Minneapolis, Americas

Minneapolis, Americas

Trump threatens to shoot Minneapolis looters and calls protesters 'thugs'

'I can't stand back and watch this happen to a great American City'

5/29/2020 9:18:00 AM

Trump threatens to shoot Minneapolis looters and calls protesters 'thugs'

'I can't stand back and watch this happen to a great American City'

Getty ImagesProtesters clash with the police as they demonstrate against the death of George FloydAFP via Getty ImagesMoments after pictures emerged of the 3rd Precinct station burning, the Guard tweeted that it had deployed 500 troops across the city and that its"key objective" was to allow firefighters to do their work safely.

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Mr Floyd's death has deeply shaken Minneapolis and sparked protests in cities across the US.And while fires were set in several locations across the city on Thursday night, elsewhere in Minneapolis thousands of peaceful demonstrators marched through the streets in a call for justice.

Erika Atson, 20, was among thousands who gathered peacefully outside government offices in downtown Minneapolis. Many protesters wore masks because of the coronavirus pandemic, but there were few attempts at social distancing.Atson, who is black, described seeing her 14- and 11-year-old brothers tackled by Minneapolis police years ago because officers mistakenly presumed the boys had guns. She said she had been at"every single protest" since Mr Floyd's death and worried about raising children who could be vulnerable in police encounters.

"We don't want to be here fighting against anyone," she told the Associated Press."We don't want anyone to be hurt. We don't want to cause any damages. We just want the police officer to be held accountable." Read more: The Independent »

Bout time. Where’s he been? They need to crack down now and restore order. Or 👇 as he should skittle100415 Who was this man, who smashed the 1st window during the protest. He was confronted by others in the protest. But quickly left the area. Who is he? And why did he smashed a shop window and leave? Should have carried a tiki torch, he considers them 'fine people' - whatever sh*t is going on here in the UK, I look across the pond and know we are still better off (for now).

Good All white people have a script and this is what they will say: 'George Floyd was bad BUT there its no excuse to protest like this' Remember the whites will eventually back up and support the whites, they have no loyalty but to their colour. If the president of your country is against you, your colour, your survival then I think it is time to pick up arms and enforce 'eye for an eye' in America. The white people of America are racist and there is only on answer.

Looters are thugs. Well done realDonaldTrump there no need for the rioting and theft Bit like a lot of his supporters really ! Are you surprised? When Trump sees a fire, he throws gasoline on it! America has lost control It’s uncanny how white people unmasked with guns, protesting in legislatures and tacky khaki & white oxfords protesting with tiki torches chanting: “Jews Will Not Replace Us” are called “concerned citizens” and “very fine people” by POTUS realDonaldTrump. RacistPeaBrainPotus

THUGS? IT TAKES ONE TO KNOW ONE! I honestly think Trump is deranged, clinically ill. The police planted rioters to take away from the protesters point, oldest trick in the book.. The title picks the worst interpretation of his comments and not the most important! 'These THUGS are dishonouring the memory of George Floyd,…' - and he is right. realDonaldTrump

Does this include the people he encouraged to violate and protest stay at home orders? Or just the people protesting against police brutality? Hope the African Americans get armed and fight back against Trumps fascist regime. More fake news. Putting words in the POTUS mouth. Problem is some actually believe this propaganda.

perhaps the police force should not murder defenceless black men, because the are racist.However peaceful protests are far better than agressive ones. The Independent defends rioters and calls thugs ‘protesters’ Forgive me but....'when the looting starts, the shooting starts,” Mr Trump warned' Isn't that just acknowledging that this protest might turn violent which it did? Minneapolisprotests

Leftists/Antifa hijacked the peaceful black protest. The usual. Protesters are looting stores owned by black people again... ironic... They are thugs. How can anyone even attempt to justify the looting? Trump threatens to Send The Military to shoot looters. That's your headline. It's absolute tyranny for the military to be deployed inside the US against citizens.

Stop pretending to be stupid, u know he means those looters and arsonist are Thugs. What do u call them? Heroes? Also, read the tweet properly, when the looting starts shooting starts. Some small business owners are arming themselves to protect their business. They will fight. 🙄 Hey when Obama said this?

