Coronavirus Outbreak, Boris Johnson, Infectious Diseases, Science, Donald Trump

Coronavirus Outbreak, Boris Johnson

Trump: I have asked US pharma CEOs to offer Johnson experimental Covid-19 treatments

Trump: I have asked US pharma CEOs to offer Johnson experimental Covid-19 treatments

4/7/2020 4:13:00 AM

Trump: I have asked US pharma CEOs to offer Johnson experimental Covid-19 treatments


Tue 7 Apr 2020 01.34 BSTDonald Trump has said he asked US pharmaceutical companies working on experimental coronavirus drugs to approach Boris Johnson’s doctors and offer their help, after it emerged that theBritish prime minister was in intensive care.

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In an evening press briefing, Trump did not name the companies or the drugs, but earlier in the day he held a conference about therapeutic drugs with the heads of four US pharmaceutical and biotech companies: Amgen, Genetech, Gilead, and Regeneron.Trump has

consistently promotedthe anti-malarial drug hydroxychloroquine in combination with an antibiotic azithromycin, as a “game-changer” in the battle with coronavirus, although his own health officials have cautioned that there is no proof they are effective.

“I’ve asked two of the leading companies ... They’ve come with the solutions and just have done incredible jobs – and I’ve asked him to contact London immediately,” Trump said. “They’ve really advanced therapeutics … and they have arrived in London already. The London office has whatever they need. We’ll see if we can be of help. We’ve contacted all of Boris’s doctors, and we’ll see what is going to take place, but they are ready to go.”

“They’ve had meetings with the doctors, and we’ll see whether or not they want to go that route,” Trump added. “But when you’re in intensive care it’s a big deal. So they’re there and they’re ready.”Trump heaped praise on Johnson, who he has consistently seen as one of his closest allies.

“We’re very saddened to hear that he was taken into intensive care this afternoon, a little while ago, and Americans are all praying for his recovery,” the president said. “He’s been a really good friend. He’s been really something very special: strong, resolute, doesn’t quit, doesn’t give up.”

Asked by the Guardian whether the prime minister’s initially relaxed approach to the pandemic may have been a mistake, Trump – who took a similar approach in the early weeks – replied cautiously.“Boris was looking at it differently. He was looking at it earlier. He was looking at it like: ride it out. There were many people thinking about riding it out. Meaning, whatever it is, it is. But then you see what starts to happen, then the numbers become monumental, and they decided not to do that.”

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Describing Monday’s call with the four pharmaceutical company heads, the White House spokeswoman, Stephanie Grisham, said: “We are working hard to tear down barriers, cut red tape, & encourage cooperation across private industries and government.”

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🤣🤣🤣🤣 Offering is one thing but bragging about it 🤮 Sociopath likes being centre stage - surprise. Is this code for experimenting with drugs like they did in the 60's. We all know that Trump researched the Pandemic by watching films Were I in Boris's position, I can think of few words which would terrify me more.

What’s up with him and these drugs, does he invest on them by any chance? Yes please! Thanks Let’s test out our stuff on another world leader. Utter spoon Oh shut up. Trump saves the world... he’d love it... They could try bloodletting...🤦🏻‍♀️ Drug dealer What could possibly go wrong?🙄 One thing is right though, someone is getting a juicy kickback. Viva capitalism!

God syndrome - but oh! so funny! I needed a good laugh today! AND Good luck mister BorisJohnson 🍀 COVID19 I get it. You want to kill him. Special relationship goes to a whole new level. Hmmm, let’s experiment on Boris 🤔 🐖 Hopefully the NHS doctors will rely on proven medical interventions, whether we like Boris or not let us hope he comes out of this in good shape. The last thing Britain needs is leadership instability, so for all the Tory sharks, stop circling.

experimental Covid-19 treatment? is he insane. DIVINE TRUMP! JB! B! PING! together ! 三大洲 rise ! rise ! rise ! 三大洲 五大點 三必死 600-year Peace and Prosperities with all global loyal divine great friends! without gangs/riggers/drug dealers/drug smugglers/human smugglers/criminals... kill them all no wars! save Earth!

People are missing the point here. The NHS doesn't treat you if you have pneumonia. There's literally no treatment for it. It's entirely on your own immune system to fight it a d if it's too weak you die. Regardless of how much oxygen they pump into your lungs. Brits: what’s your feeling about Boris Johnson’s move to intensive care?

Dr. Trump 🙏🙏 We like to listen to our doctors thanks Trump has vaccine You couldn’t fucking make it up. ? Even if it did work... the UK Surely have their own stash of these drugs? Why is trump sending more? Doctoring from across the pond. I wish it were PB Boris Johnson as Guinea Pig? This shows beyond any doubt Trump’s genius and unmatched brilliance in finding good solutions to a critical situation.

This sounds like a superhero origin story. If the PM is cured by Trump's radioactive arachnid I predict his new name will be Boris the Spider. GetWellBoris Do the maaths on everything , the stats and facts on everything just don't add up correctly in my opinion 🤔🧐 He's a f*ing snake oil salesman. These two deserve each other.

Ummm he wants to experiment on a foreign leader? There’s nothing to lose. Better to try something that might save his life than watch him deteriorates. Boris is doomed Trump's tactic is to ask the reporters a counter question falsely seeking irrelevant detail in order to dismiss the reporters and quickly move on.

You can’t really start offering Boris experimental treatments lmaooo wtf Not sure if chanting mantras whilst waving large daisies over his chest as he's slapped with a mullet will work? But these are desperate times. Eh fuck it sure take em . Propuesta de como hacer un ventilador respirador para pacientes de COVID 19 usando un respirador de paramédico manual y un motor de limpiadores de auto. Ventilator made of paramedic pump and windshield wipers La formula es similar a SEAT España

Anything, as long as he can put himself at the centre of the show I would suggest its Trump who needs treatments. Our PM will just be fine in the hands of our excellent NHS thank you very much. Cause u have the clout. Hey u duufus sure hell get latest n greatest. FORREST TRUMP I wish Trump would shake hands with Boris

So in Trump's mind Johnson is a experimental article? Damn look how toxic your followers are. You’re meant to be good guys. Speed recovery. I may hate some of your rhetoric or politic but you sacrifice your health for your country. You will get better soon to become a better man. is it that miracle snake oil ointment by any chance?

Don't drink the yellow water Boris Using a PM of a country as guinea pig...? i heard arsenic is really good for it What a fake behaviour:) He's desperate for the cure that will make him the big hero. Leeches next. Great idea, let's experiment on Boris

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Donald Trump says Americans are praying for 'resolute' Boris Johnson – videoTrump also said he asked pharmaceutical companies to 'contact London' regarding Johnson to see 'if we can be of help'. Trump is babbling Dear News Media, STOP ASKING TRUMP ANY QUESTIONS. ONLY ASK THE MEDICAL PROFESSIONALS.

Coronavirus live news: Boris Johnson in intensive care as Trump sends prayersUK foreign secretary Dominic Raab to lead country through crisis while Johnson in hospital. Follow the latest updates. That was kind of a petty headline... Question: Who is realDonaldTrump praying to though?🤔 Wish you speedy recovery

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Johnson seems unable to unify us. Who will speak for the country? | John HarrisThere is a collective spirit woven through this crisis. Sooner or later, that spirit will demand to be voiced by the person who leads us, says the Guardian columnist John Harris You can leave me out of this. Keir Can Fix It. Nobody can fully unify a whole country nobody ever has, but he has a large majority so it’s best he speaks for the majority and you triggered lefties can keep listening to AyoCaesar or terrychristian or some other irrelevant tool.