UK 'plans to cut hundreds of millions in aid to countries in conflict zones', report says

UK 'plans to cut hundreds of millions in aid to countries in conflict zones', report says

3/6/2021 1:35:00 AM

UK 'plans to cut hundreds of millions in aid to countries in conflict zones', report says

The Foreign Office says it is 'temporarily reducing the overall amount we spend' following 'tough decisions' after COVID-19.

The government is reportedly planning to cut hundreds of millions of pounds from foreign aid given to countries in conflict zones.openDemocracy said civil servants had discussed reducing aid to Syria from £137m pledged last year to just over £45m this year.

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It added that in South Sudan, spending could drop from £110m to £45m.The Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) did not dispute the reported figures when asked by Sky News for a response, and saidhad"forced" it to take"tough but necessary decisions".

It said it was"temporarily reducing the overall amount we spend on aid".AdvertisementImage:It is reported that British aid to Syria could drop by almost £100mThe FCO added:"We are still working through what this means for individual programmes and decisions have not yet been made.

"We remain a world-leading aid donor and we will spend more than £10bn this year to fight poverty, tackle climate change and improve global health."openDemocracy said it had seen email correspondence discussing the proposed measures. Read more: Sky News »

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But supply weapons to thoae same countries? Ok Wonder how much aid these countries get from other governments If a few, then this could be billions in aid, no wonder these countries don’t want peace, they would miss their cash cows!! ShaunOfCamden And. If only it had some effect over the last 50 years. It never gets to the people who needs it

Fantastic news, no longer being told by EU how we should be giving hand outs. Let's get every corner of the UK back on its feet, no poverty or homeless in UK, NHS staff wage increase. If your are not happy with this, you can't be British, so pack up and fxxx off to Syria. About time too, we are not the worlds policeman or benefactor !

In conflicts we have either had soldiers on the ground in or have sold arms to Good about time we looked after our own at home🇬🇧 We need it here We will continue to support the illegals landing on the Kent Coast with 5* hotels, food, pocket money, education. We are not that bad honestly. wicked then when the people dont have any help there will all have to pack up and leave and start to cross over to find new homes . And when do we can all wave our flages and say dont know why people are refugee and heading close to the uk .

Maybe the EU can make up the shortfall. Good the country owes £ billions because of the pandemic,charity starts at home. Anyone care to help UK? We still have homeless and hungry (including ex-service personnel who fought in wars they didn't need too), long queues at food banks, kids going without! Just maybe relief aid money needs to be redistributed more fairly for all countries in need!

Absolute necessity - cut by at least 50% and put in to job generation and NHS to facilitate recovery. The people don't receive the money anyway ,how long we been trying to find a well for water when there is no water 🤷‍♂️ Good Good news. Now let’s use that money to sort out the child poverty and homelessness in the UK

Good What a small insular,nasty, selfish little nation. Good spend the money in the UK Cut all aid charity begins at home This country first....... About time too Good, then they can give it to the NHS