'TV industry treats black people as disposable'

Hollyoaks star Talia Grant says black people treated as 'disposable' on TV

7/13/2020 9:48:00 PM

Hollyoaks star Talia Grant says black people treated as 'disposable' on TV

Hollyoaks actress Talia Grant joins other cast members to discuss racism in the media and beyond.

Grant said she had"dealt with difficult situations and micro aggressions" on the soapHollyoaks actress Talia Grant has spoken about how the TV industry,"like life in general", treats black people as being"disposable".She told the soap's Don't Filter Your Feelings podcast that the media"can capitalise off of us without actually doing the real work behind the scenes".

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Grant, 18, was discussing racism alongside co-stars Trevor A Toussaint and Richard Blackwood.It comes a month afterRachel Adedeji said she witnessed racism on the soap.Grant, who plays Brooke on the Channel 4 soap, told the podcast:"It's amazing that there is a black cast, and there's all of us, and there is that diversity.

"But I can't help but feel that sometimes in the industry, and in life in general, they treat black people like we're disposable."She said she had"dealt with difficult situations and micro aggressions" on the soap.The actress added:"It's great for us to be in a high up position, but we're still going to experience it.

"The revolution will not be changed by diversity training, or racism training. It is changed by people changing their attitude and the way that the structural system works."Image copyrightImage captionRichard Blackwood and Trevor A Toussaint also took part in the discussion

Toussaint, who plays Walter, pointed out that there were no senior black staff on the Liverpool set of the soap, which is made by Lime Pictures.The actor said:"There's racism in society... TV is no exception to this. There is not one person of colour... who has a position of authority within Lime Pictures. Why is that?

"I think I've seen two black directors in all the time I've been there and definitely no black producers. Why?"Lime Pictures said Toussaint's comments did not apply to its London operation, but acknowledged it needed to do better.

"Hollyoaks celebrates inclusivity on screen and off," a statement said."Whilst we believe that is evident on screen, we recognise that we need to do more to increase and support inclusivity behind the camera, especially for black writers, directors and crew.

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"We have significantly increased the number of writers of colour working on Hollyoaks, but we need to do more to support black writers in particular."'Extremely grateful'The company said it had various initiatives in place to increase diversity, including a new writing award and internships.

Grant also said she was"extremely grateful" for the way the soap had dealt with her autism."They really made an effort, they all went on training, I felt just accepted and understood. People didn't view me as the problem," she said.

The trio also discussed racism and micro-aggressions beyond the broadcasting industry.'I'm not scared of losing my job'Recounting a recurring experience, Toussaint said:"I'm sitting on the Tube and it's a white person and they look around and there's only one seat left and it's the seat next to me and they will look directly at me and they choose to stand.

"If you say to a white person, 'That is a micro aggression', they will discount it because they haven't lived through that time and time and time again."Even at this point in my life, someone will say to me, 'You're really eloquent, aren't you?' And then there's a pause."

Toussaint also said:"I have lost jobs because I've spoken out and I'm not scared of losing my job. I have been vilified because I've spoken out about racism within companies. I've been beaten up because I've spoken out, I've been arrested because I've spoken out."

The podcast was the first in a series of special episodes in which Hollyoaks cast members will discuss racism and their personal experiences in light of the Black Lives Matter movement. Read more: BBC News (UK) »

My failures choices and mistakes in life are the government and white people fault because I’m black That's funny (racism isn't funny but you know what I mean)...when we were kids 1990s any time a black character appeared on a programme my parents would both say 'dead'. They obviously picked up on that too!

