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Trump says the 'horrible situation' at border could 'destroy America'

Trump SLAMS Biden saying the 'horrible situation' on the border could 'destroy America'

4/20/2021 3:16:00 AM

Trump SLAMS Biden saying the 'horrible situation' on the border could 'destroy America'

Former President Donald Trump blasted Joe Biden and the media on immigration, calling the situation at the border 'a horrible situation' that he said could 'destroy our country.'

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BBC Radio 4 - Woman's Hour, Covid in India; Susan Rogers, Prince's sound engineer; panic attacks; the novel Careless

Covid in India, Prince’s sound engineer Susan Rogers, panic attacks & the novel Careless.

Trump should stay in bed act like an adult, stop telling Joe Biden to do his job. Joe Biden is a good Leader of America, so Donald Trump walk away. You had your time in Washington , move on and keep moving. 😀😃😄🥰 Trump cause a White supremacist insurrection on 1/6/21 that killed a Police officer and left many wounded. He caused the death of 8 people.

Imagine having the gall to criticize anything another President does when you tried to overthrow your own government and got people killed.....like holy shit.

Watch: Mark Meadows says decision to uphold Trump Facebook ban is a sad day for AmericaSupporters of Donald Trump have reacted with fury to Facebook’s decision to uphold the ban on the former president from the platform.Mark Meadows, former White House chief of staff, said it was a “sad day for America”.Speaking on Fox News , Meadows added: “It’s a sad day for Facebook. Because I can tell you a number of members of Congress are now looking at do they break up Facebook”. Meadows also suggested that the “wild, wild west” of regulatory environment that Facebook currently operates would likely change in the future. Fuck Mark Meadows. TrumpBanned TrumpCrimeFamilyForPrison trumpdangerous WHO REALLY GIVES A FLYING RAT'S ASS WTAF MARK MEADOWS SAYS OR THINKS.

President Trump ‘delayed’ $20billion of aid to Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria in 2017New report by US Inspector General’s housing department claims Trump administration delayed $20billion of aid to Puetro Rico in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria in 2017

Sean Hannity said, without irony, that Trump is now playing golf more than when he was presidentIn his first major sit-down interview since leaving office, former President Donald Trump spoke with Sean Hannity for an exclusive interview - and judging from Hannity’s wonderstruck expression, it would seem the Fox News host is still smitten.

Kamala Harris is about to meet Trump-friendly Mexican president AMLO. I have some words of advice | Carli PiersonThere are some curveballs coming the VP’s way as she travels south of the border to discuss the migrant crisis Where’s Joe? She hates her father, she also hates black men that's why she put so many in jail-go do your research! Since Trump has a new job I think Harris will find Mexico is America-friendly.

Judge orders release of memo on Trump obstruction decisionDoJ attorneys ‘disingenuous’ in attempts to keep document at conclusion of Mueller investigation secret, judge says drip drip drip trump gonna get wet Deputy Dog done fucked up. ooooh boy, the spool is unravelling, where's my popcorn