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Trump's Twitter account hacked after Dutch researcher guessed password

Trump's Twitter account hacked after Dutch researcher guessed password

10/22/2020 6:40:00 PM

Trump's Twitter account hacked after Dutch researcher guessed password

Victor Gevers had access to president’s direct messages and could post tweets after trying the password ‘maga2020!’

Gevers – who previously managed to log into Trump’s account in 2016 – gained access by guessing Trump’s password. He tried “maga2020!” on his fifth attempt and it worked. Maga stands for Trump’s oft used campaign slogan Make America Great Again.“I expected to be blocked after four failed attempts. Or at least would be asked to provide additional information,” Gevers told

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De Volkskrant.Gevers said the ease with which he accessed Trump’s account suggested the president was not using basic security measures like two-step verification.Gaining access to Trump’sTwittermeant Gevers was suddenly able to connect with 87m users – the number of Trump’s followers – and according to De Volkskrant’s story, it sent him into a bit of a panic.

“So, he tries to warn others. Trump’s campaign team, his family. He sends messages via Twitter asking if someone will call Trump’s attention to the fact that his Twitter account is not safe. He tags the CIA, the White House, the FBI, Twitter themselves. No response,” the paper

reported.A day after he gained access, Gevers noticed that two-step verification had been activated on Trump’s account. Two days later, the Secret Service got in touch. According to De Volkskrant, they thanked him for bringing the security problem to their attention.

Remarkably, it wasn’t the first time Gevers has gained access to the president’s Twitter account. In 2016 he and two others guessed Trump’s password and got into his account. Read more: The Guardian »

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Our President has the mind of a child with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder Hehe love my country Was it 1234? Anyone else relieved that it wasn’t Ivanka69? 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 Dumbest country in the world. No contest. So dumb, so predictible, so Trump Let me guess... Ivanka69? Unsupported claims, hoax.

Quick, someone try “MaGA2020!” It happened twice apparently & as serious a problem as I feel that Donald is for the 'whole world' one has to laugh re the passwords that he apparently used, a child dressed as an adult sort of passwords! I don't know if I should worry 'about him' or for 'him in'? Re's D peace

Unsupport claims. Just wait. A Guess the Trump Password game could be a lot of fun. TrumpPassword Nice! Let me guess - password 1234? joshgnosis That’s not being “hacked”, that’s having an unsecured Twitter account. So POTUS doesn’t even use 2FA. Interesting ... as if it was almost a planned “hack”.

God dammit, Dutch researcher, why the fuck didn’t you delete the bitch and change the password? 🙈🙈🙈 It was that obvious Something like 'hamberders' was pretty easy to guess tho Wait, his password wasn't 'ivanka'? Trump’s password for nuclear codes: “bombchina” Ivanka He'll probably declare that he has never heard of Twitter and all the shit tweeted on his account is down to a hacker.

PutinsPussy is such a lame password for realDonaldTrump to use, ya, he's really smart! 🙄 What a fucking dope. Everyone called this out in 2017 but the intelligence departments of every developed nation on earth hacked his entire phone years ago. His password is suckmydick. I've been hacking his account for 5 years. He's actually a nice guy.

Hopefully the nuclear codes are more secure. 2FA TwoFactor PasswordTalk Hmm, try it on his bank account, he seems bright enough to use the same password for everything. petrolstation88 This is trump's lamest excuse yet .. all those tweets ? Wasn't me .. Wouldn't be surprised if it's not been changed

Thanks for that. A story that is 100% total & absolute bollox. Do the Unicorn thing tomorrow. Good luck for the financial future. ThatCorbynista Is he off long enough for anyone to hack? Yeah right Damn, Dutch researcher must be 197 IQ :O I have a pro tip for any investigative journalists out there. His updated password is ivanka6969

Fake news First it was hacked then it was guessed according to you. Any more FakeNews you'd like to share? PA55WORD nataliemiller_x surprised it wasn’t 1,2,3,4 😂 Dumbest man alive 😂 💯chance the researcher started with 12345 I enjoy dissing Trump as much as anyone but I call BS on this one. If he's daft enough to have maga2020! as his password, he's too daft to change his password on a regular basis and maga2020! sounds pretty recent. Plus, it'd be too easy to guess by brute force.

No lads. That’s just what he tweets... That's interesting, seeing as Twitter passwords must be at least 10 characters long and include special characters. 'Journalism' Made up nonsense! Next one will be long: WOMAN MAN PERSON CAMERA TV 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Has anyone checked to see if it’s now been changed to MAGA2021!

Thought it would have been TWAT1 😂😂 guess we’d only notice if the tweets stopped being so full of lies, self centred and smacking of victimisation in tone. It’s probably the only thing he could remember I think realDonaldTrump needs help setting passwords. Perhaps JaneyGodley could help It was Tremendous.

