Train strikes: Dispute still resolvable, says industry boss

6/20/2022 12:22:00 PM

Train strike dispute still resolvable, says industry boss

Train strike dispute still resolvable, says industry boss

More talks between management and unions are expected on Monday - the day before strikes begin.

Getty Images Image caption, The strikes will take place at the same time as several large public events, including the first Glastonbury Festival for three years The dispute at the heart of strikes set to hit Britain's railways this week is resolvable, an industry boss says.18 June 2022, 20:45 | Updated: 18 June 2022, 20:50 The wheelchair user posted about his ordeal on Instagram.Nathaniel Cummings-Stewart, 47, approached the young woman at the platform and invited her to travel in his cockpit (Picture: BPM Media) A London Underground driver sexually assaulted a young woman in the cockpit of a Jubilee line train while he was driving, a court has heard.How much are rail workers paid? While two sets of talks are expected on Monday morning, the Rail Maritime and Transport Workers (RMT) union has said it will "intensify" its strike campaign if members don't get an agreeable deal.

Steve Montgomery, chair of the Rail Delivery Group, said more talks were planned for Monday - and that management wanted to work with unions on pay increases and reform.This weekend, the RMT union confirmed three days of strikes would go ahead on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.Former rugby player Chris Nicholson, who was left paralysed after suffering a spine and brain injury playing rugby, was on his way to London to attend a fitness event but his connecting train at Milton Keynes was cancelled.Just 20% of usual services are expected to run - with knock-on disruption.After a night out in Wembley Boxpark in August 2020, she rushed to get the last train shortly after midnight.A strike will also take place across the London Underground on Tuesday, with Transport for London advising passengers to walk and cycle instead.But the lift he needed to reach the platform had been out of order for a week.How much are rail workers paid? Mr Montgomery told BBC News that rail bosses were trying to work with trade unions "on how to carry out modernisation and reform of the industry" amid falling passenger numbers.Mr Clarke also ruled out the direct involvement of government ministers in the talks and said the railway would have to "financially sustain itself".

"Ultimately we do want to give our people a pay increase.Chris shared his ordeal on Instagram.She claimed that he smelled of cannabis, adding: ‘It was strong, it must have been recent [that he’d been smoking]...Picture: Instagram Read more: Male blood donor turned away after refusing to answer whether he was pregnant He was told he would have to wait on the platform, with no disabled toilet, for four to five hours while a train was rerouted for him.but we have to get on with reform, and that helps us deliver the next phase of giving people a pay rise.Even though she told him that was was only 19, the driver told her he wanted to shower and ‘Netflix and chill’ with her before taking her phone and insisting that she accepts his number." Challenged over the apparent lack of a pay offer from many train operators, Mr Montgomery - who also runs train operator First Rail - said talks, both informal and formal, had been ongoing and discussions would continue on Monday.Mr Nicholson eventually started to shuffle up the stairs while another passenger carried his wheelchair.Trains that do run will start later and finish much earlier than usual - between 07:30 and 18:30.

"We need both parties around the table and we really require details and an acceptance that reform can go ahead," he said.Meanwhile, the RMT's Mick Lynch told the BBC the union would "run this campaign for as long as it takes to get a settlement", potentially for six months or more.The assistant station manager eventually helped Chris and carried his bags up the stairs.After arriving at Waterloo station, the woman said she insisted that it was her stop and she left through a side door."We're in this to get a deal - and we'll do whatever we can to protect our members and get them a square deal off the companies.But there's got to be movement from those companies.An Avanti West Coast Spokesman said: 'We were made aware of this incident last night and are sorry to hear about the customer's experience." Who are the key voices in the dispute? The RMT - the Rail, Maritime and Transport Workers' union - represents 40,000 members from cleaners to train guards across the rail network The Rail Delivery Group.The strikes will affect a number of events including school exams and the first Glastonbury Festival for three years.

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. How much do train drivers earn again…? . But not with a Tory Government. they do not care about the public or the country. BBC News Channel continues its stream of pro-government, pro-employer propaganda. What happened to balance? This is really bad news because getting on time to my Thursday GCSE will be a big issue now!

Whilst appreciating the inconvenience, I wholly support the strike. People are fighting for their jobs and their livelihoods. We’ve become too complacent at just accepting things It's not the bosses who worry me it's the government blaming the opposition for this strike FFS . They are F***ing useless.

Middle class woman from Bath has no sympathy for the striking workers shocker! What other amazing insights can we expect?

Disabled man stranded on train platform and staff refused to help over ‘health and safety’A wheelchair user was stranded on a platform and told to wait hours for the next train, because staff wouldn’t help him reach an adjacent platform for health and safety reasons This is pretty normal treatment of disabled passengers on a few lines often station staff aren't employed by the train companies this is why both LevelBoarding an regular proper lift maintenance by networkrail or whover is running each station needs to be done but often isn't I blame Fred Kite: the convenor for the Health and Safety executive, for that. Pedro A pay increase should fix it.

Those two have Walmart on their backs.

TfL driver 'sexually assaulted teenager locked inside train cockpit'A London Underground driver sexually assaulted a young woman in the cockpit of a Jubilee line train while he was driving, a court has heard. 😱 Multitasking! 👍🏻 HOW !!!!!!

Rail strike: Travellers face reduced service ahead of train strikesLast-minute talks are due to take place, but passengers are advised to avoid travel as services prepare to wind down. I like driving in my car!! The chaos this will bring. Stay positive everyone! MondayMotivation 🫶🏽

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'We're not asking for the world': RMT calls for 7% pay rise as train strike talks continueThe RMT has defended its upcoming rail strikes and says it's 'not asking for the world' as it called for a seven per cent pay rise in line with the rising costs of living. You already have better pay and terms so NO. Even saying the government want you to strike, call their bluff and cancel it if that's true? No did not think so. Join the queue AFTER Nurses,Doctors, Fire service, police and me ! Striking for pay rises. This is how the winter of discontent happened in 1979 when copycat strikers demanded huge payrises after other industrys got them. Boll*cks, they don't car a jot about the heartache that this strike will cause, they are just looking after No.1 as usual and f*ck to the rest of the world. Just look at the chaos they created in the 70's with their ridiculous pay demands and strikes. The RMT is evil

24 hours to avoid travel chaos: Last-ditch talks 'could stop rail strikes'A rail industry leader has indicated that crunch meetings today could still avert strikes which are set to throw the UK into transport chaos this week.