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Trump fled to bunker as protests over George Floyd raged outside White House

Trump flees to bunker as protests over George Floyd rage outside White House

6/1/2020 9:30:00 AM

Trump flees to bunker as protests over George Floyd rage outside White House

The president has been widely criticized for his response to the demonstrations, preferring tweets over a national address

Floyd’s death in Minneapolis on Monday, has sparked unrest and protests in dozens of cities across the US, including Washington DC. Demonstrators have gathered outside the White House since Friday night, with clashes erupting intermittently outside the very perimeter of the White House.

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As protesters converged on the White House on Friday, the New York Times reports, “Secret Service agents abruptly rushed the president to the underground bunker used in the past during terrorist attacks.”Hardened to withstand the force of a passenger jet crashing into the White House, the bunker is the same one that sheltered vice president Dick Cheney during the terror attacks of September 11, 2001. “The president and his family were rattled by their experience on Friday night, according to several advisers,” the Times report said.

Trump has been widely criticized for his response to the protests that have rocked the nation since video of Floyd’s death began spreading on social media.Despite days of peaceful protests and violent clashes with police in some of America’s major cities, Trump has not addressed the nation and has repeatedly sent inflammatory messages over Twitter.

Late on Friday, Trump tweeted that protesters could have been attacked with “vicious dogs and ominous weapons” wielded by the US Secret Service and accused the DC mayor for supposedly not providing police to protect the White House.“They let the ‘protesters’ scream and rant as much as they wanted, but whenever someone got too frisky or out of line, they would quickly come down on them, hard – didn’t know what hit them,” Trump said.

“If they had [breached the fence],” the president continued, “they would have been greeted with the most vicious dogs, and most ominous weapons, I have ever seen. That’s when people would have been really badly hurt, at least.”The president has spoken to George Floyd’s grieving family, but according to Floyd’s brother, Philonise Floyd, the conversation was brief. “He didn’t give me an opportunity to even speak,” Floyd told MSNBC.

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When people are scared, they flee to other people who are just like them for comfort and support. Yeah, I can see that...Archie and Donnie are pretty much the same kinda people...ignorant racists It’s called secret service you lack wits BunkerBitch BunkerDon BunkerTrump BunkerBoy CowardinChief BunkerBiatch bunkerbabytrump mostVacuousPresidentEver

Any chance someone could 'accidentally' lose they key to the door once Mr. President is safely inside Even if the decision was forced on him by the Secret Service, turning off the external lights is a terrible visual. Even more terrible is the fact that he couldn't even address the nation during a night of intense division. The man who won't shut up suddenly has nothing to say.

Go foam over Harry and Megh-man. ✌🏼🤨 We DGAF what your opinion is. This article isn’t based on any facts. Fake News! Such liars He didn't hide, he went to lay down because his bone spurs were bothering Did he think it was a different kind of bunker? Funny. He can flee on foot when he wants to but those 'bone spurred' feet prevented him from serving his country in Vietnam.

How long can we keep him down there for, asking for a friend? BlackLivesMatter Hasn't he got a walk in fridge like Doris? Appropriate that Commander Bone Spurs decides to take refuge inside a bunker away from the onslaught of crowds with signs and chants. Hiding in a bunker like his idol Adolf! No one has asked the obvious question. Why did POTUS not calm the situation so he didn't have to hide. Because hide he did from the consequences of his own rhetoric.

😂😂😂😂 Hahaha realDonaldTrump What a pussy! Small protest, manji don run😂 Ceasescu? Honecker? Hitler? Did he take Twitter with him? Trump stoked the fires of hatred & violence he’s mearly repeating what he sowed 🔥💥🔥🔥💥 Snowflake So he should. Donnie got a safe-space. Only one historical figure comes to mind - Nero.

The killing of the guy wasn’t unacceptable but the guy really wasn’t a very nice guy at all, what man breaks in a house and puts a gun to a pregnant ladies stomach! Mmmm think about that maybe Instead of addressing the American people from the Oval Office to try to calm the fear, anger and hatred. During a pandemic, another man color murdered, rioting in the streets...he hides in a bunker and tweets “fake news”. cowardpotus

Did they play “macho man” as he entered? Well Johnsons runs to a fridge, or to a hospital or to chequers, or to a private island. It’s WH protocol, not his decision so stop talking balls!! Coward realDonaldTrump you are a sewage rat! Lock the door behind him and don’t let him out Bunker or sewage pipes? Hopefully the latter.

Don’t worry Donal John Wayne is on his way DUCK don’t GROSE Trump ...I want to make America great again ... trump as tbat only for white people Please can he stay there?! 🤞🤞🤞🤞 This is what happens when an administration shows no care towards it's peoples and its needs. BlackLivesMatter Fascist hiding in a bunker. That rings a bell.

