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Trump administration to approve pesticide that may harm bees

Trump administration to approve pesticide that may harm bees


Trump administration to approve pesticide that may harm bees

EPA said studies it considered, most of which were sponsored by industry, found sulfoxaflor isn’t dangerous for the pollinators

But an EPA official, who the agency asked not be named, told reporters that the studies “show that sulfoxaflor disappears from the environment more quickly than widely-used registered alternatives, thereby lowering risks to bees”.

EPA has been allowing the “emergency” use of the pesticide on some farms already. It is produced by Dow AgroSciences and sold under the brand names Closer and “Transform.”

“Permitting its use and then ceasing to collect and report data on the status of honey bees that are likely to be impacted is not only a recipe for kneecapping the study of bee decline and imperiling the food supply, but also, another example of the corruption for which this administration is infamous,” the group said.

In 2015 a court overturned EPA’s decision to allow the unconditional registration of the pesticide, saying the agency didn’t have enough evidence about the impact on bees. In 2016, under the Obama administration, the EPA banned the use of the pesticide on crops that attract bees, including cotton.

Read more: The Guardian

Let him transform the US in a desert Trump, you eeeeeeediot! Can't this administration ever get things right. The health of bees is critical to pollination and to the ultimate survival of our own species. The man decides again brutalities! Of course he is, his legacy will be an uninhabitable planet. Yet another nail in the coffin for the environment and for the future of our planet and our children.

DO NOT MESS WITH THE BEES RSOLES! He really is a real-life cartoon villain isn’t he? It’s like he wakes up every morning, looks in the mirror and asks (whilst slowly rubbing his hands together) ‘what _would_ Mr . Burns do?’ Is this uninformed idiot savant with his one uncanny ability to make everything worse trying to create a nationwide agricultural disaster?

Melania Trump v Ivanka Trump style: Who wears the most expensive outfits?First Lady of the United States Melania Trump stuns in a long black dress with a brown belt as she attends Ritter Park in her visit to West Virginia. Does anyone really care

Every time he does s'thing stupid like this, he shows that he doesn't give a monkey's nuts about anyone else but himself. And that includes his own family. Bees are crucial to the survival of the planet - no bees means no planet. 'The bees will cope, they'll be fine. We have some of the strongest bees. In fact, the strongest. Bees have done very well under my administration.'

But here in Pakistan we have already destroyed the bees Haven’t the EU done this recently? It's just anecdotal but when I was a child in the 50s DDT was used everywhere and bees were everywhere. Bald eagles were not tolerant but those insecticides didn't destroy the whole genus. Of course they will. The stupidity of this presidential imposter just never ends. What a disgrace!

Anatomical anomaly: Trump claims the kidney 'has a special place in the heart’President makes remarks as he announces a government plan to tackle kidney disease Good for your heart The man is so confused😕 Sounds like his anal canal has a special place in his mouth.

What is their fucking problem? What do they care about bees? If Trump is trying to kill bees now, what’s next cockroaches? Lomads Of course they are Could they be more ignorant 🤷🏽‍♀️ Boycott the manufacturer There's no b's in Trump so why not Hopefully the bees will approve a harder sting that may harm Trump

Because they don’t understand the sensitivity of bees and their important for pollination of everything plant based we eat . The world is on the brink and these blinkered tools are pushing it over the edge!!

Trump LASHES out at Macron as US express ‘concern’ over French plan to tax tech giantsDONALD TRUMP has ordered for an investigation into Emmanuel Macron’s planned tax on the internet and technology giants.

Is anyone even surprised? Why not? Let’s get the whole earth/ human experiment thing over and done with ASAP! And while we’re at it, let’s make some money too! Yee Hah! Then again it may not harm bees Just when I thought I couldn’t despise him more. When the bees are gone the planet will be gone. ActOnClimate savethebees bees

Trump’s administration might, but unlucky for him the Constitution gave freedom to press, so you better believe, now that I know, I’m fighting for them fuck’n bees. Everyday a new low I think “definitely will” rather than “may”. Potus doesn’t give 2 💩s about the environment and wildlife 🤬

Melania Trump: The heartbreaking truth behind the First Lady's fashion revealedMELANIA TRUMP is forced to buy her outfits online because designers don't want to collaborate with her, according to a CNN documentary. and this is heartbreaking No losing a child or family member is heartbreaking not the fact no clothes designers will design any clothes for her I don’t think she’s heartbroken at all It’s just another media attempt to make Melania sound pathetic From what I’ve seen she doesn’t need any help, she’s doing just fine all by herself! Leave her alone

‘European Trump’ - Russians 'planned illegal Salvini payment' shock transcript claimsBBC's Europe editor Katya Adler claims that France and Germany are no longer 'all power' in the European Union following the recent European elections. please stop talking about russians, every shit thing everyone blames russians for is made by russian politicians! not regular russian people! please STOP blaming people for the things they haven't done.

Trump invites far-right internet figures to discuss bias at ‘social media summit’Attending Thursday’s event will be Project Veritas founder James O’Keefe, and activists Bill Mitchell and Charlie Kirk, but no social media . Timcast Not far right...silly girl...don't be afraid of words Right up his alley ...headline should read 'White Supremacist President meets Far Right Reps' to discuss how to use the internet to help the Mad Man send his message of HATE and Rascism to more and more people

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