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Twitter chief says Trump ban was right decision but sets 'dangerous precedent'

Twitter chief says Trump ban was right decision but sets 'dangerous precedent'

1/14/2021 5:33:00 AM

Twitter chief says Trump ban was right decision but sets 'dangerous precedent'

Jack Dorsey says ‘I do not celebrate having to ban Donald Trump ’ and that ‘a ban is a failure of ours, ultimately, to promote healthy conversation’

suspended the president, who was impeached for the second time on Wedneday for inciting a mob of his supporters, due to “the risk of further incitement of violence”. The decision comes as other big tech companies, including Facebook, Reddit, Pinterest, and YouTube have suspended Trump’s accounts temporarily and in some cases permanently over the attack.

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Silicon Valley has faced a reckoning over its role in spreading disinformation and serving as a platform for planning the insurrection. For years, Dorsey has resisted moderating high-profile users of the platform, arguing that the public has the right to hear from newsworthy figures.

But in 2020 it began to flag tweets from Trump for misinformation, disable the ability to retweeting except when to add commentary, and in some cases removed tweets that appeared to incite violence. Twitter had also in the months surrounding the US presidential elections tested a number of policies to limit the spread of hate speech and misinformation.

Still, it faced criticism for failing to address the growing danger posed by Trump’s account, which boiled over after the president incited a mob to storm the Capitol building on 6 January.Following the violent events, which left five dead, Trump tweeted what appeared to be an explanation or justification for the mob while continuing to push a false narrative that the election was not legitimate, saying: “These are the things and events that happen when a sacred landslide election victory is so unceremoniously and viciously stripped away.”

On Friday, Trump’s account was permanently suspended. The president frantically jumped from account to account, attempting to tweet from @POTUS and his campaign account @TeamTrump before those outlets were restricted for him as well.Twitter explained its reasoning for removing Trump in an extensive blogpost on Friday evening. It said tweets from Trump could easily be interpreted as encouragement or justification to “replicate the violent acts that took place on January 6, 2021”.

Dorsey underscored in his tweets a need for a new “open decentralized standard for social media”.“It’s important that we acknowledge this is a time of great uncertainty and struggle for so many around the world,” he said. “Our goal in this moment is to disarm as much as we can, and ensure we are all building towards a greater common understanding, and a more peaceful existence on earth.”

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Bla..Bla..Bla...Not Interested whatever lame excuses he gave now. The Whole world sees his biasness. He need to shut up. I've seen more dangerous words in politicians mouth especialy from far left. What Twitter do ? Nothing ! All Trump supporters and right wing supporters should left Twitter for themselves and left wing content only. This man makes the money beacause you there... Delete account.

Bullshit , abama was the worst president of history of the united States Wait, Rasputin is in charge of twitter!? Makes sense tbf.. why when he's done it to others. doesn't hold a press conference for those. What is so hard about this.. you signed up to Twitter and agreed to abide by their rules, if you don't you'll get banned. Would you let people into your home to do what they want and not abide by your rules? You wouldn't so why should Twitter

Looks like Jack read my tweet. Hahaha But what do you do with a man out of control who won't respect the basic rights & values we live by,but instigates mayhem chaos and terror b/c an election result didn't go his way.He was undermining the election weeks before the result,riling up his supporters,shouting fraud..

Trump ban dose not in anyway set a 'dangerous precedent' b/c Twitter like other SM is a private business.. Obstructing other such private medias from springing up by any means will be a dangerous policy. Platforms better than Twitter are in the making...and should be encouraged.. Keep it away from twitter Thanks Sane people

Jack looks like a Taliban and certainly behaves like one Pretty sure he did not blink blocking other world leader. What precedent does it set? Blocking the account of other world leaders who incite riots against their own governments? Good. Banning nobodies is fine but banning the rich and powerful is a dangerous precedent

Twitter has discredited certain people. Dangerous 'president' - there; fixed it for you. The election decided the winner. All incendiary speech after that is categorized as hate speech; not protected under the first amendment. Dangerous president. 🗣⁉️ “It’s a sad day when Big Tech has more power than Big Government.” This coming from the folks pushing unregulated internet, unrestrained corporations, and free market solutions...