Amazing what the dim will believe 😂 Maga2020? Priceless! I wonder what it was. Maybe if you lot stop spreading fake news he might actually lose this time. 'Twitter, however, denied the report. “We’ve seen no evidence to corroborate this claim, including from the article published in the Netherlands today.'

Could be the nuclear code, people do tend to use the same password a lot. Is there another human-ish figure in the universe less capable of doing *anything* than this boob? Asking for the rest of the world... was it dumbass It literally states in the article that Twitter has found no evidence this happened.

karmellle 😂😂😂 LotharBirkner Is the hacker better than the original? Not possible! Next year : 'maga2021!' Why didn't he do history a service and delete the damn thing That's not hacked that's just logged in! Guessed it ! 😂😂 The man has access to nuclear codes and yet he uses such pity passwords 😂😂

maga2020! 😂🙄😂🙄😂🙄 I bet he can remember the following in order though: iPhone Thumb Up Ass Password StableGenius Banana. 'maga2020'. 🤪🤪🤪😁 It is a well know fact that if a “researcher” says/finds something, it is true. Trump probably can't remember his password anyway, he is logged on all the time. Twitter is not going to admit that the password was correct. You note that they are NOT saying that the maga2020! was incorrect. 😎

This is a lie If true, this shows the need to use a strong password and two-factor authentication for emails, social media, and other online accounts. Having worked with CEOs who find passwords an annoyance and keep their usernames and passwords either on a sheet of paper under their desk blotters / keyboards or on a post it on their screens, I’m absolutely not surprised.

His new password is PersonwomanmancameraTV! What an achievement ! Rhiptera 😂🤣😂 Phew. That was close. Trump could’ve been made to look like a real asshole by a slew of imbecilic tweets. They should of deleted realDonaldTrump's account. Any bets he has changed it to maga2021 MAGA, hey! This is why we should all protect our accounts with 2-factor authentication and preferably a security key. Im a big fan of yubikeys!

Is this more dangerous than HillaryClinton emails? 🤔 Like Hilary, Trump should be locked up. Lock him up , lock him up, lock him up! this is hilarious VOTE BIDEN FFS & GET THIS CHARLATAN OUT OF THE WHITE HOUSE! 🇺🇸 🇺🇸 and the password was...... It is sensored bij facebook, fb removed this before i hit the enter button and have a 7 day ban 🤣

More fake news from The Guardian. How do you feel now that your lies have been exposed? JuanMaBiaggi the guardian is lean left and with poor reliability Why the fuck didn’t they delete it!!! That would have been worthy of a Nobel peace prize! I guess this is what happens if someone who apparently must have an IQ of over 197 comes up against someone who doesn't. CyberSecurity password keepitcomplex

TrumpRules2020... MAGA2020 🇳🇱 Winner Yet her emails. Her emails. If that’s his password.... I wonder what his other ones are ......... Who want to bet the new one is 'Ivanka' or 'Ivanka69'? Surely he uses the same passwords on different platforms as well Totally thought my twitter PW FuckTrump2020 was secure, but not so sure now. Who knew that Dutch hackers were so insightful. However, given that they dislike him as much as I do, I am not sure it really matters if my act was compromised, and it might up my posting volume.

Do we really want a President who is unable to use a more secure password for his Twitter account? VoteHimOut2020 This researcher's IQ must have been in excess of 215 in order to hack knowing 0% of his password before hand! Our research showed that this should not have been possible! Someone needs to look into this to figure out what's going on

emilwidlund His second time already I thought it might be EpsteinTrumpBFF I guess that there are some legit questions about whether the Dutch 'researcher' was really able to access tRump's Twitter account. But, regardless, this story gained traction b/c it has the ring of truth. It's entirely plausible b/c realDonaldTrump is actually that stupid.

I’m guessing it was “password” 😂😂😂 This was the only evidence Victor Gevers provided. Literally anyone could reproduce this screen. Debunked Is it now “personwomanmancameraTV”? I had thought about trying to guess his pw before but figured it would land me in a ton of trouble. Seems not? Hmmm...I wonder what it was, 'blacklivesmatter'?

That is our president. What the fuck. Fake news The password was password. 😀 Straightsouljah you have to love our guest to the Americans Hope the hacker was tracked & prosecuted & all their I.T equipment confiscated & examined. What else has this hacker been up to? Trump 12345 bigly.donnie.6969 Wait, wha.... you mean the President's twitter account has been taken over by a deranged, unstable, incompetent maniac ? That explains everythi.......... Oh. As you were.

