Two arrests over disappearance of teenager Andrew Gosden in 2007 | ITV News

1/11/2022 8:53:00 PM

London arrests over 2007 disappearance of teenager Andrew Gosden

London arrests over 2007 disappearance of teenager Andrew Gosden

Two men have been questioned on suspicion of kidnap and human trafficking. Andrew Gosden was 14 years-old when he went missing. | ITV News Calendar

Tuesday 11 January 2022, 6:04pm Andrew Gosden hasn't been seen since 2007 Two men have been arrested over the disappearance of Doncaster teenager Andrew Gosden 15 years ago.The warnings were given alongside a reading list for students on Salford University's BA English literature course.ANDREW NEIL has backed Rod Liddle's furious rant about anti-vaxxers in which he branded them as having their"brains removed with a soup spoon".new Monday January 10 2022, 5.

A 45-year-old man was arrested on suspicion of kidnap, human trafficking and the possession of indecent images of children.A 38-year-old man was arrested on suspicion of kidnap and human trafficking.Some students may find the content of the following texts distressing", the university told undergraduates.The arrests were carried out in London by officers from South Yorkshire Police and the Metropolitan Police on Wednesday, 8 December.You can unsubscribe at any time.What do we know about Andrew Gosden's disappearance? Both have now been released under investigation while enquiries continue."What does this say about younger people?.Today, Andrew's father, Kevin, told ITV News he had been given no further information about the background to the arrests.He has paid the money.

Play video Andrew Gosden's father Kevin speaks to Duncan Wood "We're not able to reach any conclusion about it, so for us it's just another unknown that's hard to cope with," he said..Related articles The 3 European countries where Covid cases are higher than UK In his latest column in the Times, Mr Liddle wrote:"One of the greatest incidental pleasures of this Covid pandemic has been the profusion of private messages I receive on social media, often typed in capitals, from people who seem to have had their brains removed with a soup spoon and replaced with crushed Ranch Dipped Hot Wings flavour Doritos.He added that the impact of Andrew's disappearance had been "huge".He said: "Since Andrew went missing, I've struggled with a lot of mental health problems – depression, anxiety and so on – and the emotional toll for the family is massive and it is very much the not knowing, that you can't reach any conclusion."It's absolutely pathetic," Andrew fumed.Recent events are just a repetition of that.Mr Neil tweeted:"Rod Liddle on anti-vaxers: 'people who have had their brains removed with a soup spoon and replaced with crushed Ranch Dipped Hot Wings flavour Doritos." Andrew would now be 28." Read more:.

He disappeared on 14 September, 2007 after boarding a train from Doncaster to London.Andrew Gosden was last seen taking a train from Doncaster to London Senior investigating officer, Detective Inspector Andy Knowles, said: "Our priority at this time is supporting Andrew’s family while we work through this new line of enquiry in the investigation.” They’ve been piling in on me this weekend so I can confirm that definition."We are in close contact with them and they ask that their privacy is respected as our investigation continues."We have made numerous appeals over the years to find out where Andrew is and what happened to him when he disappeared.I would encourage anyone with any information they have not yet reported to come forward.— Andrew Neil (@afneil) January 9, 2022 "Some v satisfying blocking sessions.


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I thought for a second that they found him. I hope they do soon for the parents peace of mind.

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