Twitter users rise as platform targets trolls

4/23/2019 3:38:00 PM

Twitter users rise as platform targets trolls

Twitter users rise as platform targets trolls

The social media platform books upbeat financial figures despite costly efforts to rid Twitter of abusive posts and fake accounts.

Why you can trust Sky News Twitter shares jumped in pre-market trade after the social media platform reported stronger user growth and progress in its efforts to curb malicious posts.What to Expect When You're Expecting How To Be Single What has Rebel said about her weight loss? It's not known exactly how much weight Rebel has lost, but she began shedding the pounds in April 2016.The Notre Dame Cathedral fire was one of the first major tests of social media companies’ nascent programmes aimed at fighting misinformation in real time – and critics say they failed.Copy link Eat the poo, Grylls (Picture: Netflix) Bear Grylls has granted viewers the power to control his actions in new show You Vs Wild, with one key decision playing to everyone’s sinister side.

The company, which has been spending big on improving the user experience, beat market expectations with an 18% jump in revenue to $787m in the first three months of the year compared to the same period in 2018.It said advertising sales, also 18% higher than a year ago, accounted for the bulk of the increase - with video ads making a greater contribution.She has credited hiking with helping her weight loss transformation.Analysts' eyes were on its user numbers amid predictions in some quarters that the stale performance during 2018 would continue.As a result, multiple providers found their videos had been appended with a link to an Encyclopaedia Britannica article about the attacks.Twitter, which only publicly started revealing the figures at the end of last year, said its 'Monetizable' daily active users - which measures measure users exposed to advertising on a daily basis.0…so challenging but very rewarding! Not to mention I lost 8 pounds from marathon king over the four days! “Thanks to the amazing staff and masseuses (free daily massages are part of the program)!! Feeling great!!” Getty - Contributor She has been losing weight since 2016 More on Rebel Wilson Is Anne Hathaway friends with Rebel Wilson and who is her husband? That's a rap Rapper Example dumped by record label after series of record flops SHE'S THE MAN Aussie star transforms into a man for Beauty and the Beast - but who is it? PRIME ADVERTISING The lowdown on Amazon's first ever Super Bowl ad, starring Gordon Ramsay THEY'RE BACK! Pitch Perfect 3 is out NOW! But can the Bellas smash it once again? rock chic Anna Kendrick, Ruby Rose and Rebel Wilson shine at the Pitch Perfect 3 premiere HARASSMENT CLAIMS Pitch Perfect actress Rebel Wilson accuses male star of vile sex demand 'I HAD TO STAND UP TO BULLY' Rebel Wilson wins case against magazine giant over 'articles that made her seem 'a liar' PITCHIN’ GOOD TIME DJ Kahled confirmed to star in Pitch Perfect 3 with returning stars Rebel Wilson and Elizabeth Banks Pictured Rebel Wilson brandishes a gun as Pitch Perfect cast go military for third film Revealed beeb's latest pitch BBC to create musical spin-off of hit film Pitch Perfect with stars battling in acapella riff-offs Who is Rebel dating? Rebel's boyfriend is stuntman Aden Stay.- rose to 134 million in the three months.Advertisement Advertisement Bear, however, appears to be aware of the sinister mind of viewers, responding to those who pick the bear poo option: ‘How did I know you were going to pick this option? ‘I can pick the nuts out of a bear poo, rinse them off and eat them.

Advertisement Jack Dorsey says the company will continue to invest in boosting the user experience That represented a 12% increase.The pair went public at the MTV awards.Other aspects performed better: a search for Notre Dame is automatically recognised as a search for a news event, pushing videos from legitimate news agencies to the top of the results.The company said it remained profitable, with earnings growing more than 200% to 191m in the period aided by a tax benefit, despite operating expenses hitting $693m.More from Business.

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Read: Twitter is suspending more people. 6 people I was following got suspended. They all have new accounts but for how long...nobody knows. Make one wrong tweet and you too could be suspended Trolls = People who speak out against alt left's censorship, socialist/communist & intersectionality politics

anyone speaking against the Left agenda = troll Trolls = people with opinions we dont like On a supposedly Free Speech platform... Twitter becomes more of a meme everyday Not doing a very good job of it then, because there would be no remainers left on Twitter.

The rise and rise of the actress, Rebel Wilson, find out what her REAL name isREBEL Wilson has starred in a number of hit films but her latest movie The Hustle could very well be her biggest role to date. How did she become an actress at such a young age and gradually own th… its going to drop like a lead balloon

Social media platforms 'failed to counter Notre Dame fire conspiracies'Social media platforms failed to counter Notre Dame fire conspiracies, say critics REEEEEEEE more censorship!!!!! Because they aren't conspiracies they are actually possibilities. Thats it! 😆 Keep telling people their conspiracy theorists for asking questions... hopefully that will wake up a load of new people to the media trickery that's being pulled on everyone.

Netflix trolls Bear Grylls over eating poo on interactive show You vs WildA new Netflix show gives the power to control Bear Grylls' actions.

Pink won't post kids on social media anymore after trolls left her in tearsThe singer face backlash after posting a picture of her two-year-old son without a nappy on. So what? You call this news! WORLD HAS GONE MAD ......FEAL SORRY FOR THE LADY... Sorry but you opened urself for that.. u court attention publicite then dont like what comes back.. take the good with the bad..

Ariana Grande troll throws lemon at her during Coachella 2019 performanceDon't mess with the Beyhive. Trash. I want to meet this lemon thrower and hug them Well throwing a lemon at a girl is considered showing your love in Ethiopia. We even have a song about it. Maybe one of my peeps were there!!

Khloe Kardashian claps back at troll over 'Photoshopped picture' with TrueKhloe Kardashian claps back at troll over ‘Photoshopped picture’ with True

Female boxing star Shannon Courtenay reveals vile messages of male trolls before blockbuster O2 fight‘BLOODTHIRSTY’ professional boxer Shannon Courtenay will be entering the ring this weekend – yet the athlete says she still gets abuse from ‘idiot’ male trolls. The 25… *

The misogynist trolls attacking Katie Bouman are the tip of the trashpile | Jill FilipovicTrolls latched on to Bouman’s achievement of the first black hole image with a vitriol that, in a saner world, would be shocking – but is par for the course for women 'but in this one looked a lot like the reaction to a Ghostbusters movie remake with a female cast' The all female Ghostbusters was a total trainwreck of a film. The fact that you call criticism of it 'misogynist' is simply silly. It was terrible. 'But far worse is the slow drip of sexism that keeps women from achieving their full potential for power, success and achievement every single day.' Finishes the article with this non sequiter that she fails to back up in the least during her article.

Game of Thrones star Sophie Turner says online trolls made her afraid to leave the house'I can't do this. I can't go outside'

Chrissy Teigen claps back at nasty troll who called her ‘fatty’ and ‘chubby’She had time that day.

British Game of Thrones actress Sophie Turner reveals social media trolls made her think about suicideSophie Turner has revealed social media trolls made her think about suicide "a lot" when she was younger as she admitted remarks posted online impacted her mental health. On the other hand you can just ignore it or simply not use it. I am not defending trolls at all but we have the power to ignore idiots with no lives. Relatable victim narrative x when you are young, beautiful, well off how is it possible that anyone can say anything that you can't brush off as total shit? With some of these actors/actresses etc what kind of message are these flakey nut jobs sending to youngsters with nothing?