Trump reveals the one thing that would stop him from running again in 2024

Speculation around Trump’s plans has dampened GOP field

9/26/2021 11:10:00 PM

Trump reveals the one thing that would stop him from running again in 2024

Speculation around Trump’s plans has dampened GOP field

✕CloseKey moments from the Trump rally in GeorgiaFormer President Donald Trump discussed the potential of a 2024 bid for a second term in the White House, telling a right-wing network one factor that would deter him for runningSpeaking withReal America’s Voice

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on Friday evening, Mr Trump suggested that “a bad call from a doctor or something” could halt his plans to retake the presidency.Mr Trump has not said specifically that he will run in 2024, but has indicated a clear interest in returning to the White House.

The New York Times’Maggie Haberman has reported that the former president has even flirted with conspiracies claiming that he could be “reinstated” as president as soon before the end of the year.The air of will-he-or-won’t-he speculation that has descended upon the potential 2024 GOP primary field as a result has dampened the excitement for GOP voters around the potential runs of any other top Republican figures, such as Mike Pompeo, Mr Trump’s former secretary of state, and former UN Ambassador Nikki Haley, among others.

Complicating the issue is Mr Trump’s very public false claims of widespread fraud in the 2020 election which he has wrongly said was responsible for his defeat to President Joe Biden. Some experts have worried that such comments will turn off hardcore supporters of the president from participating in the electoral system due to baseless fears that their votes will not count.

While only a few months into Mr Biden’s presidency, the GOP has yet to produce many prominent opposition figures and has seen its message garbled, with some members indicating a willingness to work with the White House on policy issues and others vowing total defiance to the Biden agenda.

Polls have consistently indicated that Mr Trump is the top choice of GOP primary voters for a 2024 candidate. A survey released last week by the Harvard Center for American Political Studies and Harris Poll found that the former president is supported by 58 per cent of Republican voters as their 2024 candidate of choice, while Vice President Mike Pence held a distant second place at 13 per cent.

Some Republicans who broke publicly with the former president in the days after the 6 January attack on the US Capitol have even come around to the former president’s side once more, including South Carolina Sen Lindsey Graham, who said on Saturday to a crowd of Republicans in Michigan:"I hope President Trump runs again."

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Beto O'Rourke compares Biden to Trump over border policiesO'Rourke - who once described Biden as 'kind, caring, and the antithesis of Trump' - made the comparison in a scathing op-ed published in El Paso Matters on Friday.

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Greta Thunberg snubs Donald Trump as part of their long-running feudGreta Thunberg has snubbed Donald Trump as their feud continues. i wonder if donald trump actually gives a fuck but ok You can't snub someone who has no interest in you. Like all the young activists actually making a difference and innovating when it comes to climate change, you never see them with the repeater of adults do you. 🤦‍♂️Donald Trump won't lose any sleep over this...

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Joe Rogan Tells Amanda Knox Trump will run and 'will probably win'Joe Rogan told Amanda Knox on the latest episode of The Joe Rogan Experience that he thinks Trump will make another presidential bid and 'will probably win.' “Probably win”? He’s killing off his base. He wouldn’t get as many votes as last time…and he’ll lose again. If Trump runs, Civil War 2 is going to happen either way. Neither side will accept the outcome. You wanna bet Joe?He will lose again.

Biden 'refused to share' letter left behind by TrumpPresident Joe Biden pocketed a letter left in the Resolute Desk by predecessor Donald Trump - and didn't tell aides what Trump wrote to him, according to Bob Woodward's new book. It was probably word salad.

Trump says only 'a bad call from a doctor' will stop him from runningTrump made the remark in a phone interview on Friday night, ahead of his planned rally in Perry, Georgia on Saturday to support his picks in key Republican primary races. 'Hello, AMA, start calling!' Recall President Biden w/o a rally. Literally any doctor will give him that now. Random doc: “You’re the most physically unfit person to ever hold the office of President” Trump: “I want a second opinion!” 2nd Random Doc: “Okay you’re crazy too.”

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