Trump is worried Giuliani and legal team are ‘fools making him look bad’

Trump is worried Giuliani and legal team are ‘fools making him look bad’

11/24/2020 9:33:00 AM

Trump is worried Giuliani and legal team are ‘fools making him look bad’

President has finally admitted a transition process must begin, but still vows to continue his legal battles

, who have been unsuccessful in a string of cases challenging the results of the US election.Three weeks after the vote on 3 November, Mr Trump continues to complain about widespread irregularities without providing evidence, and his campaign has brought cases across several key swing states. 

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So far they have met with no success, however, with a number of their cases already having been thrown out by state courts.Now, according to NBC News, the president is worried that his campaign’s legal team is made up of “fools” whose failures and outlandish press appearances are “making him look bad”, a source said.

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Ya think?! That really would take some doing, he does an excellent job of it all by himself. He looks bad with and without them. He is pathetic No, Mr Trump, you can make yourself look bad without help from anyone else Ha! Trump makes trump look bad. Rudy makes Rudy look bad. Together they make each other look bad.

😂😂he’s worried .. but late there Donald, Donald, Donald - have you ever read any of your tweets back, hun?! You manage looking like fool without anyone's help. (But yeah, the people around you are complete imbeciles!) The world is starting to run out of pop corn... I find this title funny af donald needs zero help looking bad

Tell Geraldo a morgue should be named after tRump. He is officially the president of death! Don't stope now! There goes the trump parade He has a point, our Donnie Boy has... How many times do you need to retweet that shit ? And you complain about trump 😀 A little too late to wonder about who's making him look bad. Answer is EVERYONE. 😑 GOOD MORNING.

They are not only Fools as they're BUFFOON too! Lol ffs he got that one right! Oh he can manage that fine by himself from where I'm sitting...🤣 *checks notes..... Beyond worry now that was a comedy show and its up there with dumb and dumber Difficult to make him look worse than he already is ! The Irony...... like he needs any help.

It’s the old saying “ who is more foolish, the fool or the fool who follows him?” This is brilliant. Has the penny finally dropped🥳🥳😂😂😂 Trump doesn't need anyone else to make him look bad. He got there all on his own - and then surrounded himself with like-minded clowns. Ding ding ding ding ding لقد تغير العالم بتغير المعادلة .نظرية وضعها فريق الرئيس ترامب 🔏

The Lawyers are rather bad making Trump look like a fool. realDonaldTrump is a fool himself, other seems fool when they obey him. Oh no! Please let me be the first to reassure ex-President Trump. He did not need the assistance of his imbecilic legal team to make him look bad. He did just fine all by himself.

He doesn't need those incompetent idiots to make himself look like one... Worried? Thats funny. That’s the first thing Trump’s said that makes any sense. OMG that man is unbelievable, just unbelievable. Heraldo wanted to name a vaccine after Trump? They need to name an antidepressant after him !!Instead of calling it Prozac they need to call it Trumpzac!

Trump didn't need them to do that for him, but they are certainly helping! Worse than the rape accusations levied by dozens of victims? Or stealing from a children's cancer charity? Or cowardly dodging the draft and military service? Didn’t realise he needed any help. Rudy Who? 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 That’s some wild karma right there. dumbfuck dipshit realDonaldTrump

Well they’re no prize that is for sure. But I’d look a little closer to home for what is making him look bad. That's not true bcuz this claim is disputed. Why Twitter didn't add it below Independent tweet? Not as if Trump needs any help with that. Mate, that ship sailed a long time ago Well he is paying an awful lot of our money for something he clearly does very well on his own...

wow, such a foresight, he must be the president... :D If the shoe fits, wear it. Can’t believe Trump’s right for once. Excuse me Holmes but we appear to be out of faecal matter again.. It will be interesting when Trump loses his power and all the people come out of the woodwork... Pass the beer nuts :-) That should have been the concern when he showed up at the landscaping place.

Trump needs to put up or shut up. Do not hold back. scott brown has a law degree AND owes trump a favor. That’s what it is... sure, darling, sure... Bit late He shouldn’t worry about it. They are definitely making him look bad Like he needs any help. Birds of a feather....... Trump doesn't need Rudy to make him look bad, he's doing a bang up job all by himself.

The organ grinder can't blame the monkeys. You mean like your pretending to be a legitimate, unbiased source of news They are Donald is a sharp guy to have picked this up so quickly 😂🤣😅😅😅 The baddest ;-) Honey, does this dress make me look fat? Ya. That's obvious. Self awareness is not Trump’s strongest suit. An utter clown show

Too late that has already been done Trump chose the fools to represent him, the King of Fools Because they are He took long to realize. you are doing a great job, doing this all by yourself Man fails to look at image in his mirror. Trump needs no one to help him look like a fool. 😂 No danger in that mate. You seem to have that covered by yourself. DontGiveYourselfCredit Trump

You think! I would go as far as saying making you look crazy, unhinged, incompetent and delusional. Post mortem . You are DONE Yrump Don’t think he has a problem. He looks much more foolish than they do! well he is your fools... No fear Donny T... Youre doing a great job of that on your own... You dont have to lose out on credit to the melting man and his sidekicks

No realDonaldTrump is making himself look bad. Again always blaming others. Thank God the order for transition has been signed. I think they are deliberately making him look bad. '...making him look bad' To be honest, he doesn't need Rudy calloudi to make him look bad. Trump manages that all on his own.

