Trump impeachment live: Ten Republicans join Democrats in voting to impeach Trump - but no imminent Senate trial

Donald Trump has been impeached for a historic second time - with 10 of his own Republicans voting against him.

1/14/2021 2:32:00 AM

'We need to listen to one another, not silence one another'. Donald Trump has called on all Americans to 'overcome the passions of the moment' and focus on 'advancing the interest of the whole nation'. Live updates on his impeachment 👉

Donald Trump has been impeached for a historic second time - with 10 of his own Republicans voting against him.

By Sally Lockwood, Sky correspondentAlready we are seeing the damage done to his brand – even Parler, that social media app favoured by Donald Trump's base, which was used in a lot of the organisation for last Wednesday, has announced it will not be going back online this evening.

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It's been reported by Reuters in the last few minutes the platform may never go back online, with a statement saying:"It's hard to keep track of how many people are telling us that we can no longer do business with them."It does seem Donald Trump's brand has become toxic. He's already lost a lot of high-profile donors and bankers, and t

here are also reports of licences being withdraw for some of his attractions in New York.The PGA has also pulled out of running their event at Trump's golf course in New Jersey from 2022.21:43Trump expected to react laterBanned from Twitter, the now-twice impeached president will make a video statement later on.

21:40Analysis: Trump's presidency started, and will end in, controversyBy Cordelia Lynch, US Correspondent, in Washington DCDonald Trump becomes the first president to be impeached twice.A bleakly unique entrance into the history books.A presidency that started with a blaze of controversy, ends in it.

The dynamics shifted. This time, some in his own party went against him.All eyes now on whether the Senate will vote to convict or acquit.There was little to no jeopardy for him last year.This time, there is.The history books tell us it's difficult for a president to get impeached.

It's not meant to be easy to lose an election as an incumbent either.And yet Trump has been impeached twice and lost the election all in the space of a year.From insurrection, to impeachment- it was just one week.Rapid change, rapid demise.21:37It's official - Donald Trump has become the first US president in history to be impeached twice

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has gavelled the historic motion.The articles will now be sent to the Senate for an impeachment trial.The total votes were 232 in favour, with 196 against.21:35Tenth Republican votes to impeachAnother Republican has voted to impeach Donald Trump - adding to the surprising total.

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The conclusion of the vote is expected imminently, which will rubber stamp the impeachment.21:33Analysis: 'Donald Trump's presidency will be infamous'By Alex Rossi, news correspondent, in Washington DCDonald Trump has made history. His presidency will be infamous for time immemorial.

After almost three-and-a-half hours of highly charged and impassioned debate he's the only president to be impeached twice - an ignominious legacy.The only other presidents to be impeached were Andrew Johnson in 1861 and Bill Clinton in 1998 - neither were convicted at their Senate trials.

Richard Nixon resigned in 1974 before he could be impeached.The impeachment of Trump - even if it doesn't succeed in the Senate - sends out a strong message.The big question though is what it means for America?In a week's time the country will have a new president - Joe Biden - but the politics of division are unlikely to change.

A bumpy and dangerous road littered with the toxic detritus of Trumpism lies ahead.21:25Majority of members of the House of Representatives have voted to impeach Donald TrumpHowever, the result is not yet official until it is gavelled by the speaker.Voting will continue.

21:20A ninth Republican has voted for the impeachmentOn the live vote tally, a ninth Republican has voted for the impeachment of Donald Trump - said to be Tom Rice of South Carolina.There are only around ten votes left to cast.21:18Eighth Republican says he will vote for impeachment

Anthony Gonzalez from Ohio, has announced he is minded to support the impeachment this evening.Mr Gonzalez admits that Mr Trump incited and organised a mob - going further than many of his colleagues.21:13Back in the House - voting is likely to take longer than the usual 15 minutes

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Despite the electronic voting system, the voting process will take a lot longer than the normal 15 minutes.During the division, a number of proxy votes will be made - this is where members will stand and declare how their absent colleagues will vote on the floor.

