Dailymail, Femail

Dailymail, Femail

Transgender model shares snap of her kissing husband's baby bump

Transgender model shares snap of her kissing husband's baby bump

5/28/2020 8:24:00 AM

Transgender model shares snap of her kissing husband's baby bump

Colombian model Danna Sultana, who was born male and identifies as female, is expecting a baby with her husband Esteban Landrau, who was born a woman but identifies as a man.

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Relax guys, this is a beer bump 😂 her wife is just proud 😄 but really if this is true... this world has gone mad! Damn global warming! Genuine question because I’m sure googling it won’t help me. If a person believes they are a man and transitions to one why do they still want the benefits of being a woman? Men don’t give birth we all know this so I don’t get it. Please don’t attack me I’m just curious.

Pregnant MAN ... ? I have nothing against transgender but if you can bear babies then you are a Female not a Man. Your Reproductive organs are shouting out loud of who you are! Imagine the babies future discovering his/her birth process and wondering why the world around him process differently Loonies are running the asylum

Un zoológico es lo q somos Más na Punto 🙄 Her husband is a female with a uterus or there would be no baby. Stop the fake news. Such stuff annoy the almighty. Hence pandemics MSM get it wrong... again! ‘Husbands’ baby bump... lol is it April the first again? SoWrong I am not a hypocrite but that is disturbing and not nature way. This is why everything is so wrong with this world😔😔

Why? Why? Why? 🤮 🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤮 Go To Hell....🔥 Adam and Eve .there isnt a third gender... Beautiful couple. Looks like they are meant to be. Dave said it all what the hell is transgender .. just taking hormones and make ur look the opposite gender as u were born ... u still use the lower parts of ur body and produce babies ...

Help us Lord. Come back soon Jesus. Beyond sick!🤢🤮 I believe the kid won't be the only one confused. We are living in the minds of psychopaths. This is an abomination. It’s lit Wtf wrong with this world Expect more coronaviruses in future!!🦇🦠🤣 Obviously, she got pregnant through artificial insemination. Whatever it is, but the part that I don't get is why one partner has to look like a man? Just stay w/your natural form. It will be more acceptable.

What pair of psychopath and mental illness passed as sexuality Ew JohnBar01132215 This is so confusing There’s so much wrong with that headline my brain is about to explode. What in the unholy world is happening in this world?!!!! STBBRN_TAKSOVR 🤢 Wackos! My brain hurts trying to process this this shit is satan

Grim What is going on in the world? You can’t decide you want to be a guy and then decide to become pregnant. That poor baby will probably be deformed. Disgrace. Should revoke her testosterone pills for this. It's all wrong اخر زمااان Whilst these two practice some irrelevant and unnecessary social & biological engineering does anyone think of the effect on the child? I have a windows laptop, I’ve put an apple sticker on it as it thinks it should have been manufactured as an Apple notebook

Anything to further one's career. Pretty man shares picture of him kissing his handsome girlfriends baby bump. Fixed it. How you can identify as male, then choose to do the most womanly thing possible- Give birth Could it be that gender identity is simply another word for personality. Sure some women are 'tomboys' but they are still woman.

The end is closer A classic example Satans inversion. This goes against Gods divine order. That is all..... GodIsReal Lost for words At the end of the day its the one who was born a female who is pregnant. tells u something SMH. The world is so wrong. Trying to make right wrong.. PUKE!!! Disturbing Sick mother fuckrrs

........ Useless Jesus white people! You don’t need an op to get a beer gut. Plastic people. Crazy world 😬😬😬 I can't stop laughing!! Sick !!! Woman and man, who identify as male and female respectively, have a baby isn’t really a story. Oh look! Another pregnant woman pretending to be a man and the father of the child pretending to be a woman!! No doubt the baby will be genderless. And confused.🙄

A world gone mad edchelomo como usted ha sabido... This is why we need strict conservatism in this country, not what we have at the moment Twisted minds. Why do you need to give publicity to this rubish! Vile What I can’t keep up The world needs to be reset🤦🏿‍♂️ That’s just a man and a woman playing pretend

