Trainee GP originally ordered to leave UK can now stay

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A petition on set up by Dr Chiang's friend received 25,000 signatures in support for her to stay.

A trainee doctor who was originally ordered to leave the UK will now be allowed to stay.

Mu-Chun Chiang has spent the majority of her life in the UK, but despite that, she received a letter from the Home Office, rejecting her visa application. The letter told her she had to leave the UK immediately, or she risked imprisonment of up to six months.previously that she had sought legal advice, while a petition on was set up her friend Mina Mesri, which pulled 25,000 signatures.

Her case caught the attention of the health secretary Matt Hancock, who tweeted:"Deeply upsetting saga for Mu and her loved ones. I'm delighted to report Mu's visa issue has been resolved."Deeply upsetting saga for Mu and her loved ones. I’ve taken Mu’s case up directly with the Home Office & I’m delighted to report Mu’s visa issue has been resolved


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Yes. I strongly believe the Home Secretary should tell Tony Blair they are telling people to leave the UK so he must stop his support to bloody dynastic dictatorship since 1967 at Togo in West Africa.

noeleen51 Result, but We shouldn’t have needed to use people power and social media to achieve this outcome, our Home Office should have delivered it.

Oh lucky her !! I wish I could leave !!


Good we need them, not the astronauts or the usual drunks.

Of course she can, just a minor blip-assuming it happened at all!

Good .

How many times are we going to see this happen? Not to mention the ones who don't manage to get a petition to save them And all because of the hostile environment and pathetic admin errors caused by Home Office Brightest and best won't want to plead to be here

how many signatures are needed to support sick ppl who are mistreated and misdiagnosed by Gp's or is there such a thing at all?

Why should be set aside to stay. What with her lifesaver skills.

Got to feel for those who don't catch the eye of Matt Hancock....

she is going to be a GP we need people like that we need to boot out scum who abuse the system like benefits

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United Kingdom Latest News, United Kingdom Headlines

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