FFS! All actors are disposable! It has nothing to do with colour. It’s the nature of the beast. But trying to milk the BLM currency is really taking the piss. It needs to stop! Why BBC favors black people so much? Aren’t all people disposable Should be embarrassed to admit you star in Hollyoaks!! Everyone’s disposable, just ask Clive Tyldesley

'Hollyoaks star' isn't a real job, c'mon now, you'll be ok. 😁 How’s white peoples representation on tv getting on in Nigeria? Serious question Guarantee she is sacked in the morning Is there not a single failure an even slightly beige person like her doesn’t blame on racism 😂 this shit just need laughing at

Its despicable. The government need to act to stop racism. Every family in Britain should have to have at least one parent who is BAME and/or lgbtq+. Any family who doesn't conform should be sent to and education camp to learn some tolerance. Well there’s so many of them!! Way more than the population percentage

That’s because you’re on holkyoaks, love. Aren't all TV actors treated as 'disposable'? In the final analysis we are all disposal stop being so spoilt Don’t like being unemployed don’t work in an industry where 99% of its employees are unemployed 99% of the time. Nothing to do with race plenty to do with a lack of talent.

garywilson2013 Everyone in Media is disposable. Everyone in every job is considered disposable. That’s Capitalism. Not Racism. They often go together. But plenty of people have been chewed up and spit out by the American Machine. Bandwagon, jump on it everyone. Talentless and pc quota system gives her employment

The BAME representation in mainstream TV channels’ dramas, soaps & advertising is way in excess of UK’s demographic these days. What on earth is there to complain about here? Anyone on TV is disposable I’ sure it is not just the blacks that received this treatment. There’s me thinking you needed a pretty face, pretty ass and a date with the producer.

The shocking horror of it all. I thought all actors are disposable I wish the BBC was’ Disposable ‘ I wish the bbc was disposable. Everyone is disposable on tv . Nobody is forced to be on it . It’s the desperation to be famous that makes them vulnerable Ever watched Eastenders? Another excuse for not getting any work.

Utter utter bollocks, virtually every bloody add now has a black man or woman or family, you hardly see a white family in an tv add ! Who? Bollocks. Talia Grant is a great young actress. She has a great career in front of her. Industry built on racism, what do you expect ?! Perhaps all those in the acting profession who are really shyte are disposable?

The BBC pushing more 'grievance culture' Who is she, Hollyoaks is disposable TV...does anyone still watch it..🤣🤣😂😂 Here we go! BlackLivesMatter is racist AllLivesMatter not just blacks Says the actress 'black people' and 'white people' do not exist. Those who seek to divide based on skin colour need more accurate terms!

Or is it because she's not very good? ‘Holyoaks Star’ that’s got be an oxymoron surely? Bandwagon Dominate finance and the rest will follow No one watches Holyoaks....it’s total bollocks. ....and have you been to the real Chester? If any white person treats other shades with racism OR such sort, they (white) need to be shown how pathetic n hedious this colour was in the past or rather in present too! I think true humiliation will make whites understand it's really shame to belong to such pitiful skin.

Basically some ppl feel entitled to a free ride just because of their skin colour. Everyone is disposable, in any job. Hey, you got ratioed: 1.19 at the time of this response (315 replies, 264 likes). That's the nature of that type of work maybe she doesn't make the grade! No your disposable because you are as an actress 2nd rate the color of your skin has nothing to do with it

🙄 The tv industry treats everyone as disposable. Bollocks Another lie, another race baiting article from the BBC. Why is the state broadcaster so obsessed with dividing people with this Marxist bullshit,!? ScumMedia DefundtheBBC This news just in- like the relief of Ladysmith and the sinking of the Titanic- anyone remember Frank Bruno, Ainsley Herriot, Lenny Henry...

Get a fookin real job then Unbelievable. A girl who is not even a good actor gets a job in a popular soap but still complains. Does she not understand that actors and z-list celebrities are disposable whatever their colour? 🙇‍♂️ DefundTheBBC DefundtheBBC Do Talia's seemingly disposable White parent/grandparents, altho much more involved in her upbringing than her Black parent and grandparents (if she is typical of B/W mixed race kids) feel any sense of racial rejection at her identification solely as Black? Let's hear from them.

Who is this personand what is this bollocks being tweeted Trevor MacDonald got 20 years work and a knighthood just to read the news while Black. Lenny Henry and Gina Yashere aren't funny, but TV gave them chances. Finally finding a legit talent in Idris Elba, they literally let him make whatever show he likes, and it's shit.