I know you can love anyone, but when you go trough soo much to change your nature, then you decide to do one thing that only woman can do , have a baby, it shows to me that maybe you are still a female in your core. 🤦🏽‍♂️ This is soo confusing. A female that did everything to became a male. Decides to be pregnant. have a baby. The partner that is a female married to a trasngender, that is like a male. Would make more sense that the female that is a female had the baby. by nature man have no babies

Vomit. Wtf? So this woman identified as a man has now gotten pregnant lol so I guess she identified now as a “he she” It’s funny these people want to become the opposite sex but they wanna change back when ever it’s convenient lol All your judgments remain me medieval times, ginger hairs, flat 🌍 ,ohh wait 🤦‍♂️)

Lol awww obviously he lied about identifying as a man coz look he’s not he’s a transformer, he’s gonna be both sexs when ever she wants. Some people r just mental. I’m pro gay rights but I’m not pro for delusional liars like that bearded woman. Desperates seeking attention because they are unsatisfied with the boring life they live.

So should I be dancing? ffs حتى الغرب مو مصدقين ناهيك عن العرب There’s a lot of deviance in this world. Men can’t have babies Lesbianas pues! Strange Actually he isn't a he, it's a Chick with a beard. And she's a dude with tits. What a load of utter pish this article is. If you're going to be a man, stick to it. Stop confusing people.

my heart goes out to that child Very convincing ftm, good luck to them both! the sickness Wtaf post serious news, not some fake bullshit I reserved my co Wtf Eww. Correction: Bloke who thinks he’s a woman has baby with women who thinks she’s a bloke. Isn't the world complicated enough? That is just grotesque. Why can't we get back to normality and dispense with these vile oddities.

You’re telling me these people aren’t mentally ill? A female will always be a female. Awww yeah... I will gladly be her husband 😍 And u wonder why kids are F*^k up! Sick Poor kid My head hurts. It's NOT a man's baby bump, it's physically impossible for a man to give birth, if u believe otherwise then u really do need to have ur head examined

Men don't get pregnant (tell your kids) that there is a bearded lady. And she took pills / injections to grow that beard - because it was not naturally going to grow. She is a confused lady. If they want to be male why are they having babies? Pretty sure no man ever said, 'you know what I fancy having a baby today.' Weird

Baby will grow up and wondering why his mummy is called daddy and his daddy is called mummy. There's little hope for these two publicity seekers, hopefully the baby will find a better home where it won't be as confused as its parents and grow up under some kind of normality. Breaking news. Biological female gets pregnant.

They have lovely baby now Great replies on this! The people who read this publication are open minded! You published this for the right reasons! Ridiculous 😂😂 Why are you afraid to tell the truth? Follow the science and not the delusion Don’t get it your in the wrong body you want to change gender but hold on I will change back to have a baby then tell the world pick a lane and stop attention seeking please people like you’d give others a bad name

Going to be disappointed find out that it in fact a regular beer gut not a baby. LORD have mercy! I’m too old to understand the complexities of those relationships! What a fuked up world we’re living in ! Twisted ! That’s just to weird for words 🤡 Go to Hell both. Nice to see the has finally got over DominicCummnings and returned to quality reporting. ScumMedia

Haven’t you got anything more interesting to report than this drivel. Desperate journalism ! Humans eh 🤦‍♂️ The woman carries the egg, the male produces the sperm....nope that's not good enough, let's just swap that around, there we go...humans! 😄😄 Cuckoo cuckoo.....child should be removed by social services....parents have obvious severe mental issues.

lashjoj Dairemurray2 there’s one for ya on this fine Sunday haha man who is now woman is pregnant to a woman who is now man So judging by the comments, absolutely nobody agrees with this, except the transgender folk 🤔 Nature is nature. مقزز Feel sorry for unborn child What the actual f**k. Stop the world I'm getting off.

