Trump: VP will head coronavirus response

Trump names VP Pence man in charge of coronavirus response


Trump names VP Pence man in charge of coronavirus response

The US president says that his administration is 'very, very ready' to tackle the coronavirus in the US.

Media playback is unsupported on your device Media caption Trump puts Pence in charge of coronavirus response US President Trump has appointed his Vice-President Mike Pence to coordinate the government response to the coronavirus outbreak. Both men told a White House news conference that the risk to the American people remained very low. The announcement came as new cases of Covid-19, the infection caused by the Wuhan coronavirus, continue to spread at a rapid pace around the world. Sixty cases have so far been reported in the US. Minutes after the White House news conference, the authorities confirmed another US case of Covid-19. Addressing the press, Mr Trump expressed confidence that the US would be able to handle coronavirus. "We're very, very ready for this," Mr Trump said. Researchers were"rapidly developing" a vaccine, he said. Image copyright Image caption Some US pharmacies are already experiencing mask shortages However, Anthony Fauci, Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, said he did not expect a vaccine to be ready for a year to a year-and-a-half at the earliest. The news conference came as Mr Trump was criticised for earlier suggesting in a tweet that the media had fanned unnecessary alarm over coronavirus"to make the Caronavirus [sic] look as bad as possible". "USA in great shape!" he tweeted. However, he admitted at his news conference that the US should prepare in case the virus spread."Every aspect of our society should be prepared," he said. He contradicted public health officials who earlier warned that spread of the virus to the US was a matter of when, not if."I don't think it is inevitable," Mr Trump told reporters. He credited decisions to limit certain flights into the US with containing the number of infections. Alex Azar, the US health secretary, said the White House had developed a plan to focus on five priorities, including better disease surveillance, local government response coordination, developing therapeutics, and increasing manufacturing of personal health protection equipment, like masks. More US cases are to be expected, Mr Azar said. Related Topics Read more: BBC News (UK)

In 2015 in response to an HIV outbreak Pence chose to 'pray on it'. Source: Come on, who started this virus? And why? conspiracy CoronavirusOutbreak A man who has said he doesn't believe smoking kills people. Should read “Trump appoints his right hand man as scape goat for if and when it all goes pear shaped as the US prepares for the inevitable”.

Presumably, he's never seen the inside of a hospital. Complete ignorance being the only acceptable qualification. .....🇺🇸💯 T🇬🇧R🇬🇧U🇬🇧M🇬🇧P 2020 💯 🇺🇸 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 Get ready for It!🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 Pence believes the virus is a gift from God to cleanse the weak Couldn’t happen to a more deserving country

Trying to out idiot the UK government who have hopeless Hancock at the helm. That should do the trick. Let me guess - the answer is prayer.

Tell us: Are you affected by rising flood waters on the River Severn?If you live along the River Severn and your home or business has been affected by rising river levels, we’d like to hear from you No. Shouldn’t the Guardian be asking about racism during the floods? Well, the waters are rising around my...

He's going to build a micro-wall. If he was in charge of flood response, he would probably build an ark. Running out of people to carry the many, many cans. doctor death Prayer ain't gonna stop it. Keeping the Trumps as far away from it as possible! Doesn't believe in evolution and doesn't think smoking causes cancer. Good choice

Is ivanka busy? The US and Israel formed ISIS, ISIL and al-Qaeda armed groups against Muslims. Today the Lord is creating a CORONAVIRUS disease against the world. This group, created to depict Muslims as terrorists, is extinct. Today the world terrorist is CORONAVIRUS! Leeches for everyone then 🙄

US officials finally admit Coronavirus will be pandemic with schools and businesses forced to closeThe US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has outlined on Tuesday what schools and businesses would need to do if the coronavirus reaches pandemic levels, which officials say is likely. Who's going to be brave enough to ensure DT deals with the Coronovirus reality rather than his whitewashed version of it? Apparently no one occupies the office that deals with pandemics. Many have wondered when the incompetence chickens would come home to roost. Is it now? Scary Another people power supporter is guned down by LDUS AND police in Nansana near Kenjoy supermarket at last

They'll start with denial it exists Just tell him the virus is gay and it will eradicated in days A ver si resulta que USA encuentra - para variar - la solución ... Pence will treat it as the Lord Jesus working one of his miracles to hasten the End Times and will welcome the Rapture towards Glory Ever After. The broad-shouldered loony that he is.

Great. Wait for some Biblical Sodom and Gomorrah lunacy then. Lol you are doomed We are Being lie too Infected cases to death rate work out it’s more like 15 to 20% This is a population killer Man made bio weapon Two different viruses made in one Wake up world That's not good news! Mo it's definitely, 'deculturalization'.

'Pick not thy nostrils': Medieval book of British manners shows us how to liveBritish Library digitises 500-year-old etiquette guide which contains some very good advice for modern Britons. In light of coronavirus that's very sound advice!

I think 'disenfranchised' applies. Now is it, 'disenculturalisation' ? Or is that the British English? So nobody in charge at all then 😂 The clueless anti-science Veep is leading this? Nah, he will just take the fall. I had to edit it, to fit it in. You can guess where this line went: It is inconceivable that he is the Leader of the Free World.