From the article: We’ve seen no evidence to corroborate this claim, including from the article published in the Netherlands today. We proactively implemented account security measures for a designated group of high-profile, election-related Twitter accounts in the United States That’s beyond sad. Seriously, this person is supposedly the “leader” of the free world. No wonder everybody hates us! 😝🤦‍♀️😳🙄☮️🏳️‍🌈🙋‍♀️

YBNCorgae 💀 I like The Guardian and I definitely don't like Trump. But why publish something that is not been verified? I expect better journalism practices from you. This is nothing short of gossip. It doesn't matter how much I'd like it to be true, the fact is I don't know that it is. Reza_Oana His password was maga2020! What an imbecile. 😂😂😂😂

FakeNews from the ScumMedia. What an opportunity missed. He could have tweeted ' Don't vote for me, I'm a lying twat'. Lol, wrong again you hacks 🙄 His stupid passwords! Can’t stop laughing 😂😱🤣 TrumpIsALoser TrumpIsAnIdiot TrumpIsANationalSecurityThreat I m just here to laugh at how bad the TDS crew is these days. Easily duped is a kind characterization

This is fake. Lock their account Twitter Please someone take away the nukecodes from maga2020 because he’s a nationalsecuritythreat FakeNewsAlert Password: Ivanka Go Guardian! nypost needs all the help they can get. Sad the land of the free is now under twitter tech fascism Cannabis KyleKulinski Reported for disinformation and election interference

This has to be a parody. This feels like it would be a joke in an open world sim where you could hack computers. “wannafuckIvanka2” How stupid? Next time use, please these passwords instead: Joe Biden2020 or VoteBidenHarris2020 or 2020Defeattrump. Idiocracy used to be worse case scenario. Now it's just wishful thinking.

Twitter says this didnt happen. ThSchoenmakers Fakenews.... You mean it wasn't President1234? joanneintexas RELEASE IT ALL NOW. Haha. That account has 2FA for sure, as per Twitter's own rules. Another lie by the Guardian. MAGA420 realDonaldTrump is so stupid. It is truly beyond belief. Utter numpty.... Not an TheOnion headline

He is incompetent with every single thing. How in the fuck is he this pea-brained. Well why didn’t he tweet ‘I RESIGN!’ ! TwitterSupport why is this still up and why no disclaimer? No way this is real. No one is this stupid. Absolutely no one. Not even the stupidest of them all Donald Trump. How could a person be that stupid?

He couldn’t use his dog’s name — since he doesn’t have one. It is a well know fact that if a “researcher” says/finds something, it is true. Delete This I guess this is false. DerfelMacGuffin What a clown. Fake news. But it fits the narrative so it will be allowed to stay up. Hunterbidenlaptop Gawd help us all. He’s got the nuclear codes in case you’ve forgotten.

fake news Danish_Karen Lol 'hacked' Lie I thought it was PuSSyGraBBer🤭 I kinda wish I’d thought of this because I would’ve announced Trump’s resignation. some missed opportunities here, Mr. Dutch Researcher Remember that debate mod who was hacked, then wasn’t? maga2020k!” would have been my second guess. My first guess:

Cofefe Our president is such a simpleton So you have evidence of someone hacking the account of the President of the United States. I believe that is a real felony. I assume you gave your evidence to the authorities? Because last time I heard, hacking was illegal. This guy could be in real trouble. AndrewOnSeeAIR Have they changed it to Password1! ?

The Dutch are the best Guessed it?! So what's his prize? You figured he could at least come up with mushroompenis I'm disappointed it wasn't 'covfefe'. How did he not Tweet something? I couldn't have stopped myself. Oh Gosh! What good is a thousand security software when the user does this? 👀 The password is “I am white racist misogynist bastard”. It was very easy to guess by the Dutch researchers

volevo scrivere qualcosa di intelligente e sarcastico ma alla fine lascio fare a welikeduel He missed the opportunity to be a hero and delete the account We've said time and time again, basic information security starts with a strong password and 2-factor authentication If realDonaldTrump would like some advice, we can always lend a hand!

Trump has now replaced his old 'maga2020' password with 'wishfulthinking'. Ah, but did he then lie down and tug on his junk? 'hacked' 😆😆😆 Was it Password1234? surely this is satire. surely!!! And this man has the Nuclear Codes? Password 'BigBoom2020' Nuclear codes pass must be 'fireandffury' SleepyJoe&Hunter+PhotoDrive 😏

'guessed' So Trump password was 'maga2020' That dude Na real scammer. FYI, Maga in Nigeria means someone that is being scammed haha what a knobhead 🤣 lol Password was maga2020 make america great again lol trumps password guessed again 🤣 Handsfacespacewomanmancamera would be just too much for him to handle

This is both hilarious and a bit frightening 🤣😬

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