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Trump's former press secretary Kayleigh McEnany joins Fox News

Trump's former press secretary Kayleigh McEnany joins Fox News

3/3/2021 12:00:00 AM

Trump's former press secretary Kayleigh McEnany joins Fox News

Fox News spokesperson confirmed McEnany joined network as an on-air commentator

, saying: “It’s truly disgusting they fired hard-working journalists who did care about facts and news reporting only to turn around and hire a mini-Goebbels whose incessant lies from the White House helped incite an insurrection on our democracy that got five people killed, including a police officer.

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“Post-Trump Fox is quickly becoming a very scary place and quite dangerous for our democracy. It’s not even conservative news any more. They’ve plunged into an alternate reality where extremist propaganda is the only course on the menu.”Another anonymous Fox News source told the Beast the hiring made sense, as “Sarah Sanders just left to run for governor of Arkansas and our audience loves Kayleigh”.

The CNN host Brian Stelter, author of Hoax: Donald Trump, Fox News and the Dangerous Distortion of Truth,: “One way to think about Fox News in 2021 is as the Trump White House in exile.” Read more: The Guardian »

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She looks like The typical female fox höst. Who else wants her The best place for her. Continuation of what she was doing for 'fake tan man' Well if Donald Trump thought that the news was fake before it’s about to faker with his former press secretary. This is so funny because we all knew exactly where she would end up. Where else’s could someone with her ability to tell lies with a straight face going to go. Fascist On-Air News aka FOX News love them types. She will fit right in just nicely.

The revolving door continues to revolve. Liar liar Facepalm 🤦‍♂️ I guess repeating lies and bs is what they are looking for 🙄 I feel like she never left she is so fit into that mode. Was she trained by them before joined trump the loser ? Stepford Wife Of course she has there was literally nowhere else for her to go professionally.

Ok, you are going to need a coherent series of reasons, statements, or facts intended to support or establish your point of view. Because that is just some old lady batshit babble you have going on there Pinocchio 👧 White & blonde (bleach blonde) The Fox Look Shocked, absolutely shocking🤣😂 Like there is any distance between that and what she did as 'Press Secretary'?

Shocking 🤣 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Unsurprising. Mini Goebbels. It is just making the payroll official, nothing new. Shocker I already thought she worked for them? Hadise sen misin? Of course because, where else? I live in a Fox loving household- so you mean I have to deal with her stupid voice on top of everything else?!?!?! 😭😭😭😭

She'll feel right at home among the other professional liars. We're trying not to refer to the 'other guy' anymore. Part of the healing process. It's a step up. Who cares? Seems that competence equal lefty hate. You’ll never guess what I’ve heard about bears and woods As the Head of Propaganda She met the selection criteria for outstanding ability to lie for a despotic leader and could produce video to back this up. Hired ✅

So I guess training didn't go so well for her at her new job at McDonald's on Dale Mabry in Tampa!! 🤣🤣🤣 Kayleigh’s insight will be really important. I don’t think. Fox is embarrassing As usual, the word “news” is throat- junk at FOX. What balled-up troglodyte in its lone dark cave would be surprised by this “news”?

Oh dear god! And the sun rose in the east today... This will cause the lefties to become even more deranged 😂 No surprise. To join now she must have left in the 1st place. When did that happen? 🐻💩🌲 Quelle surprise. Was this ever in question? What other jobs can a person get who is infamous for telling incessant lies simply to please her boss. Oh, and obviously she has the fox 'look' too...

Enable her to continue to lie and get paid for it Looks like her two year audition paid off. WHAT‽ QkQelly👍🏻 How many brain dead blondes do they need? Is this even news? I could have reported this months ago. Obviously. Who else would have her? (besides Newsmax and OAN) I’m sure she will fit right in She's had a lot of practice lying.

To the surprise of absolutely no one Am shocked lol Hmmm.. do you think she's a good fit for Fox? 🤔 Didn’t see that coming. Oh my. What a surprise this is. Of course, she would. I thought she was always working for them. Fixed your headline: Fox continues its practice of hiring vacuous, fatuous, corrupt, idiots.

Of course she does:)