Turn air con OFF or crack a window to reduce risk of virus spread, experts say

Turn off air conditioning to reduce coronavirus spread, experts say

7/12/2020 1:43:00 PM

Turn off air conditioning to reduce coronavirus spread, experts say

AIR conditioning units that recirculate the same air should be switched off or only used with the windows open, experts say. It is believed cooling systems that only use recirculated air could exas…

Credit: Getty - ContributorThere are two types of air conditioning units - one takes air in from outside and expels it out again, while the other recirculates the same air around the room.Those that recirculate the same air are known as “split” units, drawing air in, before passing it over cooling coils and sending it back into the room.

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Split air conditioning units that do not have a “dedicated source of outside air supply into a room could be responsible for recirculating and spreading airborne viral particles into the path of socially distanced users,” guidance from the Chartered Institution of Building Service Engineers, warns.

'CRACK A WINDOW'The Telegraph: “The recommended strategy now, if you have one of these split units, is to throw the window open and sacrifice your desire for a cold or cooler environment."If there is a modicum of wind it will move the air around. If you can’t open a window turn the unit off.”

On Thursday, theWorld Health Organisation (WHO) acknowledged “emerging evidence” of airborne transmissionof Covid-19.An WHO official said there is "emerging evidence" of Covid-19 airborne transmission in "crowded, closed, poorly ventilated" settings.

If you’re sitting underneath an air conditioning unit it might create a situation where you could spread the virus around.Dr Julian TangConsultant Virologist, Leicester Royal InfirmaryIt comes after more than 200 scientists wrote anopen letter to the agency urging officials to recognise the virus may be spread

in the air.Published in the Clinical Infectious Diseases journal, the letter's signatories called on health officials to update guidance to include measures which would mitigate the risk of airborne transmission.Dr Julian Tang, consultant virologist at Leicester Royal Infirmary and one of the lead authors of the letter to WHO, said: “If you’re sitting underneath an air conditioning unit it might create a situation where you could spread the virus around.

“Warm air will go over the coils and the air conditioning unit won’t filter any virus or fungus and it may serve to disseminate any infected plume.”He added that the virus is thought to thrive in cold conditions and the cooling may also enable it to survive.

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But contrary to popular belief, Dr Tang pointed out: “Planes have the best filtration systems available."Most read in NewsNew pic shows Amber's bruised face after 'Depp hurled phone in poo row'MASK SLIPSWearing facemasks in shops will NOT be mandatory, says Gove - only 'encouraged'

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ExclusiveFEE RAPGeneral court martialled for first time since 1815 over 'illegal school fees claim'According to the expert, planes are routinely fitted with conditioning systems that filter out viruses and bacteria.Recent studies have shown that transmission of the virus on planes is rare - one study looked at a four-and-a-half hour flight with 365 passengers, 16 of whom had Covid-19.

But during the flight, only one other person on the flight became infected with the virus.2Experts are urging people to keep the window open if using a unit that recirculates the same airCredit: iStock - GettyDr Hilary explains why there is 'evidence emerging' of airborne spread of coronavirus

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I call bs, I just looked at the WHO website I did not see anything on there about residents doing this:( Yes lets all do that and die, 2020 is shit anyways lets make it worse. That’s one way to solve the corona deaths. Kill them with heat stroke 🙄. Who comes up with these suggestions. It 110-115 here Is rather get the flu then not have my AC on when its 108

Hard pass. Not out here in Vegas and Arizona.... Lmao Yeah, not happening. It's not hot here, and I don't have air conditioning, but if I did, I'd turn it off. HECK NO I WON'T. COVID DOESN'T EVEN SPREAD. COVID IS BULLCRAP LIES THE MEDIA AND DEMOCRATS KEEPS SPREADING. Oh but heat doesn't kill viruses 🙄 “It’s a desert “

Yup, I’m going to work on that. Say what now? Lol You first. These people have never lived in the American South, obviously. It's 102 in South Carolina. Kiss my air conditioned ass. Also experts: not turning off their AC Y’all - the heat index was 113 yesterday. I will be praying for you skoontz4 if the heat kills the virus why hasnt it gone away in my hott ass city

No. Just put a piece of cloth over the vent, if it works on your face, it should work on your AC. You said 'spread' 🖕🏽🖕🏽🖕🏽🖕🏽🖕🏽 lol never its too hot for all of that Screw that 🤡 See now y’all going too fuckin far Do they know how AC works technically? I’ll wear a mask. I’ll stay home. But the AC stays on.

