Tory MP under fire for getting 'leftover' vaccine even though he is only 40

Brendan Clarke-Smith was given the AstraZeneca jab after doing a shift at a hospital vaccination centre.

1/26/2021 7:00:00 PM

Brendan Clarke-Smith was given the AstraZeneca jab after doing a shift at a hospital vaccination centre.

Brendan Clarke-Smith, 40, was given the AstraZeneca jab after doing a shift at a hospital vaccination centre.

Brendan Clarke-Smith, 40, receives a Covid vaccine (Picture: Facebook/brendan4bassetlaw)A Tory MP has defended accepting a Covid vaccine while volunteering at a hospital, despite him being 40 years old.Brendan Clarke-Smith was given the AstraZeneca jab on Friday after doing a shift at Retford Hospital vaccination centre in Nottinghamshire.

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Vaccinations are currently limited to the Government’s four priority groups – the over-80s, over-70s, frontline health workers and people classed as extremely clinically vulnerable.The MP for Bassetlaw said the dose he got was ‘left over’ from that day’s vaccine stock, preventing it going to waste.

Brendan Clarke-Smith has been criticised for accepting the vaccine jab (Credits: PA)On Friday he posted about getting the jab on Facebook, including a picture of him posing for the camera, while a health worker administered the jab.AdvertisementAdvertisement

The MP and his family all had Covid-19 in March 2020.In the social media post, he said: ‘Around 500 people are vaccinated each day and it was very encouraging to see the lengths that staff went to in order to make sure that all doses for the day were used up and not thrown away.’

The MP, first elected to his constituency in the 2019 general election, said: ‘As a volunteer I was also asked to have a vaccine.‘Many people have asked me about the safety of vaccines and I have always said that my family and I would all have no problem having one.

The Tory MP said his family caught the virus in March last year (Picture: Facebook/brendan4bassetlaw)‘We all had Covid-19 back in March.‘Some have suggested that politicians should test them out first – although they are usually the same people who then say politicians get preferential treatment, so I suppose it’s difficult to win.’

He added: ‘I hope having the vaccine today will reassure people and that everybody who is offered a vaccine will take this up.’However, the post has drawn criticism from at least one of the MP’s political opponents.Simon Greaves, Labour leader of Bassetlaw District Council, tweeted: ‘Yesterday a 40-year-old old man volunteered at a local Covid-19 vaccination centre.

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I'm all right Jack I can’t usually stand Tory MPs but give the guy a break, he was doing a shift on the frontline. Bren4Bassetlaw What’s more worrying about this is the mis-information that in having the vaccine he is in some way protecting other people. He has a responsibility to put this right. He can still get Covid and pass it on.

I’m surprised that the Houses of Parliament don’t have there own vaccine Center for all the cronies it houses! If you were in his shoes you would have taken it I certainly would have It wasn’t going to be a wasted vaccine, the centre closes at 8pm, he was given it at 3:35pm, just a selfish chancer!! Better than wasting it, don’t get me wrong I love Tory-bashing but this is unnecessary and divisive when the country is already politically polarised. By being vaccinated he contributed to herd immunity.

Anyone else imagine the headline 'Tory MP wastes vaccine by refusing to have it'? Only the small-minded have an issue with this. He volunteers and it was going to be binned. Good for that trust for giving it to him. Also, remember he is now an example to many with concerns on taking it. Not good optics especially by adversarial media. If genuinely there was no-one else around more vulnerable or older within the shelf life of the vaccine then much better to not waste it. Otherwise media outcry would be 'MP knowingly allows vaccine to be wasted'! Can't win!!

If it’s a leftover vaccine that was gonna be binned, What’s the problem? People would have been happier if it had been thrown away? Don’t be ridiculous, make sure 0% wasted no matter what demographic someone falls into Do you know what, this is the least scummiest thing a Tory could probably do. If we genuinely want both A people to volunteer and B to get vaccinated. . . he just did. Plus left over-vaccination can't be stored after being opened it gets thrown out.