Two arrested over red dye in London fountains

It was released into the Trafalgar Square fountains in protest against animal farming, police say.

7/11/2020 7:31:00 PM

Two people held on suspicion of criminal damage after red dye was released into London's Trafalgar Square fountains, police say

It was released into the Trafalgar Square fountains in protest against animal farming, police say.

Campaigners released red dye into the fountains in protest against animal farming, police sayTwo people have been held on suspicion of criminal damage after red dye was released into London's Trafalgar Square fountains, police said.The stunt was in protest against animal farming with campaigners claiming the government had"blood on [its] hands".

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It was carried out by campaign group Animal Rebellion on Saturday afternoon.Demonstrators, some of whom stood up to their knees in the red water, alleged that the Covid-19 pandemic was caused by animal exploitation.A tweet by the Met said:"Two people have been arrested on suspicion of criminal damage following an incident at the fountains in Trafalgar Square earlier today.

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MaZ_64 On suspicion? they watched them do it. Looks festive Looks better that the shitty water that’s normally in it..... Since we no longer need to eat animals, and since they feel pain and want to live, we should stop slaughtering them. Let’s look at it from their point of view, instead of ours. We could also re-wild large amounts of land and preserve the ocean better.

More 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡 just what we need right now... All criminals need to be caught and prosecuted, including the Bristol mod that pulled down statues and the BLM criminals. If they had said they were BLM protestors instead of animal rights they would have walked. I am beginning 2 abstain from supporting any groups that continue 2 cause damage 2 our statues, fountains etc this is just outright criminal damage they should be thrown in jail there are better ways to protest without this crap if she was my daughter she’d have a sore backside

Idiot's Won't do a day. total morons lets see what the law allows , 5000 fine and 10 years in prison Lucky they didn't p*ss in it, they might be in trouble... Shame on the government for arresting these people. What a powerful and important statement. The government most certainly DOES have blood on its hands.

Khanage Hope they pay for the damage caused BBCLondonNews They should be made to pay clean up costs ! And 10 years jail !!! Then it won’t happen ever again makeexample DefundTheBBC nameandshame Protest or not it’s vandalism at the very least. Should had floated a BLM logo in the water, they would have been exempt from arrest..

StarkeyHazel The police stood by while they were doing it cowards The punishment should start with the FULL costs of arresting and trying them, as well as the full cost of removing the dye from the fountains and the water. Punitive sentencing should be imposed additionally, of course. Absolute joke, I will eat meat thanks very tasty, I respect you don’t want to eat meat! But stop trying to make others follow you

Are you sure it wasn’t just a heavy period? They should be made to pay to clean it up. BBCLondonNews WE DON'T ASK FOR YOUR TRUST WE EARN IT.FEEL FREE TO GIVE A CHANCE W💰💰WE GUARANTEE THE BEST TRADE STRATEGIES IN BUSINESS,IN COORATION WITH BINARY OPTION Robert_Trade 2 white people arrested instantly for red dye. Yet the black lives matter protest went ahead and braking the law and causing criminal damage and civil unrest. Yet nothing?. This country is a shambles

or Horatio. one of the greats. Dumb protest by dumb bored kids with nothing better to do! Hope they pay for clean up , BBCLondonNews THE FIRST 100 PERSONS TO COMMENT (CASH💰) I PROMISE TO GIVE YOU LINK TO A LEGIT MINING SITE 100% RELIABLE. TRUST THE PROCESS AND DROP YOUR COMMENTS 👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇 BBCLondonNews And The Police looked on,about right.

YvonneHills4 When are these pathetic excuses for human beings going to realise that the sane majority are sick of their childish stunts , although I am surprised to see one actually in water Hope the dye was vegan & not say cochineal? & that the pens & card they used for the placard were vegan? Or their clothes, flare & masks? Oh I forgot they're happy to use petrol based man made fibres. & cardboard is paper from trees & they don't seem to think plants r living too

Lock em up and throw away the key 🔑 🤔 How could you detained pro democracy protesters String them up ! Give them 10 years ... You cant expect everyone in the UK to start eating plant based products, fair enough if you want to eat them then fine, but you can't force everyone to do that, its our own choice what we want to eat

Wait. The Dick thing will apologize to them Lorraineninorc An assault on public property is an assault on the people. Sadly, I fear a slap on the wrist and a tiny fine (won't cover the cost of clean up) will in no way act as a deterrent for future vandalism by Animal Extinction. Good on whoever did it hope people back them up,.

Way to go... Protest animal cruelty by performing animal cruelty... How many birds rely on that water source in london? Also Now chemicals will be transferred to the environment from having to drain it and clean it. What an absolute bunch of cockwombles! 😡 Throw the bloody book at them and make a example of them

Veganism gone mad Good for them. I prefer all other species to humans. Better than bubble bath in Nottingham’s Restore Free Speech Repeal 'anti-hate' laws Stop misuse of HR 'Activism' should be abolished in the light of the state-sponsored wrecking of America. BBC must restore balance by condemning BlackLivesMatter lies.