Ok, I just turned it off and on again now what? No No When you say this shit to someone living in Texas right now... That’s like saying turn off your heaters in Alaska! Yeah no not in this Texas heat. You can kiss off. I did that because my AC in my car died. I didn't have AC in my car for a week. Texas humidity is hell.

Do your part akajono . AC off please !! 😂😂😂😂 Flatten the curve sir Texas votes No. haveyoubeentotexasinjuly 🤣 You must be out cho damn mind! Two words: East Tennessee! Of course this article is by THE SUN people do know the Sun is a supermarket tabloid, right? I would love to see how long you would keep the AC off.

Translation, stay in your cages and don't use A/C. fail No. Heat stroke is a known cure for coronavirus. Why not just wear the mask around the house or attend heavily populated, non-covered, non-gloved, violent race protests- both 100% effective at stopping the virus per 'media experts' too. That would literally kill more people than the coronavirus.

No I'm not turning off my a/c 'Experts say' 🤔 These experts hate the ELDERLY, BABIES, AND PETS, don't they? Alabama - 95 degrees average, 71% humidity. Feels like a wet 109 degrees in the sweltering summer... I'll pass thanks though.... Yeah, I mean, there's more than one way to die summer heatexhaustion heatstroke

Globalists. No hell no GFY Great. Now I have to make a mask for my AC. Where am I gonna find a bra that big? Fuck the experts. I think the experts you used are real dumbasses. FOH with that stupid bullshit Uh no.. Nah fam Just buy the good filters. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 'Experts' say a lot of stupid shit.

Sure. Come say that in Texas. I double dog dare ya! It's 112 out there - turn off the A/C ? From a paper called 'The Sun' ? I sense a conspiracy ! No Y’all lost your dam mind,its 108 where I’m at Oh look... a bunch of liberals telling us what to do. Sorry libs, FREEDOM doesn’t work that way! The 'experts' can kiss my pasty-white, but comfortably air-conditioned, butt.

We have to get people to a state where they are miserable enough to be controlled by ....spins disaster wheel.... turning off AC to fight COVID-19! The left does this EVERY SUMMER for various reasons but mainly “the environment” excuse. Then they deflect when idiots like Mike Bloomberg had his acolytes run an AC unit in his car so he always got into a cool car in hot weather. Pound sand SJW hacktavists!

Yeah, no...... No GFY! Turn off A/C you say?... I'd rather catch Covid-19. Dear alleged 'experts' Ok 👇 Eat me 🖕 You first. Your 'experts' have clearly never lived outside England. Their ignorance of just how often heat kills humans is plain... These 'experts' have apparently never learned that in the summer it's too f*cking hot to turn off the air conditioning, unless you want to die of heat stroke. CancelTheExperts

You would enjoy Texas Prisons. No You and the 'experts' first. Lead by example. Come on down to the SE US and say that. If you don’t melt on the way. Absolutely not here in Vegas in the middle of Summer!!..🥵🥵🥵 Experts can swelter. I'm keeping the AC on. I will have to take my chances. No Turn off your a/c and go stand in line outside in 100 degree weather at Homedepot with everyone else weathering your mask. They're trying to kill us.

Ugh just shut up already RantsOutloud What’s the temp at the Sun office right now? RantsOutloud Go ahead, you let us know how that works out for you. In the summer? Anywhere south of the 45th parallel? Yeah. Good luck with that. No 'Experts' being a bunch of media types sharing a blunt and giggling about the shit they can make people do.

No Next target... water. They'll just cook us all and eat us. 🤦‍♀️🤢😜 Experts also said, 'Eat a dick', but I ain't doin that either. I think the best bet is to just go live in mud huts. There are no experts on something we discovered 6 months ago How about ... no. Air conditioning plays no role in the spread of infection, but the lack of it kills many thousands.

Only someone in a country where air conditioning is a novelty would even think of this. NO. Wear a mask if you are paranoid and have drank the media kool-aide. I won't wear one, and I won't do without AC. So, by this logic, lockdowns (where everyone is inside in the A/C; out of necessity) will NEVER work.

