TV licence scam warning: Rav Wilding lists 3 tell-tale signs to spot fake email

1/14/2022 1:26:00 PM

Rav Wilding issued a warning about TV license scams #MorningLive #TVlicense #ScamAlert #scammers

Morninglive, Tvlicense

Rav Wilding issued a warning about TV license scams MorningLive TVlicense ScamAlert scammers

TV LICENCE scam emails have been on the rise but Morning Live host Rav Wilding was on hand to help viewers spot a fake email.

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"They are claiming to be from the TV licensing body, but it has nothing to do with them whatsoever," Rav began.and her personal struggles.A furious mum who confronted a Twitter user who conned her football-loving son out of £80 was shocked when he admitted he did it - because he is ‘poor’.Meet the doctor empowering women to own their reproductive health She had previously collaborated with the brand to create a range of hair products.

"And that is the scam. "It is one of these phishing email scams that we have seen many times before.. "Where lots of fake messages are being sent out to thousands and thousands of people. Fuming, Kate messaged him herself and was shocked when he admitted to stealing their money. "This one claims to be from them, claims to offer them for a refund for a TV license. The conservatorship While fighting to end her conservatorship, Britney repeatedly publicly called out her family - including Jamie Lynn, She accused her relatives of failing to support her and using the guardianship to 'live off her for the last 13 years." READ MORE:  Morning Live: Rav Wilding issued a warning about a TV license scam (Image: BBC) Morning Live: Gethin and Sam were back to host the BBC show (Image: BBC) ‘Can’t call themselves British’ Andrew Rosindell rips into 'woke' BBC He continued:"Or they're saying you're going to get fined if you don't renew your TV license. On Monday, she responded to the criticism saying she never meant them"with malice or ill intent".

"But it is a scam and I want people to be on the lookout for this. I was focused on the fact I was a 17-year-old about to have a baby. "I couldn't believe it when he replied admitting it and said he needed the money. They can lose an awful lot of money if they fall foul to this scam." Discussing what people need to look out for, Rav said the main one is the fake email doing the rounds. Jamie Lynn said that she made several attempts over the years to try and help her sibling get out of it. He proceeded to show viewers an example of what the fake email may look like. But if I do that. Morning Live: Rav told viewers what to look out for (Image: BBC) Morning Live: Rav said the scammers are targeting the elderly and vulnerable (Image: BBC) Pointing out what a genuine email would look like, the TV presenter said:"It would have a few things.' ' and just end this all for our family. MORE ABOUT.

"It would have their genuine sender's address at the top of the email. "It would also be addressed to you by name, that is not the case on this.' Jamie Lynn also revealed that Britney asked for her help in ensuring that her two sons, Sean and Jayden were taken care of in her absence. you will report me I know. "You can see at the bottom there it simply says, 'Dear customer'. That is something to look out for. The breakdown of the Spears' household In her book, Jamie Lynn writes about her estranged father Jamie and his 'struggles with alcohol." DON'T MISS..

. 'The hardest part was like, "Could I trust you? Are you drinking? Are you not?" It was something that no kid should have to question,' she commented.. . I felt like she was another momma. No family.