Trump left isolated as Republican allies revolt over US withdrawal from Syria

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Mitch McConnell and Lindsey Graham lead condemnation of foreign policy move that could prove ‘disaster in the making’

Donald Trump was dangerously isolated on Monday as, in a rare rebuke, some of his most loyal allies revolted against his decision to withdraw US troops from north-eastern Syria.


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Moar FakeNews isolated? He has almost the entire country behind him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Only war mongers with special interests are upset!!!!!! Because their cash flow ceases!!!!

this is Democrat Obama legacy in Iraq .. all the mainstream media silent as the grave about iraqi protesters.. they are unarmed and calling for freedom from Iran and it's terrorists militias.. iraq Now 👇

Wonder how isolated Pompeo felt, to be out on little errands while Trump pulls this give away to Erdogan, Putin & Rohani while turning our backs on our mid-east allies, prob w/o Pompeo having 1 word. Trump is a dangerous lunatic who must go.

No surprise from a draft dodger.

Let's see if Graham is going to walk the talk, or just talk the talk w/lip service. But he absolutely should follow that course of action to override Trump. Republican cowards unite and step up finally. Don't let this guy abuse this power & turn our Democracy into a monarchy.

Trump is working for Russia clearly no mistake about it.

The Uproar over the Syrian withdrawal shows why the Un-Ending wars never End. A bold step by Trump in spite of his impeachment troubles. The Establishment, Israel & even Hillary to Graham are in a frenzy for Kurds. Syrian Sovereignty being restored. Afghanistan 18 years +++

Trump is the one-eyed man in the country of the blind!

The US has no business even being in Syria in the first place. There is no vital national interest at steak. realDonaldTrump was hired to get us out of the Middle East. Bravo for the Syria exit.

Just seen Graham has turned

This maybe his undoing, and Republicans who dont really like him will cross the floor to impeach.

Warmongering is bipartisan.

Republicans feign horror (to save face) BUT then saddles up and aligns with Trump. Gotta ask why are they so scared?

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United Kingdom Latest News, United Kingdom Headlines

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