Heat index is 104F today. Stupid. AC is for your car or house. If you are worried about spreading it there it’s too damn late. Idiots. A/C joins Bars Beaches Chemtrails 5G Bat soup Schools Swimming pools as... Mao Corona 🎶 super spreaders Next up: freeze out the corona virus govtdude Put on a device to complicate breathing and turn up the heat. Check! ✔️ Feel safer already.

So if Hepa Filters don’t work then neither will a mask.. covidiots Or stop protesting in groups with lite masks and no social distancing. Experts could use a good punch in the face lately. There will be some idiots to try it lmfao It's over 100 degrees here. Experts can say all they want. It's not happening.

Experts, who wear a mask only when the camera is on, inside a air conditioning building, say turn yours off and wear a mask in your home. close your windows the virus is airborne. Stay 6 feet away from your family but you’ll die eventually cuz of COVID. The experts can feel free to gargle my balls. :)

'Experts' can kiss my ass. Its 100 degrees outside So the AC filter isn't good enough to prevent transmission, but a thin cloth is? This just in. People rally across the world in 100 degree heat to tell the experts to fuck the fuck off!! More news after this quick from our sponsor, Carrier Air Conditioners sales and service.

🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂 'The Experts' want old people to die. I'd rather get it and die comfortably in my a/c. Kiss my whole... Why are you trying to get people killed by heat? Didn't Cuomo say the malls couldn't open without proper ventilation systems first AC was sexist, now it's spreading viruses... damn you AC, we'd probably have world peace without you!

It was 116 in Phoenix yesterday. My AC is set at 76. I'm not turning my AC off or even up a few degrees. No way. If allergy filters don't work, then what are masks going to do? No A UK paper says we should not use AC. How many homes in the UK have AC? Since your entire nation is North of our state of Maine, perhaps you could go talk to Canada. We will continue to use our air conditioning.

This would kill more old people than COVID would . So then in the winter we need to turn off our forced-air furnaces to stop the spread? Let me guess, when it is below zero next winter, you will tell us to turn off our heat to reduce covid spread too. It was 104 here yesterday a is predicted for same for the next week. So yeah, blow me!

'AC go brrrrrr!!' It was 110 yesterday in Texas, blow me... Lol. No The last 3 days where I live have seen a 110° F heat index. Turning off the air conditioning would literally kill the elderly and infants. I want to see these experts electric bill first. justjr_ohgood Yeah I'll pass... 🤣 I’ll take my chances with AC.

Those experts can go duck themselves. And by “duck themselves” I mean shove an entire duck up their asses There is so much wrong with this article I don't even know where to start. It's obvious they did not consult any HVAC professionals and just wrote what some guy thinks. Do not run your A/C with the windows open, especially in Florida.

Fake news Obviously not HVAC experts... Fight Covid and climate change all at once! Hard pass. I’m done listening to these so called experts. Pure political BS. If there's no corona virus in the house, there can be no danger of spreading it. Drawing air in from outside can introduce it. If it's already inside the house, you can't protect yourself from it. Turning off A/C doesn't change anything.

Fake news Tell us who is paying these new experts. They're no better than the last ones. Take off your masks and go outside. Sunshine and fresh air reduce the spread. No ... avoiding the use of air conditioning does nothing to reduce the spread of the virus. Have you ever noticed how cold hospitals are kept?

HEPA filters can stop 99.999% of covid viruses.. why WHO don’t want to reduce this virus? In our homes and offices? Please tell me again how we're not using coronavirus as a weapon to mandate behavior again? Yea, that's gonna be a no from me. No. More lunacy not based in any scientific fact from the Sun. How's that trial with Depp going?

More likely to catch Covid from reading the sun Coronavirus immunity ‘may only last a few months and it could be caught again’ Read more: No. Things we know stop the spread of Covid: Not wearing a mask Wearing a mask Staying at home Being outside Staying 6 feet from other people no, staying 27 feet from other people Standing in dry sand Protesting (for the right thing that is) Turning off the AC What else?