How do you toilet rolls feel? They’re completely disposable The UK is a wonderful tolerant country. But the BBC continuing to peddle their constant steam of divisive anti white racist hate. At same time as they are stopping free License fees for the UK population over 75. DefundtheBBC Self destruct mode doubles down

There are disproportionately more jobs in all aspects of acting for Black and Asian actors than for white. Has been for a few years. What evidence does she have to back that claim up then? I’m assuming nothing and in that case, it’s just a wild accusation with no foundation whatsoever. Star? Wow its incessant

15 Years ago I was employed as an extra on Emmerdale. After my 3 episodes, they said I could leave as my building site Plumber character background chatter was no longer what they needed, I knew deep down it was because of my skin colour. Really? Baroness Floella Benjamin DBE, DL Sir Lenny Henry CBE Sir Steven McQueen CBE Chiwetel Ejiofor CBE Idris Elba OBE Adrian Lester OBE David Oyelowo OBE Naomie Harris OBE Ainsley Harriott MBE Nadiya Hussain MBE That's off the top of my head - don't seem to be doing too badly

Why does practically EVERY advertisement on TV at the moment contain a 50 /50 split of white /black actors in it? This doesn't even reflect real life even though most viewers in this country accept it and don't whinge continuously about it. Are we disposable? On a serious note Tesco are doing 4 Stella for £5.50

Aren't all TV people disposable? I'm white i have no guilt not my fault a race of people were weak and sold as slaves by their own race 300 years ago.time they moved on and worked out hard work gets you wealth and respect not moaning about the past. Care workers are treated as disposable Get a grip Ahhh yes, the race card. Never leave home without it.

Far to many blacks on TV nowadays, where are the Asian, Chinese etc So are lots of WHITE people, dear. Same thing really? Are you being Served. It ain't half hot Mum. Hello. Hello. Not even shown as repeats now. Wonder why, BBC ❓🙄👈 Nonsense Petty Articles like this undermine real racism.pray tell how do you make a race or gender not disposable in a profession that is disposable by its very nature? What a privilege to be in hollyoaks or any acting job,it’s a insecure profession at the best of times.

How to make a bad situation even worse. Well done Talia. No we all have to suffer... What utter bollox. I just watched a film on Netflix and all disposables were white men. More content-less race baiting from the BBC who want to make the US-specific race issues our own. Structural disadvantage feeds all forms of discrimination.

Is there a yawn emoji ?🥱 Found it! Enormous experience at 18 years of age ... What? Enough now . Defund the BBC man. Seriously, stop ramming this racial collectivist propaganda down our throats. Having made over £2M from Hollyoaks, Hello magazine etc, I wouldn't mind being 'disposable'. Trouble is, Hollyoaks always seemed to go through cast members quicker than any other soap, you only needed to miss a week and you were asking where people had gone and who were the new people. Funny how some BAME soap families/cast have good storylines, just like the white ones

instead of this rubbish report about the 5 women found dead in Doncaster over 7 weeks If you work in the media then expect to be dropped at a moments notice. t's the same in every job. It's called redundancy. Welcome to employment....for anyone, anywhere,any time before now...... Yawn. Bore off!! She/he is a fool.

What utter rubbish every actor & actress is disposable it’s part of the job, if you don’t like the life style get a job at Asda Get a proper job. Flipping burgers or something like that. To be fair, everyone on Hollyoaks is disposable, apart from Tony obviously. That disposable they are in every fking advert tv show and reading the news....wonder which colour is disposable.... Here's a clue. It's Not the Black Folk....

Perhaps that’s just you? BBC has recently become the Bull**** Broadcasting Company BBC media It is so true....in regular shows they're often portrayed negatively or (as with silent witness) you get a good new character that you like and they kill them off!!! 😱 And yet some of the biggest names in the industry are bame....

It’s getting fucking boring now. 🥱🥱🥱🥱🥱🥱🥱🥱🥱 Percentage wise BAME Actors STE over represented on tv so what’s being done to address this ? Lmao utter crap if your good your good if your crap your off . A bit like the over 60's then😎 What proof does she have? What absolute crap. More race baiting nonsense.

