UK announces it will unilaterally change Brexit deal with EU, risking new confrontation with Brussels

UK to extend grace periods for supermarkets without EU approval

3/3/2021 6:56:00 PM

UK announces it will unilaterally change Brexit deal with with EU, risking new confrontation with Brussels

UK to extend grace periods for supermarkets without EU approval

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'UK risking new confrontation with Brussels' Unsurprising as the so called BrexitDeal is very close to no deal. the 'BrexitShambles deal' can be extensively changed by either party at short notice. No way, Brexit means brexit. Great move to improve the trustworthiness of the UK internationally...... 🙄

Tories announce with the Govt Broadcasting Company WTF. So, they f-cked up the agreement. Rushed to a deal that was not thought through and now threaten to break international law, AGAIN. All due to Frost's/Gove's/Johnson's incompetence....but the news media, of course, will blame the EU. The govt knew it systems weren’t ready, maybe by July2021, but refused the Eu offer of extending transition by 6 months to July 1st. Govt incompetence caused the greatest death toll in Europe , worst economic outcome. Now it’s trashing U.K. reputation, NI integrity USA FTA

Whenever one party changes parts of a deal w/o consent of the other one, isn't it called 'breach of contract'? Well if nothing else, it’s given Daily_Express the opportunity for another jingoistic headline about ‘sticking it to Brussels, and a swathe of indignant Brexiters to blame the EU again 🤣 Fuck Brexit RejoinEU

Perfidious Albion can't be trusted. The world watches..... Good The British public have been gagging to buy the NHS since the BT sell off. It's their only reason left to exist now EU showed no concern when they were confrontational with UK so often so no reason for it to be of concern to us Guess all those other countries we rolled over deals with can just change things whenever they like aswell so....

Never trust a Tory. The irony, when Nicola Sturgeon is being grilled for potentially breaking the ministerial code. These fuckwits go about breaking international law... Oh no, not again. What is this bullshit? All that’s going to happen is any other country doing deals with the UK will assume the government‘s bad faith right from the start, and price any cost of their deal-breaking into treaties up-front. They’ve hamstrung this nation for decades.

Was a long time coming. Their deal isn't for for purpose and sadly, they cannot be trusted to not abuse emergency powers, so there is no alternative. I announce I will unilaterally lose 25kg overnight and wake up tomorrow as a supermodel. Both scenarios are equally as unlikely to happen. Fuck the UK, they breached the agreement. The EU shall stop all vaccine export to UK, as part of the sanction mechanism.

snapdragon6469 🤦🏻‍♀️ BorisJohnson is a traitor, there is no other word for it. A liar who is actively working against the U.K. I’m sure Liam Fox will be outraged at this act bringing the UK in to disrepute. Hang on a minute! I thought we were on an upward economic curve with the Albania deal and yesterday’s announcement regarding Ghana. Or does it mean that Brexit is actually a complete fuck up?

KathyKelliott Oh. They never cared about keeping any contracts, why would they start now. Proving making any post Brexit deals with the UK of any kind would be a pointless endeavour as the UK can't be trusted to abide by its terms. so Boris is going to change the bad deal he himself negotiated; agreed; signed off; and forced through Parliament (without scrutiny). Boris is now arguing with Boris about how bad the Brexit deal is that Boris agreed.

WTAF? That's called breaking the law! Again. Regret yet, Britistan? Britain's word as a country just became even more worthless! Nobody should be surprised by that.