Nobody in my house has the Corona. Turning off my AC will make people sick, you sick fvcks. 🖕🏻 I think we should ask the energy companies how they think we should reduce coronavirus spread Lol! The Sun wants u to turn off the air conditioning. Sun stroke. 'Turn off air conditioning to reduce coronavirus spread, experts say' *laughs in Texas heat. 😅

Aircon spreads germs its deadly. Don't use it. The Sun literally just said turn off the AC. Air conditioning......in the UK 😂😂😂😂 How about no: It was 116° today. I don't think so! Death by heat stroke is a surefire cure for covid-19 Houston in the Summer sees my highest energy bill. If someone turns it past 66 degrees they are

So covid is now the excuse to incrementally install the climate change agenda. One bs event fuels another? More people are going to die of heat stroke than they would of coronavirus if we all turned off our ACs right now 😂😂😂 It is just after midnight and it is 98°, piss off with your 'turn off air-conditioning'

No F*ck off, it is burning hot. Bawhahaha really? Bawhahaha No, I'm good sitting in my air conditioned room, thank you. Pssssht you first!! 'Experts' say. No There’s them “experts” again. They want people uncomfortable! Hot people are angry people. The whole premise is goofy, but even if it wasn't their target audience is people in the UK. In the US south you'd have more corpses from heat stroke than coronavirus.

😂🤣😂🤣 Get Bent It was 108° here today, forecast for 110° tomorrow. I'll take my chances with the virus. Thanks so much. Start by doing it in your building... I live in Texas and have asthma. GFY. The UV-C light sterilization and MERV 16 filters I use in our air conditioning units serve us very well. Thanks for your brilliant insight, 'experts' Also, absolute lulz at 'crack a window open' during summer in Texas. Boneheads.

' Unless, you are supporting BLM. ' Or we could leave it on and at least be friggin comfortable when we die. What about that option? It was 113 degrees in Las Vegas. At night it will drop into the upper 90's. 🖕🏼 Nope. ... I'm going to go ahead and say those people's expertise should be questioned. If not just their basically capacity for commonsense.

Lol 'Experts' The Sun telling the people to turn off their ac’s in the height of Summer No, seriously, what do they suggest? Everyone is an expert. 😂😂😂 I say become a mole and live underground. Just stay 6 feet from it and don't cough into it, problem solved Go screw yourselves everyone at !!!! Experts say pee on your own face for safety reasons.

Oh. Hell. No. Sincerely, Texas. 😘 Nope ! Its 106 today in Northern Ca. No. It’s 105 here today... 🖕🏼 And the experts can suck a fart out of my ass to reduce greenhouse emissions It's 106. 108 tomorrow. You OK with people dying of heatstroke Maybe for businesses, but that’s only better in that it encourages fewer people to move inside to avoid the heat. This recirculating the virus thing sounds a little sketchy.

Bwahahahaha... Come to Texas. 110 degrees on my porch this afternoon. Remember when the 'experts' said the heat and humidity would decrease the spread of COVID 19 Nothing but more bullshit..... Hahahahahaha!!! No. It's over 100 degrees F here. Not if you live in NOLA. Nope Lock “experts” in a hot car with windows up in the Tucson sun for an afternoon, people say

Was this written by that model bloke you guys listened to? Also, London weather is 20 degrees cooler than most of the U.S. in mid July. Ya'll can turn your a/c off pretty much year round. It is 40 C (104 for those that use freedom degrees) here... i will take my chances of covid “Hard pass.” - Texans in July

LaunchHashtags I live in southern Louisiana...so fuck this. Rather die of COVID than heatstroke If I understand my Celsius correctly, it'll be late September before the temperature here drops below the high 30s, and the humidity drops below 90%. So ... eat me. It’s 50 degrees hotter in Texas than London right now. Bugger off.

No. I noticed this isn’t a Texas paper. You never see a northern paper talk about turning off the heat in the middle of winter . Maybe dial it down but never off It’s 109°in Texas. How about NO? so nobody in the replies actually read the article, huh? Lmfaooo MSM will say anything The 'experts' have been wrong every step of the way. Thermostat is set at 66° and staying put until the Wuhan Virus fear porn is over on November 5th, 2020.

🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Yeah, no. 👀👀👀 ANTMaryEllen 👀👀👀 BULLSHIT don't wear a mask! wear a mask when you go out or we'll give you a ticket! don't go out or we'll give you a ticket! don't go in the sun - because the sun kills viruses! fuckin' fake news lying bullshit young_pierre24 LOL It’s 107 today where I live. I’ll die of heat before I even get the coronavirus...

