UK health chiefs are now officially keeping tabs on 'stealth' Omicron

'Stealth' variant of Omicron is 'under investigation'

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1/21/2022 8:00:00 PM

'Stealth' variant of Omicron is 'under investigation'

The UK Health Security Agency today said BA.2 is now a 'variant under investigation'. This category is reserved for variants that are spreading in the UK.

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Texas school shooting: 'Wrong decision' not to storm classroom where gunman was holed up killing children, official admits

When asked what he had to say to the grieving parents, the official said 'I don't have anything to say to them'. Read more >>

Boring. Time to get back to normal. Saint Vitus Variant methinks !!! - Кейт старушка, присмотрела комнатку во Франции? - пообщайся с Эммануэлем, только сама, не Уильям - Эммануэль -... и доведет до развода. )) If it’s not to be detected, so what? Who cares! 🤭

Police arrest two men in UK over Texas synagogue attackArrests take place in Birmingham and Manchester in connection with US attack by Malik Faisal Akram I read they were teenagers, and arrested for questioning. Refreshing to see the US and UK authorities,have adopted the same approach to dealing with these terrorists;don't take them as prisoners,shoot them dead on sight.Further,don't dignify their existence with a funeral,just cleanse them in an acid bath,then flush them into the sewers

Police arrest two men in UK over Texas synagogue attackArrests take place in Birmingham and Manchester in connection with US attack by Malik Faisal Akram 'Can I have 12 bottles of bleach please'

Primark axes 400 staff from its UK stores in blow for the High StreetPrimark owner Associated British Foods has revealed a hit to the fashion chain's recent trading as the Omicron variant of coronavirus kept shoppers away from UK stores. The queues are going to be even worst Despite the contribution made by Priti Patel via expenses? 😜 MailOnline Oh dear is this the end of the Primari specials, purchasing jeans with one leg longer or wider than the other and odd size sleeves on your tops, hahaha

UK may send MORE weapons to Ukraine after 'increasingly threatening behaviour' from RussiaBRITAIN may send more weapons to Ukraine in a bid to stop an impending Russian invasion, as Defence Secretary Ben Wallace announced the UK is open to further cooperation with the Eastern European nation. Don’t you mean increasingly threatening UK/US/NATO behaviour?

UK weather: Fog and low visibility to cause travel chaos as mercury plunges to -4CBRITS are likely to experience travel disruptions as foggy conditions are expected to cast over Britain during the weekend. Visible from picture

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UK Health Security Agency has classed BA.2 as a 'variant under investigation'. It means BA.2 is spreading in the UK and may be more infectious or jab resistant. But scientists say it likely will not have a 'substantial impact' on the current wave