He’s done a good job of that himself!! ‘Disinfectant is effective! Maybe we can do something with that, like a flush in the body’ 👍 Bit like Hitler worrying that the SS making him look bad. No shit Sherlock ... strange. They made him looking exactly how he is... Irony at its best. A government of the fools, by the fools, of the fools, shall parish and never come back.

He's half right.... Man who makes himself look bad worries that other people will make him look bad... sound reasoning. For once he’s right No he isnt. Ha ha ha, they don't care about fake news.😂😂😂 The penny drops. I wouldn't worry Donny, both yourself and your legal team are doing a fine job of making you look bad, your hairs just s bonus

😂😂😂 To late for that. That started at birth He's quite capable of doing that himself. But they are laughable Well, he does a great job on his own, but yeah, Rudy is a dumpster fire rolling down a mountain in the wrong lane and loaded with explosives. No question about it They are more than fools.... Melting clowns, like RudyGiuliani

Who is paying for the Trump legal teams? Trump himself, The Republicans or private donors? Bit late for that..... No competent and ethical lawyer would take his case. They are just freeloading off of campaign donations. 😂😂you own this Trump no one could make you look good He always looked bad they are making him look worse

Now he's worries? Now?!!! TrumpCollapse TrumpLegal I trust we all know the answer to that. Trump is a con man being cheated by lawyers who are making a lot of money. You think? But the babbling foolery of trump and plenty former members to members to actual fake news types are constantly shown to the public of how their puking garbage words are for all to see and all to question as WTF!?

Pot and kettle There was nothing in it for Giuliani only glory .More disturbing is Fox news close association to Trump as a person , are they not worried how bad it looks . Classic propaganda Write something to discredit or belittle the various serious and massive fraud Then come up with some “anonymous sources say” bs Same thing for four years straight This tweet is going to age very VERY badly Mark it

he doesn’t need his legal team to do that, he does it well enough on his own. That train has left the station. They're just doing their job well. He’s the fool making himself look bad. Birds of a feather. This should read 'The patent foolishness of his legal team is now worrying Trump.' Whatever gave him that idea?

realDonaldTrump YOU’RE THE FOOL ACTUALLY 🥸 He just found out that? 🤣 Could it be that Rudy intentionally committed harakiri using Four Seasons Landscaping and hair dye? 🇺🇸 CNNPolitics nytimes FoxNews He has no need to worry that his legal team may be making him look foolish. His legal team are without any doubt making him look foolish .

He now realized that? Lol 🤣🤣🤣🤣 they're all clowns. The sideshow will be over soon. 🤡🤡🤡🤡 Nobody can make Trump look worse than he's doing for himself. A narcissist who went completely bonkers when he lost the election. He should be carried out of the WH in a straight jacket. Giuliani is just an embarrassment

Yeeeeah I don't think so ReleaseTheKraken 🙄ummm too late! I honestly can’t imagine a more suited pairing Nobody is able to make Trump look bad as he ways looked bad. He is very selfish and he blamed their team Someone tell him he can relax. He looked bad way before Rudy and his incompetent hairdresser showed up.

Thatsit talk it up. fakenews Here we go. Trump looking for the fall guy. Surely it can’t be him and his kids fault! Legal teams are directed by their clients and governed by the law. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤡 Pot and kettle spring to mind !!!! Trump looked like an idiot before he hired hair dye Rudy. Washington, DC needs to take accountability. A jackass like Trump almost ruined the beauty of our democracy! How will America be able to regain respect from our allies? Trump lied so many times!

Wow, self awareness right there. First time in 4 years 😄 He doesn't need help It’s a low bar Everybody here has a variation on the same comment...what does that tell you? Anyone falls for this clickbait are idiots end of. Little late now... When conspiracy theories are aired in public it just makes those who spout this nonsense look like real nutters ...which more than likely they are.

Rudy and Don, work together, dye together. He doesn't need their help. No... Trump doesn't need Giuliani's help. The world kniw that Trump's a bad fool. Only media are fools To late for that trumps been a Fool for 75 years now Wow. No self awareness. I really dont understand trumpian thought processes But they are bumbling fool’s with wild conspiracies that fail to stand up to scrutiny that confirms how pathetic he is.

Giuliani making Trump look bad? Sure. But not making him look any worse. Trump does that all by himself! That ship has already sailed. Trump does not realize that he IS bad! No, no, he did that all by himself, they've just amplified it. only needs a mirror to do that trump 😂 They at the very least are. realDonaldTrump

Do not be afraid of anyone opinions. Professional health will be kind generous that is more than anyone can ask for anybody just remember no one is good in this world. He does not need his legal idiots to look bad, he can do that perfectly well by himself