Two old fighters looking for a knockout blow

Trump-Biden debate: Two old fighters looking for a knockout blow

9/29/2020 3:01:00 AM

Trump-Biden debate: Two old fighters looking for a knockout blow

Amid a bizarre campaign season, a debate feels warmly familiar. But which ageing pugilist will win?

Getty ImagesJust over a month to go and it is - at last - starting to feel like an election campaign.Finally, we're on the road - to Cleveland, Ohio. And as well as the usual donuts and tepid coffee in the car, we now have hand sanitiser, sterilising wipes and face masks. Welcome to election 2020.

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And at last, we're going to have a bit of the furniture familiar to all US elections these past 60 years - the first TV debate.Donald Trump and Joe Biden mano a mano. Unarmed combat. Two pugilists with a combined age of 151, lacing up their gloves, each looking for a knockout blow - though probably neither quite able to float like a butterfly, nor sting like a bee.

TV debates rarely change the course of a US election - more often they act as a catalyst for trends that are already there. But just occasionally, they cause upsets.How is Donald Trump doing in the polls?In the first televised debate in 1960, John F Kennedy was the underdog against the wily and more experienced Richard Nixon. JFK, also had to overcome a lot of anti-Catholic prejudice. But on television, Kennedy looked suave and unflappable; Nixon sweaty and irascible. It turned the tide in JFK's favour, and he won the tightest of tight elections.

So what should we expect tomorrow night in Cleveland? A game-changer, or confirmation of what we already know?Image copyrightImage captionThe stage is set in Ohio, literally not virtually, for the first debate clashArguably, Joe Biden's task has been made a bit easier by the Trump campaign setting the bar so low for him. They've said the former vice-president is not all there, he's a bit senile, no longer able to form sentences: the lights are on, but no one's at home.

It's certainly true that Biden at times does sound way off the pace and a little incoherent. He also as a child had a stammer which affects the way he speaks. But Donald Trump's sentences can also get lost in bewildering sub clauses and strangled syntax. The Trump campaign's demand that Biden should undergo a blood test to ensure he isn't taking performance-enhancing drugs, has, you won't be surprised to learn, been given short shrift by team Joe.

There will be an element of the debate that the French would call"un dialogue de sourds" - a conversation of the deaf. In other words, they will not be listening to each other.So Donald Trump will want to focus on his economic achievements before the pandemic struck, he will want to attack the Biden family, and in particular his son, Hunter and how he ended up on the board of a Ukrainian energy company when Joe Biden was vice-president (we know from previous debate performances that Donald Trump will go in all guns blazing).

Image copyrightImage captionChris Wallace and Donald Trump will be reunitedBiden will want to concentrate on the president's handling of the pandemic, and no doubt the gap between what Donald Trump told the journalist, Bob Woodward, and what he told the American people.

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Or to give another example, what about the unrest that has swept America since the killing of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor? If past form is anything to go by, the president will focus on law and order, the suburbs at risk, the left-wing mobs burning and looting. Biden will talk about racial injustice, the need for healing. Each will have their own reality. Each will be in a parallel universe.

The job of forcing the two candidates to address each other's talking points will fall to the debate moderator, Chris Wallace from Fox News.Profile: The Fox News anchor unloved by TrumpHe is formidable: sharp, well briefed and will cut through the pre-rehearsed soundbites from the candidates. That should keep them on their toes.

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I would quite say 'fighters', it would just be embarrassing to put them in a ring. 😄 Give turkeys the vote and occasionally they'll vote for Xmas Its not much of a choice but surely we will wake up soon to find Trump's presidency is finally over. That said: 2020 has been a nightmare. Why do the US always seem to choose more ' mature' candidates

Biden is probably the worst Democratic candidate in my lifetime and he's still far more preferable than the alternative. Presidential candidate vs the broke village idiot. Another old geezer Surley the revelation of Trump no tax paying should be enuff to knock him out, probably not though as people are thick

So the BBC is ageist now? defundthebbc It will be fun to watch each time Biden is asked a question which requires mumbers. Exactly.....where is the youth of America ....? Biden will eviscerate Trump but I doubt voters will change their minds when voting if they’ve already decided. My goodness, what an horrendous choice between these two. One a liar, cheat and bully, the other in his dotage with one foot in the grave. Oi oi oi!