Idiots should do jail time. Will they spend time in prison for it? Maybe that bloke who got jailed for taking a piss should’ve pissed in the fountain! DonnaAr56519624 Did they hand themselves in? But it looks so nice . . . 3 year jail sentence Dye hard with a vengeance Dont think it should say the government, lets start with China!

would have let you off if you were a black,hard luck,respect from me though Make them clean it up and several years in jail Wht did the metpoliceuk stand by and do nothing to stop it, is crime prevention a thing of the past now They were right though. Will it be White the Blue in the fountains next... Most patriotic.. 🇬🇧

Caught red handed Why don't all animal activists take the place of the animals jn slaughter houses, if you care that much about commodity animals then save there lives with your own. smeemartin Take them to the cleaners I do appreciate their cause. Seriously. But it's like we don't have enough fecking problems as it is. Fecking overload.

Idiots. So they are vegans who have gone a bit nuts Covered in red dye standing in a red fountain carrying a placard saying “blood on your hands”. If they were black, they would have been let off with an apology. I support everything to do with animals, but these spineless cowards all creeping around while everyone is home and defacing stuff, are too much. They are scum, whatever the cause.

For Christ's sake! Did you have to go that far? Damaging property should be out of bounds when declaring a message. (in my view) “Suspicion” jezz. Brightens the place up a bit! Halal? lynn_taylor503 Criminal damage. What about all the BLM protestors defacing our statues. I thought it was Moses. We're they protesting about gammon?

147 more dead today BBC where is the outrage all in England how many have to die before you point the finger ? gutless cowards - scared of the Govt bbclaurak bbcnickrobinson BBCNormanS BBCPolitics AndrewMarr9 Should’ve put pink bubble bath in it instead. Send them the bill for correcting what they've done

Maximum punishment to deter others Grow up (some) people. The police cannot do anything but charge someone with 'suspicion of' something. It is for Magistrates, Judges and Juries to decide on guilt or innocence. That is how our laws work. (Or would younorefer the police to take on all roles? No. I thought not).

Was it a protest against halal slaughter? 'suspicion' lol. Make them pay every penny of the clear up/ repair or stick them in a hard jail till they find the money so the British government must make the popular move of turning meat into a black market & destroy the British countryside *which depends upon extensive farming* to prevent future zoonotic pandemics emerging from anywhere in the globe yeah that makes total sense

Suspicion? The film of the perpetrators is here on twitter. Open & shut case. Ha So theirs no biblical reckoning then? MaryLou4559 Charge them 4 the clean up They should be sentenced to two weeks in the fountain morons More ideots It’s time that we returned to preventative policing.That means they stop criminal acts, they don’t watch them, don’t tie rainbow laces in their boots, dance, engage with XR scum or BlM arseholes defacing or removing statues & they close down sweat shops in Momentum/Labour areas!

Jeez, let's get over Covid before these idiots start up again They should be made to drink it. ScumMedia strikes again suspicion 🙈🙈🙈 Only two?... what about the rest of the soap dodgers? Fantastic news. Enjoyed my 8oz Aberdeen Angus Steak cooked on the bbq even more tonight, knowing they got arrested, with chips and peas in case you’re wondering.

That will be a pain in the ass to clean. Make the suspects do it. Please don't punish them by telling them what most animals eat 🙄. As an animal lover myself I often kill and eat animals to stop them from killing and eating other animals! People who are found guilty should be made to pay the cost of clear up and damages.🇬🇧

What did they damage? Water? Can you damage water? Right as well Total dumkoff numptys you are sooooo not reading the mood of this fine country How many chemicals will be used to clear their crap up? If I was there I would b shearing a big ass burger in their face Prats. What is it with all these rebellion cults , I for one will continue to eat meat as and when it suits me, it’s ridiculous for bullies like this who commit criminal damage to be allowed to take these actions

They will be lefties or corbynites darreneffard Let them go! They are telling the truth! ASPBristol turn a blind eye to the thugs in Bristol so do the same to these! Hypocritical! PSmythe800 The absolute truth!!!!!! There was also a peaceful protest on Trafalgar Square at the same time, against political repressions in Belarus, with some 100 people attending. Yet, as the Belarusian protests was peaceful, no media reports about it:

Good, hope they are charged too not just let go now the headlines have been released Why are the bbc giving this oxygen? Animal rebellion now? 🤣😂 Nothing new with this stupidity, just shows naivety, narrow mindedness, immaturity of our society in this day and age. Bet all participants were on benefits for mental illness, or products of our university system. Waste of governmemt money either way

Keep calm and have a bacon sarnie!! Make the pay for the clean up these terrorists need stopping When will they have the backbone to protest against Halal Here we go again, they'll get released, taken out for a kfc and Cressida Dick will apologise... PSmythe800 Make them clean every inch If convicted those arrested should be made to pay for the fountain to be cleaned up.