Had Trump been held to the same community standards as all other users he would have lost his account long ago. Without Twitter (and their allowances in this regard) Trump never would have been president. This nation watched patiently for the latest tweet from the Donald.. Is be pissed out, is he thinking normal or was it another lie.. The press waited for the next lie to dissect. You should have done this much earlier.

No it does not. When faced with a mad man seeking to stay in power for his lifetime. History shows us that men like this when not curbed will destroy lives, countries and our freedom to think. So no he should have been removed years ago The looser the President and America people, then not only impeach him but they want to destroy his business and his family at the end we will all find out he was right all along China will show us that just ask Senator McConnell ,Joe Biden, big tech, MBA all in bed with China

Social media needs to consider its role in the death of the Editor. All those closed news rooms has nearly cost the US a functioning democracy. Bring back the Editor jack an algorithm might be more lucrative but it's not enough to protect 'rule of the people by the people.' Then it was not the right move. Censorship is never okay.

These social platforms belong to Zionist who are controlling the deep state in US. Trump served their purpose in smart way that they are not used to since WWII. Rotten environment with an anti germ comes into effect among them. They will isolate him for sure. Vice versa is true . my gosh, he aged I.e., sending those whom Twitter's multimillionaire boss does not like into the digital oblivion.

No, allowing him to spew his rhetoric on your platform for 5 years up until he actually incited a terror attack against his own country 'sets a dangerous precedent' Twitter and Facebook should start banishing all tyrants in the world. Shaming on social media hurts them. Start with AlsisiOfficial he’s a bastard.

Big Tech needs to be broken up! After Facebook, Twitter & Google actions - There is no libertarian or FREEMARKET argument for NOT sanctioning them! - Monopolies - CARTELS This can never be allowed to happen again Remove THEIR Section 230 protection. They're PUBLISHERS Translation: Leftist censors conservative without a hearing or an appeal process. Leftist Guardian celebrates this censorship. It's a test run to censor 75 million Americans who disagree with leftism.

Karma will prevail... How many rubles did facebook get paid? Banning wannabe fascists from having a mouthpiece isn't a dangerous precedent, Twitter had 4 years of Trump spouting lies and bullshit that would have seen anyone else banned a longtime ago. Free speech isn't freedom from responsibility, get over it.

We banned AOL people all the time for TOS vilolatons. Just not coordinating with other companies. My gen fought for free speech, sad you can’t wait to thwart it. Sad week for America on so many levels. Even Angela Merle is dismayed. It’s not that you removed him, you coordinated. He`s simply obeying his masters in the ADL.

It was wrong. Twitter are not arbiters able to close down the current serving President of the world’s foremost country. Disagree by all means, add warnings, but not censorship. They banned him because, and this is according to their explanation, 'some people' 'might' 'interpret' his tweets to be condoning violence. If you want to ban him, fine, but don't pretend those posts were inciting violence.

Twitter is a private company that has a community standards policy. Trump violated that, so had to go. Same as thousands of others over the years. No precedent has been set here. Tech monoliths are a “dangerous precedent”. So does Trump so there ya have it! Damn if ya do and damned if ya dont! He's thinking of the ad traffic that's gone along with Donny. A lot of revenue. The precedent is Twitter getting less money. Trumpeachment.

Is that Cat Stevens ? I had to do it, buy I m a retard But he will continue to censor anything else he considers 'misinformation' ? As is Trump. Jack looks like he is the President of Umbrella Corp or Skynet. If we have a riot leading politician, my answer to jack is... Your action can’t be right and yet set a dangerous precedent.

- jack who gave you the right to Censor the PRESIDENT of the UNITED STATES Of AMERICA? Evidently you mistakenly believe you have More power than he does. It was right ! Make sure you ban these accounts as well, unless you like when democrats call for violence . Is that okay? Lmaoo everyone still has there Twitter account if you were wondering 🤡🤡⬇️⬇️⬇️

You should resign