That'll be the Big Mac Bunker surely?! what you would expect from a coward and bully. 'like Adolf Hitler in 1945, he is now holed up in his bunker' shane_clower With or Without Bone Spurs? Remember when he said he would run into a school to stop a shooter though? 🤔 I imagine when he got there they opened it and found 30 dead hookers inside that he'd forgotten about after an Epstein party

zunguzungu wow... -'how are you guys doing?' -'smooth! the president just hid in a bunker.' -'cool, cool.' Coward Slightly better than a fridge perhaps? coward Dear LamestreamMedia, Haven't heard your howling about Macron's police doing the same 3 days later DoubleStandardsHypocrisy Did Trump take Melania Braun to the bunker with him?

America can't breathe without a leader. Why is there a bunker?!?! Lol Orange Dump planted the seed of hate, no it is blooming. Snowflake. BunkerBoy BunkerTrump sounds dope martalempart Hope he will not nuke his own country. Ah.. this explains the silence from him on the Twitter front? What do BorisJohnson and realDonaldTrump have in common? They both like their cupboards lead lined when the questions get tough. BunkerBoy FridgeBoy

Hopefully he will still be able to golf in there I wonder if he really hid in a bunker? Is there a golf course? SharS_Aza Our GREAT president, everyone. Still in, mr. pres. Weak-Coward, lying under the bed 😏 11 hours… 'You don’t waste your energy fighting the fever; you must only fight the disease. And the disease is not racism. It is greed and the struggle for power.' - Toni Morrison

Coward So many so many white American get angry about this incident. Could Lawmakers take deep reaction despite violences... Family guy bunkerbitch It didn't work out so well for the last despot who hid out in his bunker. Sorry, but whilst I abhor Trump, this’ll just be Secret Service protocol. Dickhead or not, he’s still POTUS.

Presidential The Guardian is a disgrace Donald Trump does wear a mask ..... protests2020 Trump GeorgeFloyd BlackLivesMatter We know where you are, Trumpy It didn't work out so well for the last despot who his out in his bunker. I’m brought to mind the end of George R Romero’s Land of the Dead where Dennis Hopper’s Trump like narcissist seals himself in his ivory tower as the zombies close in. Spoiler Alert: He gets eaten. Romero was very good at subversive social commentary.

I went by the Bunker a few years back. Potsdamer Platz. In Berlin. L m a o As long as there is there is porn down there he'll be fine That's a strong sign of a leader! They hide in a bunker. The people of America voted for a wimp. People are gathering in large crowds, spreading coronavirus, because a convicted armed robber died!

Cowardly Trump cowers in his bunker. Bullies are always weak and full of hate. Trump deserves to be in LOCKDOWN this is bigger than Cvirus. Vicious Dogs fled too? HoeZaay So in ur opinion he shud hv presented himself on a platter to the rioters...? Trump is the epitome of cowardice. Trump’s America. How is everyone enjoying it?

How sad and sickening when a President needs protection from the citizens of his country. But you know he was warned many times to quit his hateful disturbing clowning around. Build that wall , jail her up, drain the swamp , little neck , Pocahontas, dumbest man, etc etc etc. King Joffrey Trump... martinm34060415 Please say they are keeping him in there till November.

The natives lived in harmony with nature in their own way. Europeans told them a foreign tale and liquidated natives fortune. Then decided that someone else should work instead them, went to Africa hunting for Zulus. I do not approve colonization. Nature of things is disturbed. IbrahimQahtani7 So fake news. Trump was in Florida for the NASA launch. I bet he’s still there

Am wondering to which vicious dogs he is referring?! That hideous Clown deserves yo be underneath the ground 👏 Does he think they've got nukes? Trump 🐓 We all know 45 will say ‘I did not want to go down to the bunker, I was staying out front, but......’ End of the Free-world. Help us Xi Ji ping! Can he please emulate his mentor Adolf while he's in there.

DF parody videos...please What a coward realDonaldTrump is! realDonaldTrump is practicing for a new version of the 2005 film Downfall. Someone did the same at the end of April 1945 in bunker in Berlin.... They really are utter cowards these 'leaders' and their protectors! Standard Secret Service procedure for protecting the President. Nothing like 'flees'. Whether we like Trump or not let's be objective please.

Trump reaps what he sows and it’s not greatness. He then switched off the lights and told WH staff not to come to work tomorrow. The man is a coward. Absolute snowflake ❄ I'm sure the secret service had nothing to do with that, at all..... so sad that they didn't throw away the keys of the bunker... would have solved a lot of issues

Wasn’t he to build a wall? Guarantee he will deny going to the bunker. What could President 'Hang the Central Park Five' Trump say to the people? 'I egged the white nationalists and racists on, it's the unwritten component of MAGA, which will only be accomplished by complete ethnic cleansing.'? Better to lock him up in the bunker until November.