I don’t understand how a man who has no political background at all, can, not only win the nomination but get voted as President. The American political system seems flawed. Biden, the drug addled dementia patient who can’t remember how many years he has been elected or where he went to college against Trump, who destroyed Clinton in debates! If I was joe I’d stay in my bunker and say I had Covid19!

‘It’s good to be here Don, it’s good to be anywhere Joe’ I will like to watch this debate it will make sense Great UK news this 😑 Is it me or the use of a light (Biden) vs dark (Trump) photos is a way the BBC are highlighting the good vs evil?! 🧐 Trump is NOT a fighter. He'd get someone to do it for him.

Trump is not a fighter, he's a draft dodging coward. I think the timing of Trump's tax attack is pure electioneering. Both should concentrate on facts rather than personal attacks & how they are to solve this Coronavirus crisis. At least there is a competition for power unlike Russia where the winner is a foregone conclusion.

Botox vs face-lift. It's go time! Its sick that anything that happens in the debate matters. Trump has to go. That a debate means anything shows America is a failed culture that has developed a population that is half insane. That this isn't the top story about tomorrow night proves the media is crippled.

Except Biden is showing signs of possible dementia and senility. Why is no one reporting the fact that Trump doesn't draw the $400,000 presidential salary that saves the US taxpayer $1.6million+ per term or that he funded his own campaign while Hilary used $600m other peoples Easiest way for Trump to win this debate is just to let Biden talk for an hour uninterrupted

JoeBiden will do surprisingly well: because the bar is set way too low for him. The bbc and the fake news media are an embarrassment, Biden should be in a care home. Some rancid pretend journalist / presenter in regard to Trumps cheating & tax avoidance in a country where 100's of 1000s die for lack of any healthcare says .' some would say it's clever to avoid tax ..... ' - WHAT THE VERY F BBC - Time to shut down - Reith would weep!

Poor headline. Trump was barely in politics until 6 years ago. More BBC nonsense ! This is a no contest! Biden hardly knows what day of the week it is? And this is the most acceptable candidate the Democrats can come with! BUT! They have a failed Marxist woman in the background just waiting to take his position!! BE WARNED AMERICA!!

debates Trump FailedPresident UnfitToBePresident GOPCorruptionOverCountry FailedGOP Election2020 VoteHimOut DumpTrump No, one old fighter and one old con artist/thief. Harris administration. Get it right bbc. Lmfao no one actually believes biden will be running anything. Lawdt Biden will pumped full of drugs to keep him alert..

Biden merely needs to keep his mouth shut and let that fat mess talk himself out of office. Or a normal candidate versus a fascist Easy, most corrupt US president EVER vs. a good intelligent individual with lots of government expertise 🇺🇸 Biden doesn’t stand a chance against Trump Much like the BBC helped get Boris an 80 seat majority with their anti-Brexit agenda the MSM's war on Trump will play their part in his re-election landslide.

Really. 'Old'? And, so what? If they were disabled or blind or whatever, what kind of nonsense is that? Really poor choice of words for an esteemed news network. What a crock of ageist bullshit. If Dems take Senate, which is likely, but DonaldTrump wins President, no doubt he'll be impeached and thrown out of office. If be loses, he will go to prison. Can't decide which I would rather see. Maybe the former, and then I could see him thrown out of office AND into prison!

I can't wait to vote for President Trump in November. Biden should show up late I AM JESUS ​​CHRIST AND I DO NOT SUPPORT RACISM !! DONALD TRUMP IS THE OLD SERPENT 'THE DRAGON' 'THE DEVIL'. I WILL DEFEND AFRO-AMERICANS !! I came to step on the snake's head. WHO VOTES IN ('TRUMP DEVIL') GOES TO HELL. 'Revelation of the Bible' APOCALYPSE TRUMP DEVIL APOCALYPTIC

We all know how we're voting. What's the point? I guess people like to see blood. Hopefully they call it off after 1 debate.

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