Totally calm man strolls into hospital with huge MEAT CLEAVER in his head

6/11/2020 11:52:00 PM

Totally calm man strolls into hospital with a huge bloodstained meat cleaver embedded in his forehead

Totally calm man strolls into hospital with a huge bloodstained meat cleaver embedded in his forehead

A MAN has been pictured walking into a hospital with a huge bloodstained meat cleaver in his forehead. The unnamed patient, wearing jeans and a white T-shirt, arrived at the A&E department of C…

Chiara Fiorillo Invalid Date, A MAN has been pictured walking into a hospital with a huge bloodstained meat cleaver in his forehead.Terrifying footage shows the pair of Greyhounds viciously biting the guard dog.The Chinese man is pictured dripping in blood with the blade lodged in his skull.Staff at The Berkeley hotel give food to ambulance workers Reuters 40/50 2 May 2020 One of a small group of anti-lockdown protesters speaks to a police officer as they gather outside New Scotland Yard in Victoria, London AFP via Getty 41/50 1 May 2020 Bonnie the Llama grazes in a field in the Scottish Borders alongside a sign supporting the NHS as the UK continues in lockdown PA 42/50 30 April 2020 Colonel Tom Moore and his daughter Hannah celebrate his 100th birthday, with an RAF flypast provided by a Spitfire and a Hurricane over his home in Marston Moretaine.

The unnamed patient, wearing jeans and a white T-shirt, arrived at the A&E department of Chongyang People’s Hospital in the city of Xianning, in China's Hubei province.The patient walked into the hospital accompanied by two other men Credit: AsiaWire The man was later filmed on bed as he awaited treatment Credit: AsiaWire Incredible images show the man - accompanied by two other males - alive and conscious.The three Chinese men stole the animal to satisfy their craving for canine meat.Footage taken later at the hospital shows the patient on a bed with the huge knife still embedded in his skull as he awaits treatment.The resident is said to have been attacked after getting into a fight with someone.The man was victim of an "altercation" with an unnamed attacker, according to Chinese media.The county hospital said the man, whose name has not been disclosed, arrived late on June 8 with blood dripping down his face.Staff have been preparing and are now ready for reopening next week with new signage, one-way trails for visitors to follow, and extra handwashing and sanitiser stations in place PA 2/50 9 June 2020 Protestors hold placards and shout slogans during during a protest called by the Rhodes Must Fall campaign calling for the removal of the statue of British imperialist Cecil John Rhodes outside Oriel College, at the University of Oxford AFP via Getty 3/50 8 June 2020 Hermione Wilson helps to install a new artwork at Jupiter Artland, Edinburgh, created as a tribute to the NHS titled"A Thousand Thank Yous" originally devised by the late Allan Kaprow which consists of colourful painted messages on cardboard and has been directed remotely by London-based artist Peter Liversidge PA 4/50 7 June 2020 The Edward Colston statue has been pulled down by Black Lives Matter protesters in Bristol.

BLOODSTAINED A hospital spokesperson said the man had undergone surgery to have the cleaver removed, according to reports.The operation was successful and the patient - who is continuing his recovery at the hospital - is not said to be in any life-threatening condition.Members of the county’s Tiancheng Police Station said they were still investigating the incident which led to the patient’s injury.An officer said: “We’ve yet to receive any reports related to the incident, but we’re looking into it.” No arrests have been made yet, Chinese media said.

The man accidentally shot himself, according to reports Credit: AsiaWire Earlier this week, a Chinese man walked into a hospital with a crossbow bolt in his chest after accidentally shooting himself.A doctor from the Guangxi People’s Hospital said that the weapon poked through the patient’s left lung and broke one of his ribs.Most read in news.

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Thieves yearning for canine meat send two Greyhounds to attack a dogSurveillance footage captures the chilling moment three men let out the Greyhounds to attack the black guard dog outside a factory in China. The dog-snatchers have been detained. Oh look. I found the worst story in the world. Yeah yeah burn baby burn BlackLivesMatter There is some sick and vile people in this world.

Man walks into a hospital with a CLEAVER stuck in his headViral images and footage show the unnamed patient's head covered in blood while the steel blade is stuck deep in his skull at an A&E department in Hubei province of central China. Defund the Police Democrats 'Assaulted'... jesus. What’s the punchline?

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