Trump extends virus restrictions beyond Easter

Coronavirus: Trump extends restrictions beyond Easter

3/30/2020 2:31:00 AM

Coronavirus: Trump extends restrictions beyond Easter

The US president extends measures to 30 April, saying casualties are likely to peak in two weeks.

Speaking during the latest Coronavirus Task Force press briefing at the White House on Sunday, the president said that measures such as social distancing were"the way you win", adding that the US"will be well on our way to recovery" by June.

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Suggesting that the"peak" of recorded deaths in the US was likely to hit in two weeks, Mr Trump said that"nothing would be worse than declaring victory before victory is won"."That would be the greatest loss of all," he said.

He had previously said that Easter - the weekend of 12 April - would be a"beautiful time" to be able to open at least some sections of the country.What did Trump say about ventilators?Earlier on Sunday, Mr Trump accused hospitals in some states of"hoarding" ventilators, face masks and other critical medical supplies.

"We do have a problem with hoarding... including ventilators. Hospitals need to release them - in some cases they have too many, they have to release medical supplies and equipment," he said.Hospitals"can't hold them if they think there might be a problem weeks down the road", he said, alleging that some were"stocked up".

The availability of ventilators is a major concern among health professionals as demand has surged with the spread of the virus, A number of states have warned that they will soon run out.President Trump has ordered a car manufacturer in Detroit to produce more ventilators to satisfy demand.

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Sad and he had everyone convinced it would be over by Easter, they will be so disappointed I believe his next deadline is May 14th at 2.30pm Yes someone told him to put is ego in check and to stop spewing redorich from his pulpit.. I thought the Cortana expert Donald Trump said the epidemic was gonna be over at a prick he is

I thought Trump boasted only last week the churches will be full for Easter. Admittedly he did not mention what year. Where are his tax returns Depending on: - speed of infections - days until peak - length of non-containment We're still looking at casualties between 500k - 8m By comparison the US has lost 1.5m people in ALL the wars it's ever fought.

Good decision. The idea that you could return things to normal in such a short time was reckless and dangerous. Could very well have cost lives. Glad he changed his mind これを報道すべきです。 Nothing like jazz hands & a flat cap to get the message across! Close the state borders, stop air travel. Supply chain cargo only. This should be the norm globally atm. We are on day 89? of this year. Ppl should be staying put now. No excuses. Give the planet a rest atthesametime

Watch our Prime Monster rush to ape him. jacindaardern hasn't met an American she won't obey. Just watched his car crash press conference. His answers were incoherent, irrelevant and bordering on insane, yet he is about to win a second term in office. Absolutely flabbergasted. So which 5 days and this will all be over is this?

🙄 AaronLafond murdered Abigail Williams and Liberty German AbbyandLibby DelphiMurders A plane carrying doctors and patients explodes on a flight to Manila airport. 无耻的川普 Trump has no authority in these matters. He's frustrated and embarrassed that the state governors have jurisdiction. Making it up as he goes along. What did the world do to deserve this fool?


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US coronavirus death rate 'likely to peak in two weeks', says TrumpDonald Trump has announced emergency measures taken to counter coronavirus will remain in place at least until the end of April, as experts expect a peak in deaths over the next two weeks. More Translation: 2 months Unable to read maps, it may peak in some areas while also spreading to others because of.... a lot of reasons Lie.

Five-year-old boy donates 70 Easter eggs to NHS staff tackling coronavirusJacob collected chocolate eggs for weeks just to donate them to doctors and nurses. Lovely lad👍 Top boy, 😘 Meanwhile down here in Plymouth my wife, an NHS worker with a 30 min lunch break, was told to get to the back of the queue at the local ASDA. When she told security guy I only want a sandwich it will take 2 min, he said I’ll remember that next time I want a doctor’s appointment.

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