This is largely due to social-distancing rules, triggered by COVID-19.So far, 153 Democrats and seven Republicans have voted in favour of impeachment, with 158 Republicans voting against.21:05Away from Washington DC - Houston police officer part of Capitol riots

A police officer in Houston, Texas, has been relieved of duty after being identified as having entered the Capitol as part of the riots last week.The 18-year-veteran will likely face federal charges, according to NBC.20:57Analysis: 'The debate was blistering with powerful arguments'

By Alex Rossi, news correspondent, in Washington DCIt's been a blistering debate with extremely powerful arguments on both sides of the House.There was an appeal earlier from Democrat Majority Leader Steny Hoyer for Republicans to do the right thing.

He says this is"no ordinary roll call".This vote is about the"fidelity to our constitution" and"the necessity we share to protect our democracy".20:53Members of the US House of Representatives are voting on the impeachment of President Donald Trump for the second time

Results of the vote are expected shortly.It has been less than 13 months since he was last impeached.20:52Another Republican says he will vote to impeach Donald TrumpPeter Meijer from Michigan says with a heavy heart, he will vote to impeach Donald Trump.

He becomes the seventh Republican to say he will vote against Mr Trump.20:37Things wrapping up in the HouseThe remaining minutes of the debate have been handed to the final speakers on both sides, with House leaders for both Republicans and Democrats wrapping up the proceedings.

Representatives will shortly vote on whether to impeach Donald Trump for the second time.20:29What happens if Donald Trump is impeached?If Donald Trump is impeached by the House of Representatives, it means his fate will be in the hands of the US Senate - just up the corridor.

An impeachment trial will then take place in the Senate, where senior US lawmakers will decide if Mr Trump is guilty or not of the charges levelled against him.Should he be found guilty in the Senate, Mr Trump will be banned from ever holding political office again, which would end his plans to run in 2024.

He would also lose his lifetime travel allowance, his pension and staff funding.If it happens before next Wednesday, which is increasingly unlikely, he will be removed from office, with Mike Pence installed for the remainder of the term.However, if he is found not guilty, he is essentially cleared - but he will still have been impeached.

If the vote goes as expected and House representatives vote to impeach - Mr Trump will become the first US president in history to be impeached twice, no matter the outcome in the Senate.20:25Social distancing in the HouseDue to the social distancing in place for the debate and vote on the articles of impeachment, there has been a steady trickle of representatives entering and leaving the house. Seen here is Republican Madison Cawthorn

20:20Debate coming to an end for the GOPRepublican Lee Zeldin from New York has been given two-and-a-half minutes to talk by his colleague - a sign things are drawing to an end for the GOP.Meanwhile, Democrats are still being offered 30 seconds to make speeches, due to the number of people still waiting to talk.

A vote will follow the debate, with results expected to confirm Donald Trump will be impeached.20:14Dipping out of the debate - Senate Republican leader says he has not made a decision on how he will voteMitch McConnell, who leads the Republicans in the Senate, says he has not decided which way he will vote in the impeachment trial if it passes through the House of Representatives.

He told colleagues:"While the press has been full of speculation, I have not made a final decision on how I will vote and I intend to listen to the legal arguments when they are presented to the Senate."20:10Republican says Democrats hate Donald Trump

Republican Doug LaMalfa says there is an"unbridled hatred of the president" by his opponents, whether it is on his views on abortion or climate change.He also gives the"left wing media" a shout out, parroting words often used by President Trump himself.

However, he made no references to the charges against the president in his brief speech.More Republicans are now taking to the microphone - but they are now being given longer to talk, implying not many are left to speak.20:04Vote inches closer - but there are people still waiting to talk

A vote was due around now, however both sides still have members wanting to talk in the House.Unsurprisingly, Democrats continue to call for impeachment, while Republicans keep pushing back - despite recognising last week's violence.Both sides have around 10 minutes left to make their arguments.

19:58Outside the White House - Protest banners in place on Washington DC fencingDespite the new security measures in the US capital, protesters have still put up signs calling for president Trump to be impeached in front of the White House.19:56Republican says impeachment will offend those who voted for Trump

Bob Good from Virginia says he stands against the"sham" impeachment, while listing off a string of Donald Trump's achievements in office.He reminds colleagues that there are only seven days left of the president's term.Mr Good added that by impeaching Donald Trump, Democrats will offend the 75 million people who voted for him in the election.

