Tory MPs demand 'clarity' on school reopenings

Tory MPs demand 'clarity' on school reopenings

1/25/2021 7:15:00 AM

Tory MPs demand 'clarity' on school reopenings

The government is asked to set out a 'routemap' for getting pupils back to classrooms in England.

Pupils have been told they will be learning at home until at least half-term in mid-February.Education Secretary Gavin Williamsonhas said schools would be given two weeks' noticebefore reopening - which he would "certainly hope" would happen before Easter.

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Health Secretary Matt Hancock echoed his comments in an interview with the BBC's Andrew Marr on Sunday, saying: "I hope that schools go back after Easter, of course I do."However, he added that while the vaccine rollout was "going fast... we've got to make sure that we get the cases down and we've got to protect the country from new variants coming in from abroad".

Ministers are desperate to avoid easing restrictions, only to have to re-impose them - and are managing expectations around the timescale of loosening the lockdown.The chairman of the Conservative backbench 1922 Committee, Sir Graham Brady, told me: "Obviously schools should be back. If necessary offer all teachers the vaccine. Certainly once the most vulnerable are vaccinated, there has to be a roadmap and school children should be first."

But one senior figure having regular conversations with the Department for Education told me there was an "unwritten acknowledgement" that schools returning fully after the February half-term had been "written off".Discussions continue about prioritising some year groups returning once this is deemed safe, but even that feels some way off.

Wales' first ministerto school after February half-term was "unlikely".Meanwhile, Mr Hancock said- all linked to travellers arriving in the UK, rather than community transmission. Read more: BBC News (UK) »

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Does that include the dinghy rats we send back Gov quarantine people arriving from COVID hotspots abroad, but NHS workers who are 100% in daily contact with the virus send their children to schools and spouses to work and play with wider public. Peaks facilitated by the same flaw that spread it to care homes 1st time round!!

Yeah cause they have a crystal ball right? Schools will open when it's safe and sensible for them to do so. No life is as badly affected as one that's ended so stop whining. If primary schools can b opened after half term even in staggered way it’s ok . 2/3 days of teaching in school will do them good & also teachers won’t a school full of kids from all yr group

It’s all pressure, pressure, pressure to close schools and impose lockdowns. Then as soon as they are, it’s pressure, pressure, pressure to open schools and release lockdowns. Never ending circle. Balance needed with risk benefit analysis -still hasn’t been done for any Covid policy so far. My kids are struggling but fine compared to kids from abusive homes/parents who can’t afford devices/parents no time to teach them/parents who don’t care. Open schools after half term

Here’s an idea... if the politicians would like to stop pushing for ‘reopening this and that’ and start focusing on working together we might have been better equipped six months ago and not be in the mess we are. For goodness sake learn from your mistakes - you are not children I think headteachers and teachers do too . Not last minute. So many children are being disadvantaged and harmed during school closures. It’s unacceptable.

For weeks the BBC were giving air time to teachers unions who wanted schools closed. They got there way now giving air time to those wanting schools to reopen. I guess it's the virus making the decisions and until we know what it's doing the rest of us are stumped I suppose if it helps we can blame the politicians for not being able to predict the unpredictable.

Critics kicked off about kids going to school. Now critics kick off about kids not going to school. 🤣 Could somebody please explain to me ( genuinely!) why the academic year cannot be extended into the summer to make up for time lost now? Reality check: schooling will be extended by an extra year so pupils make up the lost ground Even though the R rate has dropped they won’t yet lift restrictions. I fear the data isn’t just enough right now, lifting too soon could cause deaths & there’s arse covering going on too

When you red the story it is in fact a Tory MP making the demand. More false news from bbc. Ha, good luck. History suggests that we will instead see a fudge that is rowed back on when it turns out to be a poor decision. HSA7685 BackToSchoolWithTheTories? Have they not seen the guy in charge of schools? Way beyond his capabilities. Like running a bath, too challenging for him.

I won't be sending mine back until I think it's safe to do so. Time to remove our children from England...... When the virus is under control. Clear enough for you?! FakeNews BBCr4today Entire report based on halfon4harlowMP request 4 a ? in parliament. He's only 1 MP + has been lobbied by a group of herdimmunity cheerleaders. Schools shd only open when transmission is vastly reduced + measures in place 2 makeschoolssafe SafeEdForAll

Indeed, it's time to demand clarity. One year is sufficient. No more waiting! The government can tell now, clearly and loudly. In full control always. Yawn. Gives us some worthwhile news items ....or just keep quiet . Still 1000 a day dying and all the Tories can think about is how their investment portfolios are doing. Sorry, I mean, all they can think about is the poorest and most vulnerable in society because that’s what keeps them awake at night.

Demands and demands but none of them really know what their doing as long as they are earning enough to feed a small country. Schools must be open not in and out covid will not be ending soon this is terrible news For all those who are new to this working from home Bitcoin trading options Here's a little tip: Get a trusted Bitcoin expert and stick to her lisaMakT Invest and play at similar times each day. Because : In times of chaos, your investment is your anchor to success⚖️

The British people are being gang raped by Johnson and his cronies. Under his 'leadership' it is now acceptable to lie to the Queen, mislead Parliament, trample over international law and enrich oneself at public expense under the cover of a phony 'pandemic'.