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Trump accused of 'white supremacy' for pushing baseless Kamala Harris birther conspiracy

President failed to shut down false claim that Harris may not be eligible for VP office

8/14/2020 11:59:00 AM

Trump accused of 'white supremacy' for pushing baseless Kamala Harris birther conspiracy

President failed to shut down false claim that Harris may not be eligible for VP office

Trump failed to rubbish the false claim at a White House press briefing on Thursday. The president said he had “heard” senator Harris does not meet the requirements, adding: “I have no idea if that’s right.”When pressed on the matter, Trump went further than Mr Eastman, falsely suggesting that senator Harris may not have been born in the US. “But that’s a very serious, you’re saying that they’re saying that she doesn’t qualify because she wasn’t born in this country,” he told reporters.

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Democrats were quick to criticise the president for failing to dismiss the “racist” and baseless claims.“White supremacy is a belief system based on the idea that ppl of color, esp Black ppl, are fundamentally illegitimate as equal citizens or human beings [sic]” tweeted New York Democrat Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

“Calling into question the citizenship of elected officials of color, esp when the answer is obvious, is one way it manifests [sic]”.Watch moreTrump calls Kamala Harris a ‘mad woman’She added: “Whether it’s ‘where’s the birth certificate?’ to ‘send her back!’ to ‘where were her parents from?’ – these contrived claims (which are almost never levied at white US officials born abroad) catch on bc the supremacist idea that poc are inherently less legitimate has deep roots [sic]”.

“Donald Trump was the national leader of the grotesque, racistbirthermovement with respect to President Obama and has sought to fuel racism and tear our nation apart on every single day of his presidency,” said Andrew Bates, a spokesperson for the Biden campaign.

“So it’s unsurprising, but no less abhorrent, that as Trump makes a fool of himself straining to distract the American people from the horrific toll of his failed coronavirus response that his campaign and their allies would resort to wretched, demonstrably false lies in their pathetic desperation.”

Meghan McCain, who has been an ardent Trump critic, called thetheory part of a “gross, dark trend in American politics about birth qualification which is all clear and obvious.” She noted that her father, the late senator John McCain, faced similar attacks because he was born on a military base.

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Again? First Obama now Harris ?😂😂 for 'birther conspiracy' read racism Of course he does, he is petrified that she will win the election for Biden! Trump is a white, racist supremacist— if he represented all Americans, then he wouldn’t be the so-called president. He’s an American product. Oh my, we’ll be questioning whether orange people should be President next.

Trump is a JOKE. And a BAD JOKE at that. Trump should talk his daddy brought him home from Scotland stuck to the bottom of his shoe,apparently someone had jerked off on a rock and trumps daddy stepped in it 😼 what this racist is is saying, the consequences of having some form of color in one's blood, is listed below. Trump is making a real racist statement.

Trump has been censured by Congress as a racist. He is a waste of human space. TrumpDeathToll169k Don’t you just love it when Trump triggers the independent every 5 minutes on twitter Annoying orange irl Joe Biden loves white supremacy Trump accused of exposing the fraud that is Kamala Harris

First Thing: Kamala Harris is making the case against TrumpJoe Biden’s running mate said president had left US and its global reputation ‘in tatters’. Plus, pop culture is due a reckoning about colourism That's how it starts. Media builds her up as the 'saviour'. Then if Trump wins, scumbag media foams at the mouth rabidly shrieking that she should have won. Conveniently forgetting Biden. Typical hypocritical rubbish. Trump is doing a bloody good job of that himself That implies Biden has been remiss in doing this which is of course true

Kamala Harris cannot make up for Joe Biden's 'inadequacies,' says Trump aide Kellyanne Conway'She's ready to lead on day one,' 77-year-old presumptive Democratic nominee says of running mate Now reverse that thought. Kellyanne can't make up for Trump's inadequacies. If you flip what they say, it makes sense. Possibly the first time this woman has spoken the truth Kellyanne is talking inadequacies she talking about herself

Trump supporters don't understand how Kamala Harris can be both Black American and Indian AmericanThe announcement that Kamala Harris will be Joe Biden’s running mate in his bid for the presidency has spurred mixed reactions.  They mainly focus around Harris’ history as a prosecutor and whether I am not surprised. No. African American not black American The Independent is a sht rag FakeNews FakeNews They do.

Trump refuses to refute 'racist' birther claim about Kamala Harris promoted by his campaignDonald Trump has refused to refute his campaign's discredited theory that Kamala Harris is not eligible to serve as vice president because her parents were not US citizens when she was born in the Why would he? Lol he literally says he 'doesn't know' and he'll 'take a look' Trump2020 traitor democrats

Donald and Ivanka Trump donated to Kamala Harris' previous campaignsPresident donated $6,000 to two Harris campaigns and Ivanka Trump gave $2,000 to one of them That was in the past. It won't happen now---after learning Kamala Harris protected Catholic priests who sexually molested children. They just know that they won’t be able to find work outside the WhiteHouse

Simpsons fans ridicule Trump advisor who compared Kamala Harris to Marge‘I hear people talking trash about my queen Marge Simpson’ Che cazzata americana!!! Marge and Kamala both are strong pearl wearing women saddled with a man with thinning hair and questionable judgement. Both cartoon characters 😜