This is so whack I ain’t got the words Bazaro world Correct Headline: Transgender model shares snap of her wife's baby bump. The wife is a woman who confuses herself to be a man. That's why God is punishing the world..... I find this absolutely DISTURBING AND DISGUSTING Beautiful I hope our NHS is not paying for this insanity

Live and let live, but some thing’s shouldn’t be tampered with. LIKE MEN HAVING BABIES 👶🏼 🚫👹 Anyone who says that's perfectly OK are not right in the head Find it wrong!!! So 'who's the daddy'? Congrats to them! Absolutely ridiculous I'm all defused 😳 This is wrong on so many levels. What a fucked up world

That kid wont get bullied at school whatsoever. The pregnant person is a woman, dressed up as a guy. Don't confuse yourselves, people. WTF! its not a man ITS A WOMAN with a beard!! Thats why SHE is PREGNANT!!! FFS Mental illness Normalised and Glorified !! Oh no! That'll piss a lot of people off . ';It's just not natural', they'll say.Well too f..kin bad, I say. Congratulations to you!!

Only adult females ie women can give birth. How can she possibly be 'her' husband? Only XX females can get pregnant. If you have XY chromosome you can't get pregnant. So their not gay? 🤷‍♂️ I've got nothing good to say as much as I want to, so I'll just mind my own business! This disgusts me to the core. Why are they playing with nature why?

I had to read it in detail to understand it. At first I thought it was a joke that transgender's husband was fat and was making a joke on baby bump..... Baphomets and their spawn.👹🧟‍♀️ The freak show continues Part 123,000000 and counting. the world is sick It takes all kinds to make this world today Good luck with the pregnancy

Gross This is the same media that talks ill of polygamy but calls this other nonsense as rights. There is only one woman whether science, religion or even in paganism. جلت قدرتك يا الله. رضيا بما هما عليه من اختلاط الجنس بين الشكل و الأعضاء التناسلية/transgender تزوجا و الآن ينتظرون مولوداً ذكراً. الله يرزقهم ما يشاء. Wishing them a beautiful & healthy baby.

How is this news? Wtf is this? That’s heartwarming all right Jesus H Christ on a bicycle. My head is exploding trying to do the math on this Husband my ass that's a freaking woman. ده اييييه ؟! يعمي ليش كل شيء صاار بالعكس 😅😂 kendi444 zahedmu Strange.!!!!! Jeez, like the chemical beard - but it still doesn't work

no wonder kids have mental health issues 🤦‍♀️ Biology is there for a reason FFS So a naturally born female got conceived. That's it. This is why I social distanced before the pandemic. stupid gays We wonder why kids are confused 😕 I invoke my 5th! This is how they wanna transform entire male species. All animals have refused except man.

The baby this is being done for media money The Ugliest Couple in the World...God help little Frankenstein! This is not my place of judgement 📌 The future will be a bit confusing You are deluded. These people are mentally unstable Question, does the husband got a virgina? If yes, all good ;) That poor child is doomed.

Poor innocent child 😭😭😭, many questions to be asked in due time. Get me out of here Wonder what the family tree will look like in a couple generations ? 🤢🤮 Sick 🤢 Is that a heterosexual couple? Congratulations but the head line.... What garbage .. he's pouting out his beer gut people .. whatever .. they just won't quit this stuff will they?

I wonder is this why corona is here? Disturbing Whoever has the uterus & vagina is the woman. It's human anatomy. Move on. Love has no boundaries. We must fight for the rights of all, our differences must bring us together. What's going on here then 🤷‍♂️ I give up Is anyone else confused? Wtaf? Their kid is gonna be so confused.

This caption cannot be correct, jack Oh my God! how awful and nasty it is. Heterosexual couple expecting a baby. Gross *Transgender kisses the baby bump of bearded woman. What The husband-in-wife looks a bit Mohammad? Happy to see the integration. rainbowshariah Ko ni da fun yin walahi Mental illness is a disease, should be treated not encouraged

The insane have released into society and given freedom to - the insane Whatever. Slow news day? U sure? I had a gut like that after being on the Stella all summer!🍺🤪 So what?

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