UK Covid cases plunge by 36% in a week with 6,385 infections and 315 deaths

UK Covid cases plunge by 36% in a week

3/3/2021 8:25:00 PM

UK Covid cases plunge by 36% in a week

UK Covid cases have plunged by 36 per cent in a week, with 6,385 infections in the past 24 hours. There have also been 315 deaths recorded in the last day. This time last week, there were 442 death…

since becoming Chancellor last year, confirmed he would extend a range of vital support measures including the VAT cut, furlough, stamp duty cuts and more to get the nation through the worst of the pandemic.And he vowed to plough more money into investment for years to come to take advantage of low interest rates and start the work of "building our future economy".

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He promised to help struggling Brits with "more support to get people through to the other side of the crisis".He told the nation today: "Much has changed. But one thing has stayed the same. I said I would do whatever it takes; I have done; and I will do."

Financial experts predicted a bumper 7 per cent growth in GDP next year - which would be thestrongest set of figures since World War II.And the UK economy would completely recover from the pandemic by the middle of next year, they claim.They also said as a result of the latest measures they think unemployment will be 340,000 lower than previously thought - with thousands of jobs saved.

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Police and demonstrators clash at 'Kill the Bill' protest in central London

Protests against the Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill have been taking place across the country.

Then why are we still caged up then unlock sooner DPJHodges Still happy waiting for June 21st? Because we not allowed to see family and friends DPJHodges Should be party time then, but no our Gov'ts want to change their map and tie us in even tighter. Something not right here. Does anyone else smell the rat that is called population control?

DPJHodges So just as zero covid begins to look likely we have this plan for the mass opening of schools. F*cking genius. 🤦‍♂️