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Trump threatens to deploy US military to crush George Floyd protests

Trump threatens to deploy US military to crush George Floyd protests

6/2/2020 1:56:00 AM

Trump threatens to deploy US military to crush George Floyd protests

Donald Trump vowed to end violent protests across the country, threatening to deploy 'heavily armed' US military troops to cities even if mayors and governors object. The president spoke at the White

vowed to end violent protests across the country, threatening to deploy"heavily armed" US military troops to cities even if mayors and governors object. The president spoke at the White House with the sound of police firing tear gas at protesters in Washington audible behind him.

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"A number of state and local governments have failed to take necessary action to safeguard their residents," Mr Trump said during an early evening Rose Garden statement with another protest overGeorge Floyd's death last week while in police custody in Minneapolis. Mr Floyd was a black man; the officer who kneeled on his neck was white."I am mobilising all available federal resources, civilian and military, to stop the rioting and looting, to end the destruction and arson, and to protect the rights of law-abiding Americans."

"We are ending the riots and lawlessness that has spread across our country. We will end it now," he said, noting he had recommended on a call with governors they activate their National guard troops, if needed."If a city or state refuses to take the actions that are necessary to defend the life and property of their residents, then I will deploy the United States military and quickly solve the problem for them.

Download the new Independent Premium appSharing the full story, not just the headlinesDownload nowMr Trump spoke as uniformed US Secret Service and US Park Police officers, backed by National Guard troops, fired tear gas at protesters about a block from the White House.

Mounted officers on horseback were used as a 7 p.m. curfew set by Washington Mayor Muriel Bowser approached. Read more: The Independent »

What a coward your damn right! boom boom boom! 🔴🔴🔴YOU ARE THE DEFINITION OF FAKE NEWS! HE DID NOT SAY TO CRUSH PROTEST! YOU ARE THE ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE! WE SEE IT ALL!🔴🔴🔴 The quick and clean solution would be to hang the guilty red neck racist cop and do it live on TV for the whole world to watch. To make a strong LESSON to be learned for all the cops on the planet ‼️

Because the tear gas isn't being fired at the innocent protesters, and no one believes that they are either. I thought you said he was hiding in his basement? Sure he is. Remind me again how he was an 'ally' to Kaepernick's peaceful protest? murdering, arson, rape, gang bashing and looting are not hallmarks of peaceful protesters

Sounds very much like the authoritarian dictator that he said xi was in hk but wasnt RogueCoder250 At peaceful protesters - so he could go to church with some white people and hold up a book he's never read. He has to go now It was all about crushing desent. Show of power. Classic show of power. No distancing. No masks. Covid is there.

MsKellyMHayes We are living in animal farm and 1984 He took a picture of him with the Bible, which he did not read at once Well lets if protesters turned up outside your house then within house tried to break in anss burn the place down..i think you'd do the same! The war time President turns out to be a lame duck President, failing to tackle the 2 bug crisis he's facing... Covid19 (mostly to his inactions and late to react) and the Racism (mainly due to his promotion of White Supremacism) Seeds of the 2nd US Civil War

He works for the Zionist. Whats his plan..? Kill everyone? No repercussion ? Right. That sounds gonna become more frequent as time goes on That teargas - along with rubber bullets - was used to clear a path through peaceful protestors so that he could take a photograph with a bible outside after his speech. Absolute madness.

Kap and co would strongly disagree This man is stupid, plain and simple. He is a racist and a rapist. Wouldn’t understand solidarity if it hit him the face. You mean the DC Police Department, who works for the Dem mayor and Dem city council? It is time to convene an Emergency UN meeting on matters going on in the US. The American regime must protect the rights of peaceful protesters and their aspirations for justice and respect for human rights

TIME FOR CONGRESS TO DO THE RIGHT THING and DEMAND DONALD TRUMP'S IMMEDIATE RESIGNATION. If there was ever a time to act, IT IS NOW. CONGRESS NEEDS TO TAKE ACTION. TrumpResignNOW Did he scurry back to his bunker? Go don. The president is trying to stop protests he trying to stop the looting and arson that’s going on that these weak mayors and governors don’t have the ability to do

kakra68 Just like what you called it, it is just a threat. Dem no born him papa well make he do am....realDonaldTrump To crush rioting and criminal behaviour, actually. If you bother to report accurately. *RIOTERS What's wrong with you people? OMG,God save America! *crush looting, not protests. Who’s this...why was she arrested and who’s her dad? ... doesn’t fit the narrative does it

To stop rioting every night actually. If local governments are unwilling to deploy enough protection then it is necessary. Trump can call military and can declare Martial Law but against who Own people those who voted to elect him? Apart, Once military gets into civilians so its like Cat pierced! He must get lesson from Islamic countries how Army dominating?

