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Trump invites far-right internet figures to discuss bias at ‘social media summit’

Trump invites far-right internet figures to discuss bias at ‘social media summit’


Trump invites far-right internet figures to discuss bias at ‘ social media summit’

Attending Thursday’s event will be Project Veritas founder James O’Keefe, and activists Bill Mitchell and Charlie Kirk, but no social media

Because no stakeholders from the social media companies being criticized were invited to the event, it amounts to “more of a press conference than a summit,” said Joan Donovan, director of the Technology and Social Change Research Project at Harvard’s Shorenstein Center.

Facebook’s terms of service ban individuals and organizations that “promote or engage in violence and hate, regardless of ideology”, which the company cited when it removed a number of right wing pundits in May. Twitter’s terms of service prohibit “hateful conduct”, including threats or harassment on the basis of race, sexual orientation, gender or religion. It also bans “threats, glorifications of violence, bullying, targeted harassment and the incitement of others to harass”.

The group is asking people to sign a petition calling on social media companies to ban hate speech.

Read more: The Guardian

far right to those left reading main stream media fakenews Far right guardian has no clue what right and left mean in politics. ‘Far right’ = anyone who doesn’t believe in open borders. ‘Far right’ = anyone who the disagrees with. As long as you keep abusing the term, you will render it meaningless. Blah blah blah blah blah blah bollocks..

The irony as The Guardian use the word ‘bias’ in their tweet. Far right. That’s what to expect with Trump. Only sees what he wants to see Putin must be laughing his socks off ... Really? Far right, are you sure? You might want to do some research before you talk such crap.

David Attenborough takes aim at Trump and warns climate change will cause 'deep social unrest''We cannot be radical enough in dealing with these issues' Lol like it did in the Dinosaur era ...

🤦‍♂️ WHICH ONES ARE FAR RIGHT AND WHY? Love from a Corbyn voter xxx BorisJohnson Nigel_Farage hey boys, a top tip from your mentor!! All you need to do is get bbcnews along to say how brilliant you are! Oh right, I get it. One step ahead! As you were - on the far right and the wrong side of history.

Playing the victim card, since 1970. Course he does, no bias there then ! If he could, he’d invite the devil for lunch in yet another show for his whackjob Q Anon base zero will come of it we will forget it it in 1 day Oxymoron: Trump and Best. Fake News, Fake News, don’t cry if you were not invited. 😂😂😂😂

stop coverig him and them. give up a few pennies if you have to. plenty of real news that people will buy, that will be good for the world. Have you noticed, scummy rags like the Guardian label and smear everybody that disagrees with them as far right. No wonder they never get taken seriously.

Melania Trump v Ivanka Trump style: Who wears the most expensive outfits?First Lady of the United States Melania Trump stuns in a long black dress with a brown belt as she attends Ritter Park in her visit to West Virginia. Does anyone really care

Is Instagram the summit of social media. No...not all WERE 'FAR RIGHT' as you erroneously reported here! What you are calling 'FAR RIGHT' in most instances is...CENTRIST! You are trying to stir the pot, yet again with hyperbole! Pouahahahha There is nobody Trump isn’t prepared to legitimise, is there? And the gop are fine because old gop now far right gop

those people are as far-right as this is journalism lol, those people are centrist, big capital and Pro- Israel shills. Do you even know what far right means? Anyone to the right of Marx is a Nazi. Got it. Isn’t it a little biased just inviting the far-right ones? “far-right”.

Megan Rapinoe tells Trump that his America is 'not great for enough people right now'United States women's captain and World Cup winner Megan Rapinoe has become an international star over the past few weeks for her performances on the pitch and speaking out against Donald Trump . The Truth! Rapinope needs to be canceled. It's so great that you have the right to disrespect your president without repercussions. People like her are spoilt and take for granted the freedoms and opportunities that they have. She really needs to grow up.

So what if he did invite them Thin skinned little man asks people who agree with him to slag off anyone who doesn't. LOL Charlie Kirk. Okay. Far right? How about normal people! Far right!! Lol! Because ppl respect the flag, our country & president they r far right? Dumb! God help us all Far right What ? Really Your mean American Patriots?

Far right!!! Wtf Nothing far right about Charlie Kirk Since when are law respectful citizens far right?

Mick Jagger ridicules Trump at Rolling Stones live showUS president claimed that army had seized airports more than a century before the invention of the aeroplane

Far right To be fair, he is a Nazi. So in your article opening paragraph- the White House has released few details but your sources which are ‘critics’ say this will create ‘a circus’ & cause more problems than it will solve -a little bias there FakeNews & YES social media does discriminate against Trump!

