UK in talks with China over HS2 construction

HS2: UK in talks with China over construction of high-speed line


HS2: UK in talks with China over construction of high-speed line

China's state railway company says it could build the line in just five years, according to reports.

HS2 in Manchester: 'Waste of money' or 'good news'? Under current plans, the final stretch of the line is not due to be completed until 2040 - although Mr Johnson has said he wants that brought forward to 2035. However, Building magazine reported that the China Railway Construction Corporation (CRCC) had written to HS2 Ltd's chief executive last month, saying it could build the line by the middle of the decade, for a much reduced price tag. Any move to give Beijing a further role in the UK's infrastructure would almost certainly prove controversial, after Mr Johnson reportedly incurred the wrath of US President Donald Trump - as well as upsetting many Tory MPs - with his decision to allow tech giant Huawei to supply equipment for the 5G mobile network. The CRCC letter, also been seen by the Financial Times , states:"We are certain that we can offer a cost that is significantly lower than the projections we have seen. "The advantages are too great, in our opinion, too great to dismiss on the basis that there are obstacles to overcome. "You will find that the Chinese way is to seek solutions, not linger on obstacles and difficulties." CRCC has transformed China's transport system, building most of the country's 15,500-mile high-speed network. However, British officials are said to be sceptical that it could operate in the same way in a democracy with property rights, protected landscapes and powerful lobbying groups. Supporters of HS2 say it will improve transport times, increase capacity, create jobs and rebalance the UK's economy. Once it is built, journeys will be shorter. London to Birmingham travel times will be cut from one hour, 21 minutes to 52 minutes, according to the Department for Transport. And while it is being built, it is expected to create thousands of jobs and provide a stimulus to economic growth. A Department for Transport official said:"The DfT is always keen to learn from the experience of others and to consider approaches that offer value for money to the taxpayer." Related Topics Read more: BBC News (UK)

This is a very pragmatic choice, right move. Not only pushing ahead with this unwanted & uneeded monstrosity, but also considering handing the contract to the Chinese? Have the Government lost their minds?!! Eh.... EU procurement laws still apply until 31 December 2020... 'Taking back control and releasing the nation's potential' 🥴

Get them in to build some hospitals as well hey let’s go the whole hog and have them run the country we won't renationalise our railways but we will put it in the hands of non british states. taking back control, one irony at a time And they could have asked France or Germany to build it, train British workers in the process. Both countries have decades of experience in building high speed rail.

China built and upgraded its entire huge rail network in 10 years and its seen as flag ship system around the world. Current company says, ready by 2040!! At 106 billion+. So keep it British and most of us won't see it open and the cost spiral again lol Built with cheap steel meaning a whole future of engineering works to replace shoddy materials. If we're going to do this then let's use British steel using a British workforce BorisJohnson HS2

Get them in ASAP As long as it's done who cares. I suppose the supporters of the lesser spotted newt will try and stop it

UK holds 'preliminary discussions' with China over building HS2Country’s state-owned railway builder claims it can complete the rail link cheaper and faster So thing thing thats currently being built needs a builder? Whatever happened to the Tories much vaunted concept of jobs for British workers?

Great idea Get them to throw in a bridge to Northern Ireland Build it ourselves and we get a lot of the money back in taxes and most of the remaining money will be spent in our economy by the British workers and companies involved. Why give all the money to China? 2020Smiles We no longer have a steel industry capable of delivering the rail and we no longer have a credible company able to lay the rail, so it doesn’t surprise me one bit. We still build rolling stock, hopefully these will be delivered on tim and within budget

Handing everything over to the horrendous Chinese now 😱 Leave the EU then give our countries money to everyone else instead. Haha Sorry it should be UK. Stop using foreign companies. Make it British - support our country. NO to China. Take note BorisJohnson Conservatives ConHome 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧 Incredible that we in the UK are unable to be competitive and thus deliver from our own labour resources!

