UK immigration plans will ‘damage lives’ and undermine international cooperation, says UN

UK immigration plans will ‘damage lives’ and undermine international cooperation, says UN

5/10/2021 3:10:00 AM

UK immigration plans will ‘damage lives’ and undermine international cooperation, says UN

Refugee agency ‘deeply concerned’ about ‘discriminatory’ approach and urges Home Office to ‘rethink’

Rossella Pagliuchi-Lor, UNHCR representative in the UK, warned that the reforms were unlikely to deter movements of desperate people and that the human consequences would be “real and harmful”.“Living under the constant threat of expulsion will hamper the ability to integrate, and push people into precarity and exploitation. Mental health will suffer. This feels like a recipe for social problems,” she said.

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The Refugee Convention, to which Britain is a signatory, recognises that people fleeing persecution may have to use irregular means to travel and should not be penalised for this.Ms Pagliuchi-Lor said: “If allrefugeeswere obliged to remain in the first safe country they entered, the whole system would probably collapse. A few gateway countries would be overwhelmed, while countries further removed, like the UK, would share little responsibility.

“This is hardly fair, or workable, and runs against the spirit of international cooperation supported by UK at the UN General Assembly and the Global Compact on Refugees.”The Home Office’s plan also proposes changing the “well-founded fear of persecution” test for refugee status – which UNHCR said was of “serious concern” as it departs from international standards

Responding to Ms Patel’s proposal to keep an option to develop offshore asylum processing, the organisation warned that this would lead to forced transfers to other countries with “inadequate asylum systems, dehumanising and harming claimants”.The UNHCR said the Home Office should “look at the context” and recognise that the increase in irregular arrivals by boats in recent years does not constitute a “mass-influx”, saying the numbers remain “modest” compared with other European countries.

It recommended developing a well-designed, fair and fast asylum procedure to work out who is eligible for refugee status, with greater investment upfront to address issues identified in the plan, for example around appeals and backlogs.“It is entirely possible for the UK to protect its borders, and security, while implementing fair, humane and efficient policies towards asylum-seekers in line with the 1951 convention. These are not mutually exclusive,” said Ms Pagliuchi-Lor.

She added: “It’s not too late for a rethink. We’re ready to work with the UK on alternative reforms.” Read more: The Independent »

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Very damning comments by UN. shut up un Genuine refugees move to the nearest safe haven, not the one which offers a better economic outcome, or free healthcare system. Borders are there for a reason. Don't allow those ones to enter your country like Italy or Spain. Just grab them, out them on a boat and send them back

The UK has taken in enough & cannot cope now. They claim to flee war & torture, yet find time to make more babies & bypass other countries of safety to enter the UK illegally. This is putting pressure on housing & services & more risks on our streets. They need to be sent back. They are still much more favourable than Australia or the US. Why is the UN uninterested in either of those?

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