Please don’t cover it. Nothing of interest will be discussed. We can read the two sentence summary. 'Trump invites FAR-RIGHT internet figures to discuss BIAS at ‘social media summit’.' Thank you for showing everyone with your headline why this meeting is justified. You people think 'far-right' means anyone that would think for themselves. From an American to you, piss off.

This gives a 360 view of the issue You overuse the term 'far right'. Anything right of left wing is far right to you. Trump and fellow cronies to discuss bias against right wing authoritarians. Far right? The dude celebrating the legalization of sodomy in Botswana is not 'far right,' you lyng demons. Everyone The Guardian doesn’t agree with is far right.

Ambassador row: Trump not in a mood to let this passThe danger for Boris Johnson is that he will find himself portrayed not as PM, but as governor of the 51st state Not while Epstein is the alternative headline grabber anyway! 😐 Who is responsible for stealing correspondence and leaking to papers? Any guess? Is Russia a good guess? Perhaps the ambassador should have murdered a journalist. That is a way to make friends with Trump.

not far right you goons. Nazis gonna Naz *correction* Trump invites internet figures from across the political spectrum.... (but thanks for highlighting the bias of .) 😉 Fictional far-right again 🤦‍♂️ Charlie Kirk is not far right.... he’s a young intelligent person who has pride in his country and supports his President.

He’s completely off his trolley! This is the guy that BorisJohnson or as he will be soon be, Governor Johnson, reports to! Bring your Neo-Nazi to Work Day.. - Trump invites far-right internet figures to discuss bias at ‘social media summit’ (link: Another great example of biased journalism: 'You have an opinion: you are extreme right...' Tell me, what makes Timcast extreme right for example ?

More like “confirmation bias” amirite?

Ted Cruz exploded over Fox News' pro-Trump bias in 2016, new book claimsRival for Republican presidential nomination believed Trump was actively helped by TV channel, American Carnage author writes OK I'll say it: he looks much, much better with the beard than without it. How about when he called his wife ugly he and many others prolly did over CNN's bias toward Clinton? Of course he did, he was running against him! Where's the news?

This is propaganda, Charlie Kirk is not a “far right Internet figure”, he’s a pretty famous conservative pundit.Why do you all have to frame everything like You are introducing Hitler. You calling them far right is precisely why bias needs to be discussed, and you're not invited. Your far left, racist rhetoric needs to be challenged at every step.

That would be a really good place to gave an earthquake epicentre. Mind your Brexit. Conservative is NOT far right. dbongino I remember years ago when far-right was someone who was a consummate racist, idolized the nazis, and were anti-legal immigration of any kind. Now the far right are centrists with a sense of humour, for freedom of speech, and are critical of Woke politics, and sick of the hyper PC

They are going discuss how being called a racist when you're a racist is racist. Yes, they are that dumb. The sounds of an echo chamber What a field day, we will have to see if they show, smile for the cameras. Why is that? Oh yes because the left wing platforms of big tech have banned everyone right of Stalin. This comment thread is annoyingly dense.

Can anyone please explain to me the difference between regular right wing and far right

FFS did he invite them, or did miller? Is the brexitparty_uk supporting KTHopkins no longer repulsive, or relevant enough to get an invite. Trump cozies up to white nationalists. I don't have to explain why. 'far-right' Fake News from the far-left propaganda Guardian! He’s got every crisis that HE’S manufactured on a low boil.. so he’s got time to host Twitter & Facebook’s biggest assholes & give credibility to all their insane bullshit? Think the leaders of Iran, North Korea, Russia, China, & Saudi Arabia are all ALSO goofing off? MeEither🙄

Everyone to the right of the radical far left The Guardian is far right. Lol. Not surprising at all! He himself is à extremist with great arrogance and prejudice Lies and Bigotry ?

O'Keefe s/b IN JAIL. Seriously. He loves a good echo chamber kissing up for his campaign. Unless you're an Aspirational Ideological worshipper of all things Trump & Morrison's LNP, you should be banned from all forms of Social Media. How good would this be for democracy in the Free Choice World? Right up his alley ...headline should read 'White Supremacist President meets Far Right Reps' to discuss how to use the internet to help the Mad Man send his message of HATE and Rascism to more and more people

Not far right...silly girl...don't be afraid of words . Timcast

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