I’m good. Thanks. We keep our bubble small and our house at 72. Hot Lives Matter Ohhhhh hell no!!! No. My apartment is in the 80s. So how about no? Or, follow me here, just ignore all of the stupid, panicking idiots who want to control you and make you miserable. Gfy lol Come over to the Midwest, give it a try, and let me know how that goes.

The heat in Texas will literally KILL YOU. It hit 116 in Arizona! You turn off your ac britta_zeltmann your advice is not going over well in this thread. When the Sun tells me to turn my A.C. off. This is the perfect tweet. wHeN It gEtS HoT iT wIlL Go aWay LiKe MaGiC! Imma set it to 67 now. Thanks. Uh.....no.

you first Same experts that cheered on mass gatherings over an aimless protests and insurrection last month? No 'Experts say' Wait. No AC? Humid face masks and latex gloves People in the UK aren't real people. Does becoming a trnsexual lower cost reduction of being a nutcase? Because who gives a fuck? Did Coronavirus write this?

😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂I DARE THEM!!! I DOUBLE DOG DARE THEM 😂😂😂😂😂 Your so called experts are idiot's! Might work in Scotland...in the Southern US, not so much... “Experts” Fvck them and Fvck you for spreading their absolute buIIsh!t! I was told by an ”HVAC professional” that HVAC is not a significant factor. experts

Oh yeah the power companies will love this. Here come the special A/C filters for sale. 🙄 More and more, the advice of experts becomes less and less useful. I'm good from the national weather service: Article from the UK where they need AC about 20 days a year. NO. 🖕🏽 dear sun, STFU. Not a chance! Not a chance in hell.

Eat 💩 And remember to keep your mask on while your overheating... BWAAAAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAAHAAAAAA Fat fucking chance of that happening. No one in their right mind would turn off their a/c. ‘Experts say’. ‘Self-proclaimed experts’ you mean, operating with an incomplete data set and injecting their own biases into their conclusions. Tell ‘em to f*** off.

Hmm, no. *Laughs hysterically in Florida Lol, get bent. I'd rather get the rona NOTHANX Y’all need to move to New Orleans, bitches. GFY You first. But first, come live in Houston. Ummm no. When you pry my icy cold, dead fingers from the thermostat. No NO!!! It’s 100 damn degrees in Texas, I would die of heat stroke

Turn off the news to stop coronavirus spread Experts? What a freaking farce. You may not die of the Coronavirus but you will of a heatstroke YOU can turn it off, I like to breathe air and not soup! They want you in a smart home that will shut it off at their command and lock you inside. Technocrats are so loving.

No Just stop already No offense mate it’s fucking 97°in Buffalo during the day right now I have to work at home and I’m sweating my haw maws off So kindly fuck right off I'll have 'Bad Hot Takes' for 400, Alex. Sure, let's do raindances next. Stop mating to prevent idiot spread. You first 107 degrees today. Fuck you.

Make me. Ummm no FO I’ve been adding air conditioning. I’m getting older. I need it cool. LOL 😂😂😂😂 Make the experts go first FO 🖕 No freaking way. Not during summer in Texas. Great 👍 Idea 😰😰😰😰 Never! Put a plastic bag over your head and tie it off to help reduce coronavirus spread, experts say. Hilarious that The Sun ☀️ literally wrote this.

No. Lol imvzlan - 🤔 Why do they keep letting the Sun wrote articles.. The answer to schools. Turn off AC, wear a mask, open schools. It’s 8:40 pm and the temp here is 87, Heat Index is 93. Turn off the AC? Hell no. Pronounced phonetically as 'kiss my entire ass.' That's a hard NO in the middle of July in the South.

Oh, we have new take on the annual 'we use too much air conditioning' article this year. How lovely. Lmao. right because heat kills the virus...NOT! I'll just hop into the turkey roaster and slide myself into the oven... to save time. murder more people with fear porn why don't ya? Quitting your subscription to The Sun to reduce coronavirus spread, experts say

Sure thing! Says no one! This is dumb, and unscientific. 🖕🏼to the experts Look, if it's truly 'airborne' you can escape it unless you live in an airtight room and never open doors or windows. Your car isnt airtight either. You need a submarine Are you out of your fucking minds? 91 degrees with 120% humidity 🖕

f no First you wanted to turn off AC for global warming, now it's for wu flu. You first. Ummmm NO! Stop breathing to prevent corona virus spread. Derrrrrrrr!!!!!!!! It’s 102,000 degrees in southern US. I’ll take my ac. Besides. AC filters are just like masks. We will be safe, right Sure, turn off the AC and cause even more seniors to die

