writes this shit?

Corbyn suggests UK could be better off after Brexit if deal is rightLabour leader risks infuriating activists and MPs as he plays down splits at party conference Nope. The man is infuriating Obviously

Brexit Party candidate mocked for saying he wants the UK to have 'British fish'A Brexit Party candidate is demanding ‘British fish’ in his latest video urging the UK to leave the European Union. Christopher Barker, who is a “prospective parliamentary candidate for the Brexit It is the possessive case the mockers choke on! God save our gracious Bream... Lets play a game of 'It's only really Brexit if . . .' I'll go first: It's only really Brexit if, after we leave, we abandon the English language and speak only in Welsh instead. 🤣 You next.

Brexit: Leaked document says UK proposal fails to solve Irish backstop issuesThe document is a setback to Brexit secretary Stephen Barclay who has been locked in negotiations with EU officials in Brussels. No you except Sky paparazzi said they would. Ye would want to up the game Sky thats old news. Let the EU build the hard border. They are the ones with mafia style protection rackets (known as tarrifs) to protect.

Brit expats in Malaga stage Brexit protest saying 'the UK has forgotten us'British expats are worried they will lose free access to Spanish healthcare and claim Madrid has done more for them than the UK They forgot us in uk too as did the ones who left Come home then Your choice to emigrate

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