Two Oklahoma police officers charged with murder of man 'who was tasered 50 times'

Two Oklahoma police officers charged with murder of man 'who was tasered 50 times'

7/4/2020 3:31:00 AM

Two Oklahoma police officers charged with murder of man 'who was tasered 50 times'

Joshua Taylor and Brandon Dingman are charged with second-degree murder following the death of 28-year-old Jared Lakey.

Image:Joshua Taylor (L) and Brandon Dingman (R) are charged with second-degree murder. Pic: Oklahoma State Bureau of InvestigationWhy you can trust Sky NewsTwo police officers in the US have been charged with murder after they allegedly tasered a man 50 times before he died.

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Joshua Taylor and Brandon Dingman, from the Wilson Police Department in Oklahoma, were charged on Thursday with second-degree murder following the death of 28-year-old Jared Lakey.In a statement, the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation (OSBI) said the officers had responded to a call"that involved Mr Lakey acting in a disorderly way" shortly before midnight on 4 July 2019.

"When Lakey would not comply with commands from the officers, Taylor and Dingman used their Tasers multiple times," it added.Court documents said the officers used their stun guns on Mr Lakey more than 50 times"which greatly exceeded what would have been necessary or warranted by the attendant circumstances," and was a"substantial factor" in his death, according to the Associated Press.

AdvertisementMr Lakey was taken into custody but stopped breathing and became unresponsive, the OSBI said. He was admitted to hospital and died on 6 July 2019.The OSBI said it conducted an investigation into the circumstances that led to Mr Lakey's death and a report was submitted to the district attorney's office.

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Jonny54157052 Are we suppose to be shocked? It’s a regular occurance over there where police brutality kills people and it won’t be the last time it happens! So many American police personnell just don't get it, even now. Don’t people realize that tasers deliver electrical charges to a body. You do the math of receiving 50 electric charges... a person’s cardiac function ie heart activity would be affected. Police etc receive training in use of these interventions. ⚖️🇺🇸⛑

where are all the black/white/asian people demanding justice and protesting through the streets !!!! Did they charge the man? They have a few dopey policemen in the US! He wasn't black. Surely this isn't news. Oh look he’s white!! Do we start a riot Let’s burn our town down do a bit of looting No But why🤔

When they say “man” do we presume it means a white man ? What do you expect from scummedia they report in this style because they know it’ll cause some outrage from the divisive way they report.....your wasting your time if you think they will ever report in a balanced way, division creates business for them!!! Wake up!!

White lives matter. No mention of skin colour today skynews - I wonder why.........🤔 No race baiting to be had. What Sky haven't said in the report is that Jared Lakey is WHITE!! Amazing how Sky news don’t mention the colour of his skin, and not even a picture of the person killed, but if it’s a black person killed it’s in the headline. Get a grip you are helping to create a divide!!

That’s shocking ☝️😐 2nd degree murder means they will walk free on license and won’t lose their fat pension I’m guessing he wasn’t black as it would of been all over social media and news I suspect Ku klux klan members discovered that all they had to do to kill black people and not get arrested was join the police. It took America authorities a while to catch on. BlackLivesMatter

Bet they wished they stopped at 49 Da fuk is wrong with these American cops someone needs to check their recruitment process they all fuked. Can’t do their jobs properly How about tasering them 50x ‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️💩💩💩💩😡😡😡😡😡 Oh dear. They’re going to get their arseholes ripped apart in the ‘Big House’.

How often does Sky report about police officers killed in the line of duty? Look at them!!! Probably grew up scared of their own shadows. Put a badge on them and suddenly they have super powers. They look like Mafia hitmen Assholes.. It’s always the innocent looking ones Why do the media refuse to report on the daily trophy videos that are circulating on social media of white people being assaulted by black thugs ? scummedia

They're fucked in the present climate. Who'd be a policeman now? Hey sky you forgot to mention his race! Oh wait! Wrong narrative!!!!! They look like criminals never mind police officers What? holy broad that's my old high school brother Esiah, he would always run up behind me and my friend Jaq and smack the shit out of us with his senior ring. haha all good fun though shame he murdered people


Two police officers charged with murder after victim was tasered 50 timesOfficers Tased the man for four minutes straight This is yet again another story of US police misconduct which doesn’t make it clear it is in the US. The attached photo is of a UK police officer. This is fake news. Please stop this. Tasering someone 50 times isn't an arrest; it's a barbecue. The story is about US officers, yet the picture appears to show a British police officer. This is seems to me to be misleading and something which should be corrected

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