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Trump terminates WHO relationship – but refuses to take questions on George Floyd

US president escalates conflict with Beijing

5/29/2020 10:13:00 PM

Trump says US is terminating relationship with World Health Organisation :

US president escalates conflict with Beijing

Mr Trump said Chinese officials have"violated" their promises, which he contended"cannot be swept aside.""China's cover up of the Wuhan virus allowed the disease to spread throughout the world," he said."Chinese officials ignored their reporting obligations to the World Health Organisation."

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Mr Trump said he is terminating the US relationship with the WHO because they have refused to make changes his administration has requested, and will be redirecting funds now dedicated to the WHO elsewhere.Meantime, on China, the president said he will give an order to his official to end special treatment for Hong Kong, a direct result of Chinese plans to enact a new law so it can crack down on the previously autonomous city-state.

He also said he will remove Hong Kong's other special privileges, including an extradition treaty and commercial relations like export controls.Targeting senior Chinese officials, Mr Trump said his administration will"take steps" to sanction any officials who have had a hand in the security clamp down inside Hong Kong.

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So what? They think they are so important and think they rule the world. VERY WELL DONE Sack the surgeon in the middle of the operation. Always a good idea. The contributions USA pay to the WHO, equates to about $2.5 each US citizen. honestly i think trump doesn't know how hard is it to develop a vaccine on a pandemic that most likely mutating, if it mutates the vaccine wont work,and just breaking relationship with W.H.O is just kinda stupid in my opinion now is the time to work together, not fight each other

He should just terminate relations with the rest of the world UK should do the same to this puppet organization controlled by the evil Chinese Communist Party I think any pretense of a relationship was terminated some time ago. trumpworldunplugged He’s already terminated his relationship with reality so why not

This dude is good! Another diversion from main issues. Tosser Words fail me Kime saracağını şaşırdı 10 saat önce twittera sonra çine şimdi dünya sağlık örgütüne çok şükür son 4 ayı TrumpMeltdown They can not be bullied. I listened to them discussing him on a webinar I took part in. All along it was clear 2 world leaders didn't listen to them/scientists and look where USA & UK are now because Trump and Boris thought they knew better.

Just rank fecklessness. Absolutely useless man. Bye He'll end up terminating relationships with the entire planet at this rate. What a pillock. Isolationists Awwww....they not using your deadly hydroxychloroquine...diddums! 104K Dead Deflect RESIGN realDonaldTrump gop LindseyGrahamSC SenateMajLdr SenateGOP GOPLeader HouseGOP VP POTUS PressSec WhiteHouse GOPChairwoman KellyannePolls FoxNews foxandfriends Jim_Jordan SecPompeo DevinNunes RudyGiuliani

Before condemning Trump people should research the corruption of the WHO, Fauchi and co have lot to answer for, and the fact they supplied the Wuhan lab with millions, and there is Bill Gates. Get well soon American public have to work hard to bring their image back! He expects WHO to do his job for him as far as Covid-19 in America is concerned!! He has done nothing! Zilych. Too slow!! More bothered about November Elections & Twitter!!

Ignoramus at the best fkn time when theres a bitch ass corona pandemic taking place when the world is already burning why not add some more fuel, no one will notice........... are you completely out of your mind..... using the commotion to cover something up is another level of low. Not satisfied with the death toll in America, Trump seeks to damage the global response to Covid-19.

America needs to terminate their relationship with trump. Can anyone please bring the US elections forward? Right now even Joe Biden seems a good option. K bye wrong judgement!!! The Democratic led Congress has the purse strings on funding W.H.O. I don't think expiration of US Gov W.H.O funding has occurred and Trump is refusing to approve it. So is Trump-Pence falsely claiming Double Dog National Security Risk in funding W.H.O during a global pandemic?

