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Trump says US will designate Antifa as a terrorist organisation

Trump says US will designate Antifa as a terrorist organisation

5/31/2020 8:17:00 PM

Trump says US will designate Antifa as a terrorist organisation

Thousands of Americans in cities all across the country have taken to the streets in recent days to protest police bruatlity after the death of George Floyd

Monday - Friday plus breaking news alerts by emailUpdate newsletter preferencesThousands of Americans in cities all across the country took to the streets on Friday and Saturday to protest police brutality after an unarmed black man, George Floyd, died last week while being pinned to the ground by a Minneapolis police officer.

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Mr Floyd, 46, died on 25 May after Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin knelt on his neck for several minutes even though Mr Floyd did not have a weapon and complained he couldn't breathe. Mr Floyd's death became a national cry for action against police brutality after videos emerged of the incident.

Mr Chauvin was arrested on Friday and charged with third-degree murder.The protests against police brutality over the last several days in Minneapolis and other major US cities such as Atlanta, Brooklyn, Washington DC, and Chicago have led to heated confrontations between demonstrators and law enforcement, some of which have broken out into small pockets of violence. There have been several documented instances of looting, vandalism, and arson of entire buildings over the last week.

Thousands of Americans in cities all across the country were hit with pepper spray, tear gas, or police batons on Friday and Saturday.Law enforcement units have fired rubber bullets at local journalists, and a CNN reporter and his production crew were arrested in Minneapolis on Friday for shooting live film in a part of the city that the Minnesota state patrol was trying to block off to the public.

On Saturday, protesters gathered outsideCNNheadquarters in Atlanta, where some people shattered windows and tagged profanities on the building with spray paint.Florida Republican Senator Marco Rubio tweeted on Saturday his belief that far-left elements such as Antifa and far-right militants who have recently adopted the name"Boogaloo" are"taking advantage of the protests" in American cities to encourage and commite violence.

"Many of these professional agitators don’t fit a simple left vs right identity. They are part of a growing anti-government extremist movement. They hate law enforcement & want to tear the whole system down even if it requires a new civil war," Mr Rubio wrote on Twitter.

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8what about the KKK ? But not white supremacists🤔 Because that's what fascists do. About time. These paid Soros thugs have done too much damage world wide. Excellent. Get them in jail where they belong... Soros can have his own quiet padded cell. Cool, and while we are at let's also make a special category of hate crime applicable to law enforcement. No more hiding behind 'qualified immunity' when it comes to race!

Sheil shitler A fascist calling to call antifascist terrorist Huh This is BS. He does not have the power to do that. Antifa are the fascists. Thank God they have a man that knows this, well done. They’re scum. Antifa are the scum of the earth the nearest we have to a nazi organisation Corruption at its grossest. Trump needs to be removed.

Sounds like he has a plan. And the cops shooting rubber bullets at faces have a plan. All the radical right has a plan. Same plan. And it's working. Trump Inc. is a terrorist organisation which scares the BeJesus out of anyone with a modicum of sense😳 What you doing about the murderer of George Floyd Mr President

Trump could try and change things now by blaming Antifa before blaming the KKK and order white supremacy groups involving Europe in his small nerotive but it will not deter people this time enough is enough It’s too late they have published sealed court papers on Epstein sex ring involving Trump. Could be fake documents but the internet is going over drive Anonymous can real journalists investigate to prove or disprove otherwise world order will be over.

This is the whole season about the election in House of Cards coming to life .... You don’t extinguish a fire with fire KKK on steroids! The Klansman in him will eventually fully come out. Everyone should be antifa, otherwise, you’re a fascist They are no worse then your fake mafia. Mafia holds people responsibilit e for what they do. It's not an organization of thugs.

piersmorgan lol There isn’t a AntiFa organisation? What exactly is he designating? Now BorisJohnson , please do the same here!! I’ve never supported a terrorist organization before but geez I guess there’s always a first It’s 1930’s Nazi Germany all over again... JOE BIDEN WOULD BE TAKING A 6 HOUR NAP RIGHT NOW

What will out government response be to this racist move? Will they condemn it? Or clap their hands and follow their role model? Antifa are extremists, same as Nazis. All extremism is condemnable. Maybe we need Woody Guthrie back! Now we can arrest all supporters of Antifa. I'm sure there is room for them at Supermax.

Great. We might do likewise. Four times they where told. To busy in the world of Twitter to do as they where told... Ohhh that’ll unleash terrorism charges then 🙈🙈🙄🙄 Not before time. Now the UK must follow suit Obviously he will he is a bloody fascist and racist prick that tried to make pressure on the police that arrested wrongfully some black American youth. He was asking for death penalty yet in the end they was all innocent.

Good long overdue. Haha, of course anti fascist are his boogiemen. The only terrorist group is Trump and his right wing Zombies. A fascist naming another group terrorists is laughable... I really would like to kneel on trumps neck though to see if he'll go more orange or if his head will pop? About time What about the Alt Right then?

