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Trump defends diplomat's wife who killed teenage Briton in crash: 'We've all done it'

Trump defends diplomat's wife who killed teenage Briton in crash: 'We've all done it'

10/9/2019 11:42:00 PM

Trump defends diplomat's wife who killed teenage Briton in crash: 'We've all done it'

Donald Trump has defended the wife of a US diplomat who killed a British teenager in a road accident, suggesting it is difficult to drive on the other side of the road and that 'we've all done it'.

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What, and i cannot stress this enough, the fuck? This is about the contempt that Trump, Johnson and their ilk hold the rest of in. To them we’re livestock, and every once in a while the mask slips. thekjohnston CapersColly Well republicans have a habit of it anyway 😠😠 He was talking about getting confused by having to drive on the other side of the road in a different country. He wasn't talking about killing people.

Diary of a psychopath. Nope. Never killed a person. I have to say that the real villains hare are at The Watch the statement by Trump and he says he wants to try to resolve the situation. He does not say ”we’ve all killed someone”. Very poor reporting from this paper. Does this woman think she will come back to America and be welcome? She will be a pariah in her city, social circle, basically anywhere she is identified in America.

Right... Sure... We've all driven down the wrong side of the road, killed someone, and then been bundled out the country claiming diplomatic immunity.... Sure realDonaldTrump, I guess those things are perfectly normal in your world We’ve all done it? Wtf Well, is there really any need for this outdated diplomatic immunity crap? Especially family members.

If it was an accident, she should not have run away. She needs to respect the parents of the boy. The parents need to have answers from her. Their child was killed by her. realDonaldTrump shows no sympathy for the parents. Shameful. Not at any point in that clip does he say 'we've all done it' .... Using a young lads death to score a cheap dig at Trump, how very classy

Pardon me? And here is the 'special relationship' at work. Fortunately, the U.K. government is confident that it will get a rapid and good trade deal out of its special ally. I hear the British trade delegation is first heading to Syria to get advice from the Kurds on getting good deals. Time to reopen any unsolved hit and run cases in NY.

Oh, but of course. Real life is exactly like Grand Theft Auto. How could I forget! 🤦🏻‍♂️ I'm not even sure how to respond to this in a way that will not get me kicked off Twitter. Something needs to be done! johnbelcher23 remember going the wrong way by accident on the highway in Pittsburgh and Police Helicopter came out!

Yes he's right. I remember that time I came speeding out of the drive onto the wrong side of the road head on to an oncoming motorcycle who died. I recall thinking at the time, jeez what bad luck. Could happen to anyone. He said she drove on the wrong side of the road 'it happens' and it has happened to him too. That she has diplomatic immunity. So, he will do nothing. Sorry Britain, your lives mean nothing to Trump.

Pretty sure we haven't... dacl1177 So if a Briton kills an American in America because the Briton isn't used to driving on the right, that's NBD? Wow,unbelievable Family must be upset to say the least - Can't wait for those strong long lasting US/UK Trade Deals post Brexit!!! paulhamill88 Absolute bullshit!A young man's life has been cut short because an idiotic American couldn't get used to driving on the left , thinking she could get away with murder just because she is a diplomat's wife!! She must be extradited back to UK to be prosecuted!

Surely we must be living in a can it be possible that two of the most powerful countries in the world have complete idiots as leaders I did once hit a cat on a very dark country road. Very upset, took it to the nearest house. Miraculously it was the cat’s owner, who wasn’t upset at all, ‘it’s a farm cat, we’ve got loads of them’. 😳 That’s the closest I’ve come. I was on the correct side of the road

What an absolute melter. Over to you BorisJohnson. America's first sociopath President... From his own mouth. JoshuaHol This isn't real life anymore. The American president sounds more and more every day like Dr. Evil. Is this like where you run them over, deny you’ve run them over, then say on tv that it’s ok you’ve run them over?

You're misqouting the DOTARD, no wonder he calls the media FakeNews. He was talking about driving on the wrong side of road(on the left in the UK) - and meant that 'we have all driven on the wrong side when we're over there'. drugfreeprince uh we have? America: ever wondered why crazy people crave power it's the only safe place they can unleash their craziness without repercussions. normal people don't say or do the things he does

excuse me what What an absolute tool! There are just no words. Uh what. actually, not all of us have driven on the wrong side of the road and nor have all of us have killed someone as a result djrothkopf OMG!! Diplomatic immunity used to get away with murder. Should not be allowed to hide behind diplomatic immunity when serious criminal acts have been committed. Are we really saying it’s ok to come to the UK and kill people as long as you are covered by diplomatic ties?

Driving on the other side of the road isn’t exactly rocket science to be fair. He could’ve just tweeted this to EMKInstitute amirite? He didn't actually say 'we've all done' in the clip shown? Ferretgrove I haven’t! You probably have and nobody knows about it yet! Apart from the fact you’ve probably just owned up to it without realising you codswallop 🤨

He never said those words in the clip you showed, so am I to assume that he said that later, or did you make it up? He said he personally has accidentally driven on the wrong side of the road when abroad ‘Some’ not ‘all’ might have made mistakes on the road, but no decent human being avoids taking responsibility for these mistakes! No descent human being denies a grieving family the right to justice and the chance to have their questions answered!

What a surprise- NOT. Disgraceful. roberthartleyf1 she should return to Britain to face what she's done instead of running away wait, what?!? I’ve never done it. True if you hang out with the Kennedys Well, there's something else he's confessed to to investigate in his past thekjohnston She killed a kid and to him it's just something that happens. He really has been showing today he places no value on human life. ImpeachTrump

😮 what ! djrothkopf He lacks empathy and sees people as disposable. Psychopath Oh come on, I expect better from you! Finish the quote! For those that can’t be bothered to watch he is referring to driving on the wrong side of the road when in another country, not running someone over. Here I was scrolling and minding my own business when I see this headline. mgobluegirl6

Whaaaaaat? LockThemAllUp Huh So, if I come to America, hire a car and then kill someone by driving on the wrong side of the road, that’s ok?

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