You are no nothing TV actress. Most people do not even now who you are Try being better at your job? What a load of crap Bollox, all the main broadcasters are falling over themselves to be diverse, (have you seen the ratio in adverts!) black actors have never been so busy. All actors are seen as disposable its the nature of the business. She could always move to an African / Caribbean country where the majority of people aren't white to pursue her career. BBC race baiting as always

Everyone is disposable in that game I wish I had a business manufacturing race cards and band wagons. WHITE LIVES MATTER bbc shitstiring ffs 🙄 nobody does less to undermine racism than some so called celebrity crying racism for sympathy and using the least trusted media in the world to do it Please stop. My knees are shot from all this kneeling.

White washed in a soap, things are getting really bad in the world of structural racism. give it a rest bbc, what a ridiculous comment....actors, of any colour or creed are 'disposable' its the nature of the business Here we go again Oh behave! In reality as employees we are all disposable no matter what colour we are.

ScumMedia will the bbc ever stop this race baiting Sorry but this is completely untrue. We have an abundance of black actors and presenters on TV. Disposable on every single show? Writers, actors, directors, producers, authors, extras I find that really hard to believe, they are too prominent, there's too much talent, too much integration for them to be dismissed that easily and I'm glad for it, talent is talent.

No less than the 6th article today giving anecdotal black perspectives on racism without any substantive evidence, nor any equivalent coverage for other ethnicities, despite UK Asian community being twice the size. A pattern repeated daily. Deep prejudice at BBC. Sheer activism. Borrrrrring And? That's the way it is in tv..

Maybe you’re just shite love.... More biodegradable. More Woke BBC racism. DefundTheBBC I feel sorry for her if she has been ditched but why does she imagine it has anything whatsoever to do with colour? Has she spoken to other actors or actresses & discussed what has happened to them over the years? If she hasn’t, that possibly explains the exclusion.

She's talking rubbish! Get off your high horse Talia most people do not discriminate and nor should they. Let's face it everybody is disposable on Hollyoaks.... They kill off characters weekly nearly 🤣🤣🤣 All actors are disposable regardless of colour. 🙄 So how come she accepts it gets paid then if she didn't like it why has she come out with this now how funny also were trying to fix equality so that means stating yourself to a colour isnt equality is it

That’s how TV works, unless you’re Ken Barlow or Tony Hutchinson. Let’s face it, actors get very boring very quickly. Here we go yet again..... Christ...The comments though.. The entertainment industry is renowned for picking up and dropping talent. It has ever been thus. I simply can’t understand anyone being connected with acting or performing not having been made aware of that by parents or others in the profession. It’s well enough known.

Where and when will this self pity whinging end? BORING It that why so many great actors are black 🤔 samual L Jackson , Morgan Freeman to name a few When is this stupidity going to stop?!!! For every person who speaks out against racism there are thousands out there who feel muzzled becuase of repercussions for their careers. This is not the time to stay silient. Evil (racism is vile and evil) prevails when the good do or say nothing.

there, there you poor victim She's in a soap opera where there is a serial killer every other mounth every actor is disposable. I think it's a bit hypocritical speaking on unfairness when you work on hollyoaks everyone in it look like a model . Yeah, show us some stats What absolute nonsense Star haha Hollyoaks is like the freak show but good comedy value.

Should an allegation not be investigated and substantiated before being broadcast? Oh for gods sake!! This is so boring now 😴 The demand for black actors is lower than white. Probaly racism is the cause, lol. All actors are ‘disposable’ to be fair 🙄 Not in adverts you’re not love... 😉😉😉 Just like LozzaFox

Yawn. Not, not news, not chuffing news. Please BBC report on something, anything other than this meaningless claptrap. bbcnews In what way, as the article doesn't explain, are black actors more disposable than actors from other races? are you surprised with all this victimhood. No chance will employers want anything to do with this now.

You are entirely entitled to your opinion Miss Grant . Many of us are entitled to completely disagree. Most of them only got the job because of their skin colour. And off we go again “ oh poor me a TV star well paid and privileged living a life style 1000s would like “ I’m so sick of this woke nonsense

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