Great idea. Die of heatstroke and mark COVID down as the cause I’d rather die than live without my ac Sophsss_91 Mandy 😂😂 Sure so people can live in a 110F house and die with breathing problems and get marked a covid death It's 103. Bite me. 🤣🤣 Turning off the media is a much better way to stop the virus

Ayfkm? Heat index was 100 today. Not happening. “The Sun” says turn off your AC? Oh. Hell. No!! Nope GOLF. FOXTROT. YANKEE. I'll wait for the data to change, it's hot as f^&k - not letting this feel worse. PS - the China data showed proximity evidence, not the AC being the culprit. MORONS MANIPULATE DATA

I hope they throw you all in jail for spreading this egregious and dangerous disinformation. Shameless.. GO SUCK AN EGG! Mayday... DO NOT LISTEN TO THIS DEADLY ADVICE. So we all die of Heat Exhaustion 😂😂😂😂😂 no way 😂 is the city worried about brownouts or what supposed to be record breaking heat this week, lmao are they hoping people fall for this or something?!?

😂😂😂😂 I’m good Coordinated effort to make you as miserable as possible. Nope. Not when it's 105 outside Bwahahahahahaha I’d rather get the Rona. This is exactly what the Sun would say. Turning off the A/C in some areas will kill more people than coronavirus has. hahahaha fuck off You first Or just quit breathing

Maybe you should have suggested this to AZ a little sooner! Nope. No way. LOL After Nov 4th everyone can turn their AC back on. Try that shit in the Lowcountry of SC. I give you four minutes. It's in the high 90's here in Colorado. We're not sipping tea in England right now. Experts don’t know their elbow from their asshole

Experts have been quite talkative lately Heat stroke or covid. Your choice I guess “Experts” has become synonym with “Used Car Salesmen”. It 88 in nyc no I’m going with no here. How about no? You can kiss my sweaty ass!!! Please come to Florida or any location with daily temps in the upper 90s and 80% humidity and write this article.

Nawwww. It is hard to spread COVID__19 when you're dead from heat stroke. Tryna take AC from us now huh Nope. Laughs in Florida... commonsense258 Thousands of elderly in France couldn't be reached for comment. Literally. Because they died. LOL. Says the Sun. No How dare you No. Genius idea 🙄 Signed, the South

Uh...it’s over 100 degrees in Texas. Hard pass. Nah I’ll take my chances You first I'll turn it off after Nov. 3rd since the virus will be gone the next day. Until then that's a big 104 degree nope! Hell no. More people will die from this than from the virus. In Georgia in July? Are you high? From my cold dead hands

All that AC spread when 30k died in March and April in NY, amirite? 🤡🤡🤡 Lol. Not happening: it’s staying at 65 Sorry, it's 117 here... Come to Texas and say that shit And watch your pets die.. Good try Sun. Hard pass. Nope Experts can suck it. No It's 110 degrees here. NO. How bout no Y’all ain’t from Texas and it shows

no I don't think I will Fuck no Lol. GFY. I'll get back to you in September. Thanks. Umm, its 99 and feels like 110. You can go, well, you know what you can go do. My electronic air filter in my a/c KILLS the virus. GMAFB Nope. Not going to happen. Too goddamn hot out. I'm at 80 pretty always in summer regardless.what is the recommended temperature?

😘🍑 I also love how is posting this. gfy I live by myself and my AC isn’t linked to anyone else’s. So you and the WHO can both fuck right off. They are idiots. AC removes moisture from the air and the virus travel by water particles. Even if you turn off the AC, all it does is keep the virus were it's at.

So now air conditioning causes the Rona? Please go away. Ummm, is this a Catch-22 or is it just me? Pretty sure these 'experts' suggested this from the comfort of their own air conditioned homes. Ya not happening. 🤡🤡 turn phones tvs off get rid of fake news hey presto no virus Ok, so let's all just stay inside our homes, with facemasks on an suffocate to death. That make sense!!

Avoid getting the virus, kill yourself Don’t work in an office that has air con. Don’t visit a pub restaurant or shop that has aircon. Don’t use any public transport with aircon. Stay safe stay at home and open all the windows

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