Maybe you should do a little research or stick to the UK. 🤷🏻‍♀️ Notice he made a point on the second amendment? He has literally given the gun nuts of America tacit approval to gun down anyone who can be deemed as a rioters, even if they are peaceful protestors. This is going to get ugly, fast. Don't 'threaten' to deploy... DO IT!!! Tear gas those protesting violently before there are more deaths!! Most don't give a toss about George Floyd or his family... they're just mindless idiots, looting and stealing whatever they can get their grubby little hands on!!

African American people need to arm themselves - Trump fascist regime is planning genocide. That will backfire spectacularly. Not the protests. That is false, the rioting and looting, those things are not covered under the Constitution. We have all had enough of it. And now it will end. The protests will continue, the rest of it will not.

WTF?! Guys, we can't deal with this until November! I don't think we're gonna make it! Supreme Leader makes way for the Emperor. Where are the Jedis when you need them? That would make terrible optics for his reelection bid. It may pander to his base but will alienate the moderate that he needs or has he forgotten the very narrow margins of 2016

Oh because that will calm the situation ... POTUS has shit for brains BlackLivesMatter Peaceful protests are fine to fight for what you believe in but violence, looting etc... unacceptable 😡🤓 So the 2nd US civil war begins. The sad consequence of a failing military empire. The problem is this is planned by the right wing fundamentalists who are using this pandemic as a test ground to gauge what they can get away with before the plan is fully implemented.

Trump never said he'd crush 'protesters.' That's you editorializing and propagandizing. Stop conflating rioters and looters with protesters! Stop being part of the problem! False. Trump is deploying the military to stop people whoe are torching cities and targeting a particular skin color for mass genocide.

You seem to agree with everything that is against this nation, he said that he would use military force against criminals who steal and burn property and attack innocent citizens Fake news once again from the Guardian. He was specifically referring to the terrorist group ANTIFA along with the rioters.

President Tweety Tang just invoked the 2nd Amendment as an invite to Alt-Right nuts to shoot. Someone should tell him it was written so citizenry could bear arms to protect themselves from a mad, tyrannical king. BunkerBoy AmericaOrTrump Wrong headline morons, to crush the antifa democrats that are destroying businesses

This is a declaration of war by the American government against its citizens. Meanwhile at the bunker. Will he suit up too Or those bone spurs playing up again He is calling for war To crush lawlessness, looting, violence & destruction. No-one is trying to crush peaceful protest. That’s not what he said Trump is out of the white house next election just like the Tories

Doesn't he need congress to deploy military? Are protesters domestic terrorists now? i watched ice age two He is bringing this to a dictatorship which he wants. People need to fight back. These were peaceful protests!!! 2 feet away sprayed teargas in faces. Cops beating cameramen. WTF Empty words. Nothing about racism. Trump Speech

And you’ll definitely lose re election then They are sliding into dictatorship fast. Fu*k him. Plain and simple. Bring it on you fool

Cops and George Floyd protesters in violent clashes as US burns for sixth nightThe National Guard confirmed yesterday 5,000 soldiers and airmen had been activated in 15 states with an additional 2,000 troops on standby as violent clashes continue across the US My goodness this is awful to watch. They are not George Floyd protesters, these people are Antifa. Mainly white, domestic terrorists with a far left communist political ideology.

'He is a destroyer': how the George Floyd protests left Donald Trump exposedAs cities reel under protest and violence, Black Lives Matter leaders say the president has failed his country Inflames crisis. Brink of serious civil war He has failed it from day 1 and all those who voted this racist into power should feel a shamed. Trump emboldens those that seek to hate and inspires far right nazis with his dangerous daily rhetoric. GeorgeFloyd

George Floyd: curfews fail to deter a new wave of protests across USDemonstrations expand to yet more US cities as protesters defy curfew and orders to disperse Хорошая новость

Trump supporters run over two George Floyd protestersDisturbing video footage shows a Jeep with a 'Keep America Great' flag ploughing into the young woman. showing their lefty colours as per Someone stands in the road and gets run over Trump fans running people over again 🙄

US conservatives call George Floyd protesters 'criminal mobs'Agreement over injustice of Floyd's death quickly turns to condemnation of unrest they're mobs and they're breaking the law with looting, rioting, murder, arson Yeah, that makes them criminal mobs this were people need to be at fox

Melania Trump generates Twitterstorm with her tweet on George Floyd protestsMELANIA TRUMP was met with derision following a tweet she made as protests following the killing of George Floyd turned violent.