19:42Back in the chamber - Democrats are still standing strong on their messageThe steady string of Democrats walking up to the microphone continues, with them all calling for the impeachment of Donald Trump.Both sides have around 18 minutes of time each left to make their arguments.

19:36Meanwhile out in the corridors - pizza is being delivered to the National GuardRepublican House representatives Michael Waltz and Vicky Hartzler have been handing out pizza to the National Guard waiting in the corridors of the Capitol.19:33'Censored' Republican now speaking on the floor of the US House of Representatives

Marjorie Taylor Greene, a Georgian Republican, called out Democrats over their actions over the summer during the Black Lives Matter protests, arguing more people died in those, adding that many on the left encouraged them.She is saying this, on national television, while wearing a face mask that says she has been"censored".

19:27Stolen podium recovered - and being prepped for useThe podium stolen by the mob last week has been found, and is now being prepared for use at a press event by Nancy Pelosi later.19:25While the debate continues inside - Troops continue to gather outside

NBC's Vaughn Hillyard is outside the Capitol this evening, where National Guard troops continue to arrive in Washington DC.19:23Republicans struggling for speakersAs the debate continues, Democrat speakers are far outnumbering those from the Republican party.

Jim Jordan, an Ohio Republican, continues to"reserve" his time for others to speak in the House, but Democrats keep making up the bulk of speeches.19:03President Trump calls for 'NO violence'In a statement released by the White House, the president has called for"ALL Americans to help ease tensions and calm tempers".

He is unable to tweet as his account is banned.18:50Another Republican says she will vote for impeachmentWashington'sJaime Herrera Beutler says she will vote to impeach Donald Trump."I am not choosing a side, I am choosing truth. It's the only way to defeat fear," she said.

Six Republicans have now said they will vote against Donald Trump.18:47Republicans line up to condemn last week's riots - with another saying they will vote against TrumpWashington's Dan Newhouse, a Republican, told the House he would vote to impeach Donald Trump - triggering applause from Democrats.

He said that Mr Trump incited a mob last week, and will be voting with a"heavy heart".Other Republicans, at the start of speeches, are all mostly condemning the violence seen at the Capitol last week - but stop short of blaming the president.

18:37Republican leader says Trump is responsible for the riotsCalifornian Kevin McCarthy, the Republican minority leader, uses his speech to attack those who led the riots in the Capitol and pay tribute to the police officers who lost their lives.However, he says that impeaching the president on such a short time frame would be a"mistake" - but adds Mr Trump does bear responsibility for last week's riots.

Instead, he wants a"fact-finding" commission on what happened.As many Republicans have done previously, he calls for bi-partisan unity.Mr McCarthy also referenced the election of 1800, saying partisan, political attacks split the country, but adds by resigning, President John Adams brought the US back together and allowed Thomas Jefferson to get on with his work.

Lots for Hamilton fans to digest in that speech.18:24Robert De Niro and Madonna get a shout out in the HouseRepublican Ken Buck attacks the likes of Robert De Niro, who once said he would punch Mr Trump, and Madonna, who apparently once said she would bomb the White House, as part of his argument against impeachment.

Not quite the shout outs they were expecting, no doubt.He also lambasts those who called for people to harass Republicans in public spaces.Meanwhile, Matt Gaetz, a Republican from Florida, spends his time parroting the unfounded claims of voting irregularities in the election - one of the first members to directly reference the November vote.

He also complains about the race protests in the summer, which often turned violent, shouting:"They say Mr Trump lit the flames - they lit actual flames."18:14Analysis: 'Joe Biden will have to decide what to prioritise in the Senate'

By Cordelia Lynch, US correspondent, in Washington DCMitch McConnell's spokesperson has said he won't hold Senate trial before 19 January.That means it will take place during the Biden administration. Biden will need to decide what to prioritise.

He will want to focus on his agenda. An all-consuming Senate trial may not play well with voters. Read more: Sky News »

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Students from more than 50 universities are taking part in a rent strike.

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