What happens to a dying societal system? One that has outdone itself? Learn your history! Either see the light or have it extinguished by the oppressed. That's the way of the world. I suggest your country folk turn it round for everyone's sake. And pull-together WITH THE WORLD. If you muffle the dynamos for change, you will kill off the whole planet. They are the natural checks and balances. You won't beat nature without sacrificing what makes us human! Yes, you can have, so-called technological and educational progress but at what cost to our spirit

We are ALL different. We ALL have different motivators, likes and dislikes. Embrace genuine difference. Learn from it and change. Empower the different voices for positive change, don't stifle them underneath a monotone WE ARE ALL THE SAME. WE ARE NOT! In the west, it is our duty to free our leaders from this aggressive, political, posturing that hinders progress for all and take a stand. Find your soapboxes, find your courage. Find your inner strength.

We are ALL save now😂

On behalf of all ‘future historians’, leave us out of your Brexit rants | Charlotte Lydia RileyWe’re constantly being invoked to shore up people’s opinions on Brexit. Here’s what we really think about it (at the moment), says Charlotte Lydia Riley of the University of Southampton Imo Future Historian will place Brexit at the same level with suez crisis Ironic, isn't this just another Brexit rant published on a volatile media with low levels of trust

Send Pence $100 and his god will send an angel to protect you from the virus. For an extra £50, Pence will send a holy handkerchief he has prayed over that looks remarkably like a face mask to save you from the virus too! We should be standing in the shoulders of giants, up in the light, marvelling at the beauty of the world. We should be listening to our consciences, making wise decisions that reflect contemporary concerns, empowering the poor, standing up for existing rights and making new ones!

With numerous critical decisions to be made on urgent challenges that face the human race, what the hell are we doing down in the dark? And what the hell are we doing, down in the dark with him, a smug, self-satisfied, self-interested, ignorant, extreme capitalist as the leader Trump is the ultimate troll.

Well that got a roaring cheer. Pretty much like when he put Jared in charge of the wall. 😆🤣 As a world striving together, we are desperately hot, heaving, sweating, sweltering, and pounding at the coalface. We are working round-the-clock, in a diminishing timeframe with what looks like a pick axe of a President as Leader of the Free world.

he will bore it into eradication Instead, he just acts on his gut instinct. Well his 'gut' might get him somewhere further from the street in business but it is highly inadequate on the international stage. He is a disaster for the US and the world. This man doesn't follow any of the essential cultural norms of the majority of vital societies such as: listening to differing points of view, evaluating their merits, formulating an opinion based on fact and acting as in informed, reasoning and thinking individual.

Multi-culturalism is not about wiping out cultures, that is de-culturalisation. Multi-culturalismis about acceptance and embrace of cultural difference. That means you have to LISTEN.

Carol Vorderman in cheeky Frank Skinner mention: 'Sure he pointed his telescope at us’CAROL VORDERMAN - the former Countdown host - has recalled her 'telescope' encounter with Frank Skinner.

Mike is combing through the Bible right now, frantically looking for verses on the coronavirus. Just tell him if Trump gets it he’ll die, that’ll fix it A non-believer in science responsible for an HIV outbreak? What could go wrong? I don't think it is 'The medai fanning the alarm.' He comes across as extremely arrogant and unpresidential. It is difficult to take anything he says seriously. It seems to be 'The American way' or 'no way.'

We’re doomed. A man who believes in prayer and not science. Probably thinks this is god’s will. Oh and this....aged well. Always the germaphobe. Wasn't Doogie Houser available? Is he going to pray away the virus? Oh FFS, we’re doomed. He will probably see this as punishment from god and the beginning of the end times.

'Anti-Greta' teen activist to speak at biggest US conservatives conferenceNaomi Seibt, who tells YouTube followers that Thunberg and other climate activists are whipping up hysteria, to speak at CPAC Young Palin? Oh, they have a barbie

Whew. I feel so much better now. Ah Not. We are fucked! It may be a good thing. Trump, even Trump, has to realize he knows nothing and has no idea how to proceed. He needs a loyalist who can speak in full sentences to manage a complex public policy task of critical importance to his reelection, and public health of course also.

Well we are fucked! This will be fun to watch. Paper work guy. Cause he clearly can't do jack. Lol

That look on Pence's face? That how US citizens are feeling about it too. “Mr Pence, the virus has evolved.” “FAKE NEWS! Evolution doesn’t exist! Carry on as before!” High-level, pandemic-strength thoughts and prayers are what's needed here and Pence is the man for that. Oh great!!! That ought to work! Can't have Coronavirus if you don't test people

lets hope the virus doesn't evolve... 😬😳😬🥴😷 His plan will consist of prayer and chicken soup. In worst cases, exorcism. Great. Now we’re all gonna die.

Mike Pence in America, Matt Hancock in the UK... we’re all gonna die... Coronavirus cannot penetrate orange Mike Pence hasn’t been heard from in over two years..... for good reason. Most Americans don’t even know he is Vice President. There are very few people as incompetent and morally bankrupt as this man. Another fantastic Trump decision.

And the USA is screwed!!! One Pence or Two but still amounts to NADDA in value...maybe... The man who literally doesn’t believe in science. Great. Surely this is one for Jared Thank you And Ted Bundy in charge of college safety. Yeah but. Nobody believes them.

🤦‍♀️ 🤣😂🤣😂🙏🙏🙏🙏

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