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Trump defends diplomat's wife who killed teenage Briton in crash

Trump defends diplomat's wife who killed teenage Briton in crash

10/10/2019 12:50:00 AM

Trump defends diplomat's wife who killed teenage Briton in crash

Donald Trump has defended the wife of a US diplomat who killed a British teenager in a road accident, suggesting it is difficult to drive on the other side of the road and that 'it happens'. More

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That is not the way to deal with it Neither she or her husband were registered for diplomatic immunity which they must have been in order to claim immunity.... Another indictment to add to realDonaldTrump POTUS list for his impeachment, harbouring a fugitive Your days are numbered Of course he did. There is no low that he won’t stoop to.

BrianScifiFan If she found it so 'difficult' to drive on the wrong side of the road she shouldn't have been driving then should she? I drive abroad regularly and never forget to drive on the correct side. Of course he does. It goes without saying that Trump supports the woman involved in the fatal accident, the woman who, in a sense, is a 'hit and run' kind of person. This is the same man who has created big tensions in North Eastern Syria by allowing Turkey to invade. Amazing level of ignorance.

JBax52 I hope the Brits are all clear that Trump is an idiot now. She should be forever remembered as what she is - a cold blooded murderer with no remorse. Yet Brexiteers will support him over a grieving British family. Incoherent jibberish! I hope the parents do find some way to sue her. Nothing surprises

Who need a formal investigation when you have psychic Trump? Save the police a budget The issue with diplomatic immunity is not ' the accident' itself , the problem is she fled the country when she said she would not! Parents need answers.. Send her back Wrong! Of course he did. It's Trump. No surprise there!

Typical American reaction, one of the big items causing the revolution in Iran was the Shah agreement to deport any Americans citizen committing crime in Iran. The law was named 'capitolation' (French for capitulation). Accident is an accident! she didn't kill teenager intentionally however she must pay some ransom amount to his family, this will help eased her mental condition and unwanted torture.

Britain is America's bitch on everything. And after Brexit moreso. Do as you're told, Britain. He would. Send her back to face the consequences of her actions. She killed a boy! WTF! I’m confused isn’t he supposed to pass judgement after the investigations? Surprise surprise. It's a dangerous driving caused death and hit and run. realDonaldTrump again showed how low he is, trying to protect a criminal. It still feels shocking as such a person is a leader of a country. Hand the woman back to the UK and start the trial. BBCNews BBCWorld

Absolute bullshit!A young man's life has been cut short because an idiotic American couldn't get used to driving on the left , thinking she could got away with murder just because she is a diplomat's wife!! She must be extradited back to UK to be prosecuted! I can’t believe what he just said. He exonerated her just because we drive on a different side of the road. He reduced the seriousness of this incident in his 38 second comment. Why does he justify this. It needs discussed but he just endorsed her diplomatic immunity.

Yes, we know it happens, cretin. Now something had better be done about it. Is this man on the diplomatic list? If not, he's not a diplomat. That diplomat's wife should go get her picture taken, having a laugh with Laura Bush. Middle finger to BorisJohnson. He is now the latest to be pussy grabbed. He has been thinking great of himself because he was chummy with Trump. Now, orange heads middle finger for Boris. Now, lets talk about the special relationship, leave alone legal relationship.

You're all so gullible, Trump did not DEFEND anyone. Fake News You must be so proud piersmorgan DailyMail DailyMailUK DailyMail GMB Do we expect anything else from trump! Oh I see. It was the fact that we drive on the wrong side of the road. That’s what caused the accident 😫 Especial relationship But he said last week that everyone deserves to meet their accuser and everyone should face trial. Or is that only when it comes to the whistleblower against him?

51st State So, he’s run over someone in a foreign country and fled the scene, correct? Omg....judge and jury already.... Accidents do happen, but the cowardice of spuriously claiming diplomatic immunity and running away shouldn’t happen realDonaldTrump She killed someone - she needs to face justice, simple

'it happens' Wow... I'm speechless. He's so casual about it, it's sickening. well of course he did And when these things happen we have the justice system. Pretty sure we haven't... Trump is a sickness ... IGNORANCE OF THE LAW IS NOT AN EXCUSE! The guy in the blue tie looked horrified! What a turd. I hope he's gone next Nov.

Not enough hotels in the offer yet smh It never rains but it pours

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Trump defends diplomat's wife who killed teenage Briton in crash: 'We've all done it'Donald Trump has defended the wife of a US diplomat who killed a British teenager in a road accident, suggesting it is difficult to drive on the other side of the road and that 'we've all done it'. So, if I come to America, hire a car and then kill someone by driving on the wrong side of the road, that’s ok? Huh Whaaaaaat? LockThemAllUp

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White House refuses to co-operate with Donald Trump impeachment inquiryThe White House believes that the move is politically motivated and constitutionally wrong.

Joe Biden: Donald Trump has betrayed nation and should be impeachedDonald Trump quickly replies, tweeting it was 'so pathetic' to see Mr Biden calling for his impeachment. lol All the demcrats sons have been ripping off the Ukrainians too. What crooks. HOPE YOU GO TO JAIL YOU CRIMINAL POLITICIAN. TAKING MONEY FROM UKRAINE AND THINKING WE ALL DONT KNOW , YOU REALLY ARE THE SON OF A USED CAR SALESMAN. YOU CROOK IMO

Donald Trump vows to 'find a way forward' on Harry Dunn diplomatic immunity rowDonald Trump has pledged to 'find a way forward' in the ongoing diplomatic immunity row that has erupted after a British boy was killed in a car crash allegedly involving an American woman. KurdsBetrayedByTrump This is what you can expect from Americans they have no moral compass. realDonaldTrump realDonaldTrump So is it acceptable for the said driver to kill someone then escape justice? She’s the one with it on her conscience hopefully she can live with it being the coward she is and with the world knowing that with you protecting her as well.