Trump hits Palm Beach course, says Putin was a 'friend'

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Trump 'told Putin he'd NUKE Moscow if he invaded Ukraine'

. 'I say, Vladimir, if you do it we're hitting Moscow. We're going to hit Moscow. And he sort of believed me like 5%, 10% that's all you need'.


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He clearly showed those mad dictators that he was way out of their league, no wonder they all kept calm when he was president.


Yeah, *sure* he did. Doubtful Trump even knew of Ukraine's existence, never mind cared about it.

How about a list of countries he didn't threaten to nuke probably a lot shorter

Ya va tarde!!!!


Endless propaganda - if the Russian Federation and America had a serious war - and one side believed only the nuclear option left - they would use it … jingoism all day long with endless Russophobia …

Shame he’s not in power then!….


What a load of crap again from the daily snail and trumps bullshite

And we always have this blubber …

Does Trump understand how nuclear war works?

No he didn’t.

Trump would lie to God to stroke his own own ego

Mythomania Trump spoke.

Is everyone have the nuke button now

He meant if he was still in power; but then he isn’t so he can’t nuke Moscow; rather he will drink beer with Putin Incase they catch up sometime this year! IloveDonaldTrump

он ответил

Says who? Trump? 😂

It’s more like within the sentiment of gorific.

He meant it, Putin knew it too hence why he waited for a demented Joe Biden.....

He cant nuke his wife psy for a long time

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