Of course he didn't want to answer questions about his suggestion that looters would be shot. I'm not certain that everybody disagrees with his statement but the phrase that he used has a lot of racist history The White House in the midst of a deadly global pandemic cuts-off US Gov funding of the W.H.O experts in infectious diseases which is highly suspicious and certain to lead to further American Citizens DYING as a result. Looks like W.H.O won't go along with Trump's Lies.

Trump - making America First will result in an isolated country with no friends and no influence on the world stage. He is creating a gap that is getting filled by China. He is a vindictive childish man. He always wants revenge. Were they in a relationship? Ab yeh kya bomb phod rahe ho Cheating hai na yeh Malaai kha liye phir kehte ho ab mein nahi khel raha Baakiyon ko bhi khelne do ... khud khel ke ground chod doge ?

Good. WHO have been useless. In the middle of a pandemic. History will judge him harshly. This is insanely dangerous. So realDonaldTrump just spoke to address GeorgeFloydMurder in Minneapolis and said nothing. When Trump once asked the black community “what do you have to lose” here is your answer— your identity, desire to be recognized, and your last breath. ICantBreath

Trying to cover his tracks Guess he is going to live a very lonely life Good it went downhill when Sepp Blatter took over. Arrogant, with a ship of folks who support him! 👍🏼 Yeet! Hey Twitter that means you get a day off!!! Not the WHO's fault you've killed over 100,000 Americans realDonaldTrump! I suppose Trump feels he no longer needs the WHO's help in killing his own citizens.

Who Poor America This will reduce WHOs funding and will make it harder for them to support outbreaks and natural disasters in countries less developed. He terminated his own relationship with anything resembling health years ago and now he's dragging the rest of the US down his own destructive path. YEAH OK ...AFTER ….HE USED THEM ….LOL ..

George Floyd death: Minneapolis police station set on fire during protests as Trump attacks 'thugs'Tweeting about the growing unrest, President Trump said he could not 'stand back and watch this happen to a great American city'. What a way to fight racism & honour George’s memory, than to burn buildings & steal a 65 inch TV’s 🤦‍♂️ It’s started by racism, begin with Muslims now Black

Trump attacks Twitter after site hides his George Floyd tweetDonald Trump has lashed out at Twitter after it limited access to one of his tweets. The social media firm said the post, in which Mr Trump suggested he would have people rioting in the wake Do you need any kind of logo design? Please visit this link and Fulfill your requirements. You will find good work at an affordable price to me.I can make Any kind of ( Logo, Business card, Flyer, Banner, poster) etc. And he tweets from twitter. Makes sense 😂

George Floyd killing: journalist arrested while reporting on Minneapolis protest; Trump calls protesters 'thugs' - liveMinnesota governor has called on the national guard and Minneapolis has declared a local emergency This has to be satire. News Reporters arrested, civil war brewing, police brutality, Trump has turned the US into a police state. Not to mention restarting nuclear proliferation. I'm going to laugh my arse off at Trump supporters when we're all dead from the nuclear apocalypse. great job kept camera roling love love cnn now i have to glue cups i broke Ironically, he calls out China, while tweeting about shooting the American protesters, guys a nut job.

Trump heads for showdown with Twitter after unprecedented move to mask president's tweet about George Floyd protests - follow liveFollow all the latest developments

George Floyd: Protests over death of black man after police arrest spread to LA - as Trump says FBI investigatingProtests over the death of George Floyd, who was killed after a police officer pinned him to the ground, have spread to Los Angeles - as Donald Trump said the FBI are investigating. Get the latest on this story: Utter thugs And they wonder why the police take a hard line. Give them an inch and they take everything I'm not sure how acting like thugs and hoodlums is going to win people over. No need for this.

Trump refuses to take position on George Floyd death but says he will get 'full' report on the incidentPresident has said he has the legal authority to intervene in any federal criminal matter Racist Coward That is Whyte People Talk for 'I'm going to say I'm looking into it but I'm really hoping that people forget about this so I can go golfing and ignore the minorities!' JusticeForFloyd Because one of the murders was at a MAGA rally and wears a make America white again hat....his base man his base