UK launch for app that cancels subscriptions

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App that cancels subscriptions launches in UK

A service which automatically cancels subscriptions at the end of the free trial period has launched in the UK.

"In fact, I had completely forgotten that I had signed up for a free trial in the first place. Constantly trying to keep track of when a 'free trial' period ends is annoying and time-consuming." Each customer receives a virtual credit card number and invented name, which they can use to sign up for a service.The app can also forward emails between the service provider and the virtual card so that the customer's own email address is secure.He said some platforms were trying to block the service by figuring out which cards belong to Do Not Pay.

"The reason it took so long was that we wanted to be sure it would be declined if it is used with a real purchase. We won't hold people to account - it will be us who takes the hit."Personal finance journalist Felicity Hannah gave the venture a cautious welcome.

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This is bull. Set a reminder to cancel a subscription. This just seems like a way to pirate paid content which can be done in so many free ways. Also, who actually pays for porn nowadays if ever

My phone already has an app that I can use to cancel subscriptions, it's called a calendar.

The idea that a subscription charge may come into effect in future is a deal breaker even if I may have found some use out of it. Pay a subscription to cancel subscriptions? No thanks. I can keep track of it on my own and have done so successfully without apps and for free!

Rather than relying on customers forgetting they are signed up to make their money, companies should focus on great service during trial periods to make it feel like a no brainer to sign up. As a side effect a)the customer stays longer and b)they recommend to their friends

It’s not on the App Store. Just looked

Do not pay is the app

Might get this and cancel my bbc license subscription

The BBC's license fee should be the main casualty.

Goodness, I was concerned for what this would do to your letters page PrivateEyeNews until I read the whole article.

How does this not mention that it is Bill Browser's son?

Will there be an app to cancel the subscription for the app that can cancel subscriptions?

Can it cancel, its own subscription ?

Can’t find it on the App Store

Do you need a subscription to use it

Will that include the BBC licence fee?

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United Kingdom Latest News, United Kingdom Headlines

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