25thAmendmentNow Imagine calling people burning down buildings 'thugs'! How dare he! Well said Donald Trump, it’s time to send in the National Guard with Uk moving to ever more like America and the growing resentments between left right , bame comunities the them and us between rich and poor much like we saw our future is Spain and Italy we can see our future in the Usa

Looters lootersarenotprotesters Based if true. He’s absolutely right Someone please shoot him ASAP Please stop lying. Seems like an accurate representation. Looters are only out for themselves,they don’t care about justice or making a point or trying to make change,only self gain.Nothing more than common criminals,scum and worthy of whatever comes their way, baton,bullet,burial.

Protesters are not thugs, the rioters are the thugs and are not protesting just using any excuse to act like pondlife. He is right about shooting them though. The killing of George Floyd was disgusting, but it’s no excuse for violent protest. They ARE thugs, furthermore they are reinforcing the racial stereotypes that we are told don’t exist.

Fucked up media! The Cummings fairytale has run out of steam, back to bashing Trump 🤦🏻‍♂️ 🤔 This bull💩 needs to be 'fact-checked' because it's lies... Strong words. Kennedy didn't even say that? 🤔 They are setting buildings on fire. They are not protesters at this point, we are far beyond that now. Wake up America

donaldisoverparty Call 612-324-4499. You'll hear a recording from Shaun walking you through the instructions before connecting you to the offices of key targets. Please be respectful and kind, but also clear and direct. Use your own words. If you don't get through, try againl8r Я верю в лучшее How in the world is this not the top headline both on your website and every other news website in the world?

moneymansavageX Trump has been looting American pockets for years. The media will always find a way to have a go at trump but the man has done his part for a president to put forward a comment like this shows he is a great leader but I bet you the media will never show you this all because of their hate agenda against trump

O império em ebulição.....aqueda da Babilônia...a grande...que começou em 11 set de 2001 Fake news So the GOP and their Stooge Trump are now judge, jury and executioner? BRING BACK OBAMA! WE NEED HIM!! asiantrucker The invisible enemy maybe the Coronavirus but according to the Democratic Party the natural disaster is racism. When you see a white guy in the middle of the Minneapolis Riot saying 'every word that comes out of Trumps mouth is a lie' he's a liberal he's not there for the

gigi3557 knew you would take it out of context...idiots..keep fanning those flames.. same reason everyone else is! NO! He's looking for the camera crew to play his role. The Democrats will continue stoking the fire for a racial War! Because they can't stand that we Americans want to co-exist together as one color

Trump falls over as he crosses his bedroom. Bloated and useless. There is a difference between protesting and using a mans murder to excuse stealing, destroying property, fighting etc etc. Considering more unarmed white people are killed by police, why don't they act the same🤔 That isn't what he said.

Yep he's a doll that DT COVID has affecting minorities disproportionately to white America. A member of their community was murdered with the police showing remorse on video footage . They are displaying the only real messaging the props lawmakers to take decisive measures to protect minorities. Lots of white people will get shot! He won’t allow that

No, he didn't. FakeNews What should we call these people? Hero’s? Hey joshuawongcf, any comments? Restore law&order the place is in freefall and all the democrats can say is it is all the white Persons fault racism,when this has nothing to do with race&all to do with bad policing policies&democrats shouldn’t have been stoking racial tensions over it because now we have this.

Yeah imagine the chinese premier said that, the western media would be crying. The hypocrisy in the west. Such bs Finally. Take out the rabid animals exploiting George's murder for personal gain and thuggery! Obviously, he is the leader of white supremacists, not surprised... A massacre will do wonders for his approval ratings!

Trump is only causing more trouble as usual! Trump isn't a leader he's a racist cheater! Trump never threatened to shoot the racist in Charlottesville that killed Heather Heyer! Trump is a racial divider that will never take this country any higher! Yeaaa good. Trump rules!!!! That’s actually not what he said...he said when looting starts shooting starts. It could also be interpreted as looters can become the shooters. I mean shit they did set fire or loot over 170 businesses in Minnesota over the past two days.

They are thugs. Only thugs do this kind of stuff. Burning down there own City and bringing Martial Law upon themselves!! Let the protesters fuck Trump Tyrannical government commencing. Just when I thought the world couldn't get any more crazy 🤦🏼‍♂️ When an ant is in your pant, you then realized that not all conflicts should be resolved with violence.

The ‘white right’ is at it again!

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