China HS2 talks and 'pioneering police scheme'China holding talks with the UK about constructing HS2 is among Saturday's front-page stories. Might as well do HS2 while they're here installing 5G. If we ask them to build the 2nd runway at LRH do we get a discount? Here comes the Corona Virus Express Stop taxing our tv

What does that say about Britain? Britain in the 21st Century, we can't build our own railway! Is there any hope left? We don’t need this! Allowing Chinese investment is just opening the door to Chinese imperialists. 5G and now this. Britain needs to wake up and maybe take some advice from America. Please no. Japan or bust.

I have some Chinese made product and I ain't knocking china or anything. However, what I find is that any product that comes made in China generally don't last as long as say one made in Japan or Germany. Why don’t we get our best friend Trump to built it BBCLondonNews what’s in it for the Chinese..look at Sri Lanka, Africa,Costa Rica and many other places .. all for their benefit and they use their own people it won’t bring jobs to the British

Do. Not. Get. The. Chinese. Involved. Am I being seriously told that we the builders of railways cannot build 100 miles of permanent way, We need the chinkies to build it for us? God help us.. We should get them to build the 40 new hospitals. They would be up and running by Easter. They can build it but we should still own it

Britain in talks with China over offer to build HS2 in five years 'for less money'Department for Transport confirms ‘preliminary discussions’ with Beijing Please talk a little bit about the turned President Sisi in Egypt, he made us hungry and killed a lot in the people 5 yrs nah the chinese can do it in 2 weeks.

BBCLondonNews Watch him spunk more money Build homes to house our homeless that quick..!! get people able to LIVE and SURVIVE in the UK & stop Folk living in Poverty Sort out the Mental Health Crisis BorisJohnson Number10press Conservatives They should just get a bunch of wizards from Hogwarts to magic up a high-speed railway - and they could cast a spell to put a bridge between Scotland and Ireland and all the other stuff that won’t otherwise get done

England province of China. OMG, what will we do with the Gazillion hi vis outfits that have been purchased. Where will all the 'Consultants' be able to scrape their million £ charges from. Probably why Boris gave green light Great to see that Brexit is creating bRiTiSh JoBs fOr BrItIsH PeOpLe! Apparently

Keep it in house, train the workers and engineers; even if it costs more....... China? Thought it was Japan Let’s take back control 😂😂 And so the outsourcing begins... (Just like private sector) If they'd kept contractors as contractors, maybe none of this would have been necessary. HMRC have a lot to answer for, yet never held to account. ir35 norightsemployee

Brexit trade talks set for acrimonious start as UK accuses EU of being too toughUK officials accuse EU of 'cherry picking' as commission demands UK play by European rules Did joncstone have a drink when he composed this? and it was meant to be the easiest TD in history. You couldn't make this 💩 up.

Embarrassing levels of corruption and slow speed of state funded construction here makes this sensible. As was always the intention! In spite of what our leaders think, 'the country' isn't daft! There always seems to be £billions for pie-in-sky projects, also buddy-pals who dream them up, but never enough for essential local services.

Can you imagine the reaction if Jeremy Corbyn had put that idea in Labour's election manifesto? It will be expensive either way, but the main benefits will only come once its operational so if they can do it in 5 years I say give them the contract and let's get on with it. But, but, British jobs?!! Why are we talking to the chinese? Very very dangerouse.

Winning...🤣🤣 I have no doubt that China could build HS2 cheaper faster than UK would but this is a vicious circle where we’re losing all our contracts for foreign companies funnelling our money abroad making our debt to China even bigger. HS2, 5G, nuclear power station Hinckley, all by China. will the BBC stop the practice of ‘door stepping’ people outside No10. It completely lacks dignity, makes the reporter appear outright rude and rarely, if ever, gets a result.

France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Holland,Denmark build their own railways. In the U.K. so as to make a fast buck the Torres look to the Chinese, Fing hopeless.