Hey, Donald, do you know who else spent time in a bunker when the going got tough? This is so funny, really.. Run you orange cowerdly jelly, run & hide! realDonaldTrump coward no. he didn't 'False. Woodshed utilized re: intelligence management [monitor[ing] of situation(s)].' My, how prophetic... Could they have not left him in there? Perhaps told him they'll come back for him when things have calmed down. Around Novemberish?

unfollowtrump realDonaldTrump Run coward! Trump needs to be working hard to eliminate the root cause, not shutting himself away until it’s all over. This won’t go away. realDonaldTrump Wun Wabbit Wun 🤣 Comparisons with far right leaders never ends Bunker Boy, come out and playyy-ayyy! Coward Pathetic Guardian rabble rousing. Note not one word of condemnation of the rioters for spreading Coronavirus...funny how the Guardian twists in the wind

Leadership Fear grabs trump by his pu**y🤦‍♂️ Be good if he never got out😊 Not sure golf is appropriate right now. I hope they keep him in the bunker. He doesn’t deserve the Oval Office. This looks like... ”Black & White” Ya hate to see it Die Amerikanisch Führerbunker. Well I know what I would do to him if I found him

🤣🤣 omg, THE president is fleeing from his own people 🤦🏻‍♂️ priceless 👌🏻 Brave chap 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡 One hopes he felt a bit like Ceausescu in 1989 even if the ending wasn't the same, yet. Getting nervous Guardian? By pushing this FakeNews you are trying to incite protestors to do something stupid Maybe SecretService should no fly list you hacks? Highly irresponsible!

beta cuck 'Flees' has a specific definition. Prove he fled and didn't just saunter. I have a feeling you're ring hyperbolic BrianBeacock Guess Trump’s heel spurs were hurting today! If you had a mob at your door, what would you do ? Its third world bullshit to do this when he had nothing to do with any of it . The whole thing lost its message to never trumper Democrats. Shameful

kat_pep_ CowardinChief What’s the point if he still has Wifi He probably loved the attention and the idea that a team of secret service had to rush to protect him NahayatT 'n as far as bunkers go Kim '$ got better executions; Putin got$ better liquor; MBS better strippers; even Hitler got better poison. Ours is on Twitter! Like me. Bruh. U not divorced single dad. U D PRESIDENT! God dam! What I'm gonna tell my kids to dream about now? 🙈🙉🙊

Hide away ,do not face up to the problems partly of your own making . He must be related to Boris!! I wonder if they have added a gold course in there for him. What a coward..Bullies are often know for acting in this way...It is what makes them so weak...I can imagine him trembling in his orange skin as America burns..

dem whities n crackers be all blue eyed devils... “Even the most liberal well intentioned white person has a virus in his or her brain that can be activated in an instant. So what you see now is a curtain falling away…” Van Jones© CNN 5/29/2020 hahaha wannabe tough white republicans just have to accept their godemperor is a coward, just like he was for the vietnam war.

snowflake As ever he hides but creates more hate. He hides in his bunker! Creates battles like Bunker Hill Morally, how low can someone go? Is there anything worse a leader can experience, hiding from his own people in fear for life! Any good leader with honesty and integrity would come forward and lead his people without hiding. GeorgeFloyd JusticeForGeorgeFloyd WhiteHouseProtests

realDonaldTrump Failed in all its strategies,another example that in any political regime,isolationist authoritarianism and excessive protectionism does not work.And they are anti-democratic.When the government encourages violence,violation of rights,terrorism coward. Failure! Der Fuhrer bunker? So the tough tweet talk about dogs and weapons is just him hiding in his hidey hole? OK got it.

That will do his ratings a world of good. It all ended for Hitler in a bunker maybe history is repeating itself. Good word of 'flee'. He fails the US people, and cannot directly face them. Better Resign! Shitebag While his cities burn an American president cowers in his bunker. I think they've found a new darkest far.

His policies and rhetoric incites violence. Just like any other cowardly bully, he runs and hides when it's at his doorstep. It's about time they released army and started shooting this criminals out of the way. What a disgrace attacking and destroying your own country, your own history and your own president - your enemies must be laughing they pants off (China is celebrating) SHOOT THE THUGS

The door needs locking from the outside. Now how about an unbiased version. “Potus moved to safety by his advisors whilst an overwhelming mob of rioting and looting thugs pretended to act in honour of this terrible death” Our Coward-in-Chief is holed up in his bunker like Adolf Hitler. Because of Trump’s dereliction of duty, there are 105,000+ dead from Covid-19, more than 40 million are unemployed and he’s encouraged violence through his racism & hateful rhetoric. TrumpIsUnfitForOffice

There is always a Trump tweet. Let's not be too harsh. I hear tell the President is in constant communication with the Space Force. He's adamant that the protests must be contained on Earth. He doesn't want to see any burning cars or looting on the ISS... ... and yes, phasers are no longer set to stun.