Let him dare Yesssssss AntifaTerrorists need to be wiped out best news I’ve heard today KKK IS a terrorist organisation!!! That’d be because he’s a fascist. 👏🏻 What about? He's been chatting with Orban again.... emergency powers, executive orders, rule by decree, delayed elections... its been in the Dictators for Dummies book since 1932

At this point he can squash his balls in a vice if that’s what he wants to do. No one really cares. The fires have started. He has his right mixed up with the left. dcboyisangry but not the proud boys or the kkk? Of course snowflake Trump is against an anti fascist organization. Because he’s a fascist No one in the U.S. gives a fuck what Trump says.

How about the proud boys ? How about all the Far Right terrorists like the idiots that stormed the capital building in Michigan, angry because we are quarantined during a global pandemic?! Funny they call themselves anti-fascists yet they are doing exactly what fascists would do! LOL Antifa, like all organisations, should not be judged by what they say they’re against, but by their own actions. And their actions are despicable.

When you've run out of ideas... Interesting, he didn't handle the cause of the riots, but directly go to the POSSIBLE violent protesters. He should have done it from day 1 About time But KKK isn’t deemed terrorists after they’ve murdered 100s I hope so that all these ppl that went to protest they do the same and go out in November to vote ! But reality is that they dont do it when is need it their voice (vote)

realDonaldTrump if you are anti-antifa, what does that make you? That's right. Fa. Why do you post his scapegoating? A very desperate man, is being very desperate. No surprises. GodHelpUs We are all antifa now Trump also 'says' he's a very stable genius. So there you go... The world is pushing back against european origin racism - so fcuk you trumper

The Fascist state recognizes it's enemies. The Anti fascists have become the enemies of the state. The american state is a terrorist organization. What about the Alt-Right? Well he is a facist so this makes sense. Also if you agree you forfeit your right to mourn the Allied soldiers of WW2 ... the original antifa.

What does that mean? Anti-Anti-Fascism? What does that make him? Because trump is fascist ..he said the quiet part out loud Trump is a racist cnut so no surprise he's going to ban those opposed to his racism. I told you lads .. The US government should designate themselves as a terrorist organization Thanks God he did something right now.

He’s getting desperate for votes now,this will be the build up to November,is the presidency moving away from him now,the best ,or is it the worst” is yet to come So America is officially fascist now. There's a surpise. Choosing to side with 'fa', now to take a sip from my freshly brewed coffee and just take a moment to look up what it is short for.

Distract, divert, divide, repeat. What about the POLICE? The ones actually creating Violence and attacking innocent Americans? this shit is so funny and unbelievably clueless How can you name it an organization when it has no leader... ANTIFA is a terrorist organisation. It’s disgraceful to use George Floyd’s terrible death to spread chaos and destruction

About fucking time. Not before time! Hard to argue that an organisation that burns down buildings and beats people up isn't a terrorist organisation. This plan is unfolding perfectly for him...create national chaos in under four years...blame everyone else, brainwash your following, turn everyone against each other...seize complete power and control. Evil. Revolution is coming for real and it isn't going to be pretty.

hahaha what a credulous child 👍🏻 Excellent! “These are very good people” “Give a little, and put out the fire” “See them, talk to them, make a deal” Is Donald Trump talking about the people protesting George Floyd’s murder? Nope. He’s discussing the white supremacists who stormed the Michigan Capitol. Any questions?

Trump says National Guard did great job against 'Antifa led anarchists' in MinneapolisWhile Trump administration blames ' Antifa ' for violence at protests, local leaders say white supremacists and other malign outside groups have infiltrated demonstrations to sow discord PutinsBitch did very good job this week This whole Antifa narrative is a distraction. Don't fall for it. The Federation Of Zionist Youth

Coronavirus live news: Donald Trump says US is ending WHO relationshipCountry dealing with new surge in cases; Iran tally highest since early April; Spain approves minimum basic income scheme Helmet Owh. 🤣🤣 Good decision. Gratulation. Shame oms and china

Donald Trump says US is ending WHO relationship – videoTrump has announced that the US will terminate its relationship with the World Health Organization and will redirect the funds to 'other bodies' Yes yes Donnie, burn it all. Burn it all down and reign over the smouldering ashes. Could we have the list of people and organizations with whom Mr. Trump did not fight? It would be easier.

Donald Trump cuts US ties with Hong Kong over Chinese government 'smothering'President Trump announced the United States was severing diplomatic ties with Hong Kong after accusing China of removing the former British colony's autonomy And how’s that going to help the Hong Kong people other that them being totally isolated now. Tragic abandonment of HongKongers That’s his election deal with Xi done and dusted.

Trump rage: Furious POTUS announces the US will stop funding ‘Chinese controlled’ WHODONALD TRUMP has announced the USA will 'terminate its relationship' with the World Health Organisation (WHO).

Trump announces US to sever all ties with WHOTrump spends majority of White House speech attacking China but says global health body has ‘failed to make the requested and greatly needed reforms’ Why doesn't anyone tell him that's not a good decision? TrumpIsAnIdiot He was installed to destory the US. He set up a PPE profiteering scheme to exploit the shortage TheGreatGrift 🚨🚨🚨 This well sourced and straightforward video details Trump’s PPE extortion scheme: RETWEET Credit: QuarantinedLif1