'Danger to life' warning with Storm Dennis set to bring 5 inches of rain to UKThe Met Office has upgraded four rain warnings to amber as Storm Dennis looks set to cut off communities with severe flooding, while battering the British isles with 80mph juggernaut gales

So much for ‘buying British’ They'll have it done by tea time on Thursday. China is building our nuclear power stations & now HS2......little Britain can't have anything left to sell off anymore....... From the state of the cabinet, may as well invite the, communist party from China to 'Rule Britain 😂🤣😅

How times have changed, years ago anything made in China was something to be ridiculed ! No doubt in China they can destroy precious woodlands and ancient villages with impunity HS2 BorisJohnson , you are taking away people's homes and businesses for WHAT? so people can get into London quicker That’s gonna piss trump off

If Huwei is not a national security threat in the 5G network, what possible threat could chinese HS trains be ? Rather convenient timing BorisJohnson sajidjavid !!! So it will be done by Christmas?

UK to lead global fight against illegal logging and deforestationPlan to form coalition of developing countries at COP 26 to help support efforts Lol next joke 😂😂😂 When do you arrive in California? What's this the second British Invasion?

Two thing we do not need and shouldn’t have to pay for ? HS2 and the BBC Let them do it !! Ah, Brexiteers take note please.The true cost of taking back control of our borders is to rely on outside investment to fund infrastructure developments which Treasury can't fund. Not Sure HS2 & G5 sold to Chinese is taking back control?

If their as quick as they are a building Hospitals, we're looking at a completion date of say... next Thursday? OMG ... And all those technicians that were going to be trained on HS 2..... the Chinese can do it ... so any spin off benefit in skills on this country is immediately eroded. Primero que se encarguen de su coronavirus pinches chinos cochinos, por tragar lo que sea, país pendejo, a contagiar a todo el mundo! Como no! Bola de cabrones!.

Well that's something not to be sneezed at.... 5 year build!? 🤷‍♂️ count me as sceptical on that. Pleased someone has finally seen sense. The world’s biggest HS rail builder. So much experience. As long as the UK govt can take care of Swampy and the red tape brigade, this might make it worthwhile. Well they will be cheaper. At what price?

On the phone.. I'd imagine! Not to be sneezed at . . . Our NEW special relationship 😂🍺 I guess that is BorisJohnson's version of rebuilding British industry. Lots of UK jobs to be created that way. Well they will be glad if the business now that this coronavirus scare has prevented many of their products being made and distributed (JLR are struggling for Chinese parts) if hyping up the seriousness of the virus (not as bad as seasonal flu) is an economic strategy 🤭

I live in China, the speed and quality they build high speed rail at is truly astounding! Perhaps they could lend a hand and build those 40 new hospitals. Not sure I would use a train on a rushed job... Anyway, once they realise the UK ground randomly turns from clay to chalk to wtf is this random rock doing here, things will slow again...

We'll all Be speaking Chinese the way the government are selling us off. Might build some resiliency to their dirty habits by then.🙄 'China's state railway company said it could build the line in just five years and at a much lower cost'...🙄... 'I come before you good people with an idea...'

If the chinese can build a hospital in 10 days they sure as hell could build a high speed rail system in 5 years. They have the know how, manpower and technology. Can't we make our own? The tory party who shut down our steel industry, shut down our railyards, shut down our national railway company, and ended our manufacturing / engineering base.. now needs to get our new hi tech railways built by the communists.. you couldn't make it up.

aew1776 Buy from Japan, Taiwan or Germany... From a NSA country, (no string attached country). Best bullet speed trains are in Japan and Taiwan. if this exact thing was proposed in an African country.what would the bbc.and the hypocrite citizens of the country where the bbc is from would be saying? Cheap labour.

China is colonising the uk Sure let’s give control to China while we’re at it, screw it let’s sell Liverpool to Nigeria because now we left the EU all China and Russia are going to do is buy all of our land up and our politicians That’s gone make America very happy , like was with 5G .

Step one of the Cummings plan... Gain trust...; Gain Control...; Sell everything.... Lets see if the party notice... 5year build would be some achievement Because why would we not... Grrr... 'The DfT is always keen to learn from the experience of others and to consider approaches that offer value for money to the taxpayer.' Bullshit. That's why we have such an appalling railway operation. Because you don't look at successful models around the world.

Buy cheap buy twice. Get yourself to caravan park Boris, some lads down there will get it done for you in a few weeks for a few grand Yup, get the experts. Is the UK the new Belt Road? I guess now we know Boris’s plan. Sell out to China. I'm surprised they want something like this... :?

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