Towie star Vas J Morgan accuses ITV show of ‘systematic racism’

6/11/2020 4:43:00 PM

Towie star Vas J Morgan accuses ITV show of ‘systematic racism’

Towie star Vas J Morgan accuses ITV show of ‘systematic racism’

Morgan claims Towie perpetuated 'racial stereotypes used to control black people’

The Sopranos creator once accidentally confirmed Tony's fate Morgan claimed his “story arc was never nurtured the way that my white counterparts were" and that when he came out as gay on national television and struggled off-screen with depression and addiction, he was “never offered support the way my white castmates were”.Vas J Morgan has accused The Only Way Is Essex of "systematic racism" in a lengthy statement.Express.Morgan quizzed Farage on his tweets that condemned the toppling of the slave trader’s statue.

On why he believes Towie reinforced negative racial stereotypes, he wrote: “I often warned producers that I didn’t feel comfortable arguing with women as, regardless of my sexuality, I was a 6.2 feet tall black man.He took to his Instagram page to share the statement with his 468,000 followers.This concern was always ignored.Earlier this year, Piers took time out from Good Morning Britain due to the school holidays.” He added: “I feel guilty for not sharing this part of my journey sooner.It began with a post on the @Towie instagram account that was in support of the black lives matter movement.But like so many other people who are dependent on those in power, the fear of being blacklisted… has always held me back.“I just want to see where your head is about the principle of removing statues, you said now, which I’m fascinated to discover that you were against Saddam’s statue being toppled by the Iraqi people he oppressed.

” An ITV spokesperson told the BBC:"We are concerned to have read Vas's recent comments about Towie , and got in touch with him yesterday evening in the hope we can discuss the issues he's raised at his earliest convenience.’ [sic] Get exclusive celebrity stories and fabulous photoshoots straight to your inbox with OK!'s daily newsletter.Piers Morgan has been critical of the government over coronavirus (Image: ITV) Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid have been praised for holding the government to account (Image: ITV) While the programme has yet to announce who will be standing in for him, it could be one of these two presenters." More about:.

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So if it was so bad why do it for 4 years taking the money and only now say something about it.

Vas Morgan accuses The Only Way Is Essex of 'systematic racism' in damning postVas J Morgan has opened up on his experience of starring on The Only Way Is Essex for four years.

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