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UK coronavirus live: pressure mounts on Boris Johnson for immediate national lockdown

UK coronavirus live: pressure mounts on Boris Johnson for immediate national lockdown

10/30/2020 3:06:00 PM

UK coronavirus live: pressure mounts on Boris Johnson for immediate national lockdown

Latest updates: public health chief in worst-hit area in England calls for three-week ‘circuit-breaker’ now to stem spread of coronavirus

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COVID live news - latest UK updates: Boris Johnson reveals winter lockdown plan

The latest coronavirus updates as it is revealed the Oxford vaccine is up to 90% effective and Boris Johnson outlines his plan for when lockdown ends.

The Guardian, spreading shit news everyday. SyedKKAkram Worth pointing out that testing capacity was first exceeded in Blackburn with Darwen *TWO MONTHS AGO* - see my thread here - The failure of commercial NHS Test & Trace has been a large part of why the virus has remained out of control. Dragging his heels over the inevitable

No fuck off it's you pushing for it If shops, restaurants and businesses are 'Covid safe' we are all limited to the rule of 6, we are wearing face masks, washing hands etc and half of the population are under huge restrictions, why are we in a worse situation than the spring? No. 'MEDIA mounts pressure on Boris Johnson for immediate national lockdown' Scientists and WHO advise against lockdown.

90% of news about covid and trump Things that didn’t age well......🤡 it's pretty clear he wants to do everywhere but London Do you know that Muslims who came to Kashmir were persecuted and Kashmiri Hindus gave them refuge? In return, they paid back by persecuting Kashmiri Hindus and eventual genocide. Today Kashmiri Hindus don’t live in their native Kashmir. Same is the story wherever they went.

The lockdown in Spain was extremely strict. In Spain masks are mandatory both inside and outdoors. Despite this cases in Spain rose sharply throughout August. Mandatory distancing/mask wearing does not work. Boris's arbitrary coronavirus restrictions will achieve nothing.

Boris Johnson told every hospital in England could be FULL by DecemberBORIS JOHNSON has been warned that England’s hospitals will be full by December without more lockdowns, it is reported. It comes as new data suggests Britain’s surging second wave of co… From the ignored cancer patient's? And Santa exists along with the fairies Allo AlexDevecchio !!!!

Boris Johnson snub: Andy Burnham ‘could be halfway through first term as PM by now’BORIS JOHNSON may be the one leading Britain through the coronavirus pandemic but, if one relatively minor political event had gone the other way, political rebel Greater Manchester Mayor Andy Burnham could be the current Prime Minister. Really? In which country 😂😂✌️

Public would blame Boris Johnson for collapse of Brexit talks, poll findsTalks moving back to Brussels after an intense week in London Who else is there to blame? Maybe the public shouldn't have voted for Brexit ... I wonder if the 1922 will be seeking his resignation...

Is Danny Dyer right about Boris Johnson?The actor’s early morning rant about the prime minister’s privilege prompted a wave of support on social media – but is he right? Andrew Grice explains Yes he's right. Boris the man who was born with a silver foot in his mouth. He has the backbone of a chocolate éclair, the IQ of a crack-addicted hamster and all the charisma of a used tissue. The only man, who after selling his soul had to give the Devil a refund... in roubles. 'Get outa ma Pub' as right as he was about Cameron's trotters. keep it up!

Liverpool is tired, angry and ready for a fight with Boris Johnson | Liam ThorpScousers were too savvy to ever be taken in by the Tories’ talk of ‘levelling up’. After coronavirus, they’ve had enough, says Liam Thorp, political editor at the Liverpool Echo Liam Thorp does not have the city of Liverpool's best interests at heart Obviously not tired and angry enough to fight the virus. That's the enemy not Boris “In some parts of Liverpool the number of children growing up below the poverty line is a jaw-dropping 70%.”

Mum of missing Ben Needham writes letter to Boris Johnson begging him for helpEXCLUSIVE: Kerry Needham is calling on Boris Johnson to urge Greece to stop 'ignoring' her son's 1991 disappearance on the island of Kos as she marks his 31st birthday She should get more help than the McCann who has being lying.Poor woman she has to know what happened. Poor family how many people know little Maddies name This must've been heartbreaking to have very little coverage Please BorisJohnson help this family Better late than never Zero chance he even reads it.