Bring back the stock’s Nothing will happen to them Black would have probably been more acceptable Someone listened to too much Lost Society You mean the police didn't watch and do nothing this time.. Well done.. Idiots 🤬🤬 make them clean it and then throw them in it 🤬🤬 The perpetrators must pay for the damage. Plus clean it out themselves under strict police supervision!

Gosh And the embezzlement of £bns how's that panarama investigation going... Looks good reward them make me smile Too bloody right. Make them clean it up. Enough causes already!! Make them pay for everything to get it sorted and have them clean it with i am the twat that messed this up sign on there back

Bit late with that one. Tony Blair is not in power now. Tell them to go to China & protest! Oh yea like that’s gonna work Make them pay for the clean up £££££ Make them clean up the fountains and pay for the damage done as part of the sentence! Don't worry Dick will apologise and release them with a $5.00 Asda voucher tomorrow

Red dyes matter Yazzy_321 Where's the damage? I hope they can afford to pay for the damage. Total disgrace this is vandalism pure and simple and no point in trying to disguise it as anything else. They quite rightly have been arrested and charged. She is holding a placard that says 'The Govt has blood on it's hands' sounds about right.

It's stunts like these which keep the tories in charge. MaizyDaizyZzzz I’d make them scrub it out then fine them then jail them I wonder why they aren’t protesting outside the bio weapons laboratory in Wuhan ? Yes. That's the criminal damage people should be worried about. So you get arrested for an “animal rights” protest but you can deface our war memorials and that’s ok?

I was watching it out of the window of 5 Guys. 'SUSPICION of criminal damage' - the whole bloody world watched her do it! I would like to see how these people hold no blood if they take over the power Hold Johnson and Cummings on suspicion of corporate murder Surely the more pandemics the less humans, so they should be happy with that?!

Please can we have Glastonbury put back on and all the other festivals. Its seems too many people are bored at the moment. *Its Make them pay for all repairs ,not a slap on wrist.Why should tax payers have to pay for these morons. Protesting by filling a fountain with red dye mimicking blood isn't exactly going to help their cause. Quite the opposite infact.

More scum from the left. ScumMedia DefundBBC Oh children you know its not big and makes you look silly, now take the mop and clean it up or you don't get any tea. And it's your favorite- Ham and Cheese sandwiches..... I did wonder when they would surface. With other campaigns getting attention, they wouldn’t miss an opportunity to be “relevant” again.

They can bog off, cheeky gits. We don’t listen to veggies Defund red dye now!! Get caught red handed did they !! A point well made. They should have just blagged it and said they’re Liverpool fans And you say American's are crazy Enoch would be proud Anyone willing to bet on the outcome? I start the bidding with ‘media silence and no further action’ . Because vandalism is ok if it’s in the name of the correct ‘cause’. Qualified law and enforcement is now common in the UK.

why not make them pay to have it cleaned up why is it that tax payers have to keep footing the bill for these protesters More morons on the loose - isn’t it about time they got proper fines? £15-£20k ought to do it Brilliant, visual direct action gets news column inches! And of course their political point is very, very salient. They'll be so chuffed at having pulled this off! 👍👍👌

Absolute degenerates The Covid-19 pandemic was caused by wild animals. Not by animal farming. These protesters are so stupid. Shouldn’t they be campaigning in China? I have 2 wheely bins full of red dye imagine the damage I could do 😂 Caught red handed 😀 suspicion?! Protest against halal slaughter? But SadiqKhan doesn’t How many homicides in London since his tenure🤷🏻‍♂️

I hate veganazi's How can they pollute a water source for animals. What fools! I really miss that sandwich board bloke who used to trail up and down Oxford Street decaring: 'The end of the world is nigh'. Please come back and bring some sanity with you! How silly! Looking for a man for free relationship😈

Once again Liverpool fans again Good for them. That may be in the history books when people look back at the nation’s response to covid. Kinda missing the point... as usual. BloodOnTheirHands quite good !! Arseholes. Bang them up. Tw4ts! Cressida will probably apologise on behalf of the officers who arrested them.

Pair of red necks Will these get at least two weeks in jail? Soap flakes would have been funnier Is this worse then pulling down statues? Or is it becasue they are white? Black privilege Crackpots idiots Looks like someone forgot their tampax when they went for a paddle in the fountain. OK I give in, who are Animal rebellion?

No red panted Did they damage some politicians feelings or what ? Were they caught red-handed? How come they didn't do this with the riots from the BlackLivesMatter Cult and Far Right groups?

A Little Mermaid-themed bar is coming to London and it sounds truly magicalAn underwater sea cave, walls of pearl and coral and plenty of cocktails. Love this.. except I'm not sure anyone wants to be where the people are right now.. 😬

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