President sissy boy Now if only there was a subtitled film clip of this historic event. You know who else fled to a bunker? Communist Rag Presidents don't flee or hide, they are moved into safe locations by the Secret Service Coward Chicken The is loving watching America burn. Make no mistake, scratch the liberal-left and you’ll find a neomarxist hell bent on destroying the West.

Lock him up, lock him up... The guy is a paedophile BunkerBitch!!!! He is already in an underground bunker. Maybe he'll take a cyanide pill and shoot himself like his hero did on April 30, 1945? LMAOOO what a little princess fleeing from his job We are just hoping there’s no wifi or cell service down there!

The bitch should stay there The media sticking up for rioters and looters Wuss When Hitler hid himself in the bunker, he committed suicide. Trump loves himself so much, he will not do that. The White Nationalist President is a coward. The reality TV show actor is finally staring in his own dystopian horror flick. Donald should just give up and resign. Tomorrow would be good.

margaortigas Lock 🔒 him up! Your paper could truly not become any more pathetic. Racists Are Monsters Anonymous GeorgeFloyd GeorgeFloydProtests BlackLivesMatter POTUS is in 'The Woodshed' Situation Room Monitoring Events, Not an Underground Bunker He hid from his own people, not an external threat, but US citizens?

POTUS has to follow a SecretService protocol! There was no fleeing! Twist & distort! fakenews FakeNewsMedia parscale PressSec seanhannity marklevinshow OANN He must be so tired of winning daniellejade198 We are living under the same conditions here in the uk , a totalitarian state Where the elite are unaccountable And the underclass are the victims of a Cull

It's as if he wanted to get in first with the Downfall parody videos. ReformTheUnitedStates Share it and help me make a change Donald Trump, the Most Unmanly President Its procedure for goodness sake Please can he stay there indefinitely and perhaps someone could lose the key?! Awful man karthic_KP Racist AND coward

The best bunker, the most fantastic of bunkers. There were bunkers that were less secure, but now they are saying that this is the safest place to be. And that’’s really something. President bone spurs Same one Rosie Duffield went to? Guardian? You wouldn’t use the term “flees” if Obama had done that. You’re fake news!

He’s a tiny little man probably not the first time he's been in the bunker. Need a sand wedge there, Donnie? bunkerboy All while everyone is on social media and tube sites ridiculing the violent liberals.

George Floyd: Trump rebuked for 'vicious dogs' remark after White House protest George Floyd protest outside White House was dispersed, before president boasted of ‘most vicious dogs and most ominous weapons’ Has anyone tried unplugging and plugging 2020 back in again? yes they want to rush the White House---a bunch of morons. If they get greased....too bad so sad FYI: The Secret Service has vicious dogs.

Trump supporters run over two George Floyd protestersDisturbing video footage shows a Jeep with a 'Keep America Great' flag ploughing into the young woman. showing their lefty colours as per Someone stands in the road and gets run over Trump fans running people over again 🙄

Melania Trump generates Twitterstorm with her tweet on George Floyd protestsMELANIA TRUMP was met with derision following a tweet she made as protests following the killing of George Floyd turned violent.

Lady Gaga calls Donald Trump ‘a fool and a racist’ in emotional George Floyd message‘He is fuelling a system that is already rooted in racism,’ Gaga said Another celebrity opinion that no one asked for. So wrong in so many ways. What’s the solution realDonaldTrump? BlackLivesMatter AllLivesMatter JusticeForGeorgeFloyd COVID19

Jimmy Kimmel urges viewers to vote ‘disgusting’ Trump out of office over George Floyd protest responseKimmel described US president as a man who ‘clearly and intentionally inflames violence’ Trump s best compared to sleepy Biden SO MUCH PEACEFUL PROTESTER ! He should send his address, let this criminals burn his house !

Trump criticised by Democratic mayors of cities with large George Floyd protestsPockets of violence, looting, and vandalism have marked nationwide protests over death of George Floyd it quit being about George Floyd 3 days ago. It's an insurrection, mainly fueled by Antifa She is like Obama.. They did nothing for African-Americans .. It is about time for such from a host of mayors that are as bold